Dodge City Police Department

  • Agency: Dodge City Police Department
  • Address: 110 West Spruce St., Dodge City, 67801 KS
  • Chief: John Ball (Chief of Police)
Phone: (620) 225-8126
Fax: (620) 225-8117

Dodge City Police Department is located at 110 West Spruce St., Dodge City, 67801 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is John Ball. The Dodge City Police Department phone number is (620) 225-8126.

Dodge City Police Department News

The Dodge City Police Department would like to congratulate Officer Faviola Pastran and Hannah Mazza for successfully completing their training as part of the 247th Basic Training Class at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center!

Dodge City Police Department "Spice Girls" joining in on the Halloween fun!

UPDATE! The suspect in the stolen mustang case has been apprehended in Colorado! Thank you for all of your attention and concern for this matter and for sharing our post on social media!

A special thank you and congratulations to all the Ross Elementary G.R.E.A.T. class graduates! Chief Francis, Deputy Chief Goertzen, and Lt. Mooradian came out to help G.R.E.A.T. Officer Shane Harris shake hands and hand out certificates! Excellent job Ross Elementary!

Thank you Darrell and Glenda Hendrickson for the cookies! Your support is appreciated!

UPDATE: DCPD is trying to identify this person of interest regarding the stolen Mustang. Please contact the Dodge City Police Department at 620-225-8126 or Ford County Communications at 620-227-4646 with any information regarding the identity of this individual.

Officer Harris attended the West Region Special Olympics Bowling Tournament on Saturday. He enjoyed spending time with the participants and their families!

***ATTENTION DODGE CITY RESIDENTS*** The Gray County Sheriff's Office & the Dodge City Police Department need your help locating a stolen vehicle. A black 2009 Ford Mustang out of Cimarron, Kansas was stolen early this morning. The Mustang has pink stripes down the center of the hood and on both sides. The Mustang is known to be in the area of Dodge City, Kansas. If you locate the stolen Mustang please call 911 or the Dodge City Police Department and do not approach.

Another great day at the range with this years Citizens Police Academy! Students got an opportunity to test their shooting skills with both a pistol and rifle! This weeks upcoming class will feature Major Crime Scene Investigations! See ya Tuesday!

Officer Quezada, Officer Harris, and Lt. Mooradian had a great time with some great kids at Bright Beginnings! After a discussion about staying safe, DCPD’s famous W.A.L.T.E.R. the Robot made an appearance and had a blast shaking hands and dancing for everyone! Thank you for having us!!

The Dodge City Animal Shelter is in need of information about a German Shepherd that was found and brought to the shelter. If anyone knows who or where it belongs, we would greatly appreciate any info. We need to be in contact with the owner to find out if there are any medical issues that we need to be aware of. A veterinarian has rated the dog as being #1 on the Body Condition Scale for animal cruelty. 1 being emaciated and 5 being perfect condition. The dog is under medical care and supervision and will not be available for adoption until her health improves. Please feel free to contact the Dodge City Animal Shelter (620-225-8180) with any information that could help. Please know that if you need help with feeding your dogs or cats, you just need to ask the Dodge City Animal Shelter, or the Ford County Humane Society. NO PET SHOULD EVER GO HUNGRY!!

Officer Delcamp received a nice gift from MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers. Thank you for letting the Police Department speak to your kids about safety!

CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY 2017 WEEKLY UPDATE! WEEK 6 - Use of Force Training Detective Lee Kolbeck started the night out with instruction on basic Use of Force and Less Lethal tools used by the DCPD! Lt. Mooradian joined Det. Kolbeck and other DCPD assisted with the remainder of the night with reality based scenarios and practical application training! With the use of Simunitions and protective equipment, the students got an opportunity to be placed in the role of a police officer and respond to mock scenario based calls. Everyone did a great job and had a blast! This class was a real eye opener for the students and proved to be a very educational night for all! NEXT WEEKS TOPIC - NARCOTICS ACTIVITY AND DRUG INVESTIGATIONS! See you next Tuesday!

Thank you Jack for coming to the Police Department! We enjoyed your visit.

Special Thanks to Orschlens and Pride Ag for their generous donation of cat and dog food for the DC Animal Shelter! It was greatly appreciated!

2017 Citizens Police Academy Weekly Update: WEEK 5: Cpl. Troy Buller gave a great presentation on traffic laws and the tactics and techniques on how to enforce them! Cpl. Buller involved some of the students in role playing and practical application to show what officers do and what they look for on traffic stops. Cpl. Buller also instructed a block on Accident Investigation and what an officer looks for to determine cause and how to prevent future accidents! For the 2nd half of class, Cpl. Thad Brown presented DUI Investigations! Cpl. Brown described what is involved with Standard Field Sobriety Testing and what officers look for to determine whether or not someone is under the influence. Cpl. Brown is very knowledgeable in this area and also serves as a D.R.E. which stands for Drug Recognition Expert. Cpl. Brown has been employed with the DCPD for approximately 14 years and has been involved in close to 1500 DUI investigations! NEXT WEEK: The class will be instructed in Use of Force and will be given an opportunity to role play as Police Officers in scenario based training! This is always and educational and fun week for the students! See you next week!

Thank you Orschlens for your donations of dog food and treats to the Dodge City Animal Shelter!

Here's a quick update on the 2017 Citizens Police Academy! WEEK 1 - Lt. Mooradian welcomed in the new class and gave an overview of the Police Department, history of law enforcement in Dodge City, and ended his session with a tour of the police station. - DCPD Administrative Assistant Heidi Dominguez then informed the students on the workings of the records department and described how they operate and assist within the police department. - Animal Shelter Director Laura Stein and Animal Control Officer Paula Schreiber finished up the first night of class with a great presentation on how the animal shelter functions and what laws are enforced in Dodge City and why! Great first night! WEEK 2 - Lt. Mooradian started off the night with a presentation on DCPD Patrol Operations, Procedures, and Equipment! - Patrol Sgt. Bob Stein and Detective J.L. Bice presented a great class on gang awareness for Dodge City and how the community can assist in combating this issue. WEEK 3 - City Prosecutor Mark Cowell and Ford County Attorney Kevin Salzman tagged teamed the night with very informative presentations on how the judicial system works on both the City and County levels.This is always an educational time for the students. WEEK 4 - Lt. Colleen Brooks-Francis and Detective David Gordon presented a class on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. This class is always one of the students favorites and most informative. Both presenters are extremely knowledgeable and and very good at what they do. This class gives the students an opportunity to discuss the ramifications of domestic violence, what resources are available for victims, and what criteria is required for a domestic violence investigation. It also gives a better understanding of the laws and investigative techniques pertaining to child abuse cases as well as the resources available for victims of these types of crimes. Great job! Next week we look forward to hearing from Cpl. Troy Buller on Traffic and Accident Investigations and Cpl. Thad Brown on DUI Investigations! See you next Tuesday!

Thank you Sister Angela for the delicious cake! You support is appreciated!

Thanks to Darrell and Glenda Hendrickson for the delicious cookies! We appreciate your support!

What a great crowd today from Central Elementary! W.A.L.T.E.R. the robot made another appearance and the kids asked some fun questions! Thanks for stopping by Central!