Wellsville Police Department

  • Agency: Wellsville Police Department
  • Address: 730 S. Main Street, Wellsville, 66092 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: (785) 883-2691
Fax: (785) 883-2907

Wellsville Police Department is located at 730 S. Main Street, Wellsville, 66092 KS. The Wellsville Police Department phone number is (785) 883-2691.

Wellsville Police Department News

The Wellsville Police Department offers a house watch program. We will be glad to watch your home while you are on vacation. Below is the address on the web for the house watch form. You may either bring it by the PD, fax or e-mail it. Of course if you have no computer access you can fill a form out here at WPD. Thank you! http://www.cityofwellsvilleks.org/police-department/useful-forms/

Another scam attempt, this time by fax machine. A "financial advisor" from Spain is looking for someone to claim 7.8 million dollars in a safe deposit box. In short, all they are asking someone to do is give them their contact information so that they can propose a 50/50 split of the funds. I am sure this will entail sending them thousands of dollars. As always do not give anyone that you do not trust your contact and/or financial information. Thank you.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month Securing Cyberspace is a Shared Responsibility https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/national-cyber-security-awareness-month-2017 Filing a Complaint with the IC3 The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant. We can best process your complaint if we receive accurate and complete information from you. Therefore, we request you provide the following information when filing a complaint: •Victim's name, address, telephone, and email •Financial transaction information (e.g., account information, transaction date and amount, who received the money) •Subject's name, address, telephone, email, website, and IP address •Specific details on how you were victimized •Email header(s) •Any other relevant information you believe is necessary to support your complaint

Contact information for the Wellsville Police Department: 9 1 1 for Emergency calls. 785-883-2691 for calls for police service. 785-883-4425 Business or Admin calls. 785-883-2907 Fax Our officers e-mails are all published on the City website. http://www.cityofwellsvilleks.org/ Our address is 730 Main St. Wellsville, KS 66092

With the recent storm activity there are power lines down in some areas. Please be aware of your surroundings and do not touch or try and move any downed line.

We would like to inform you of another scam. A gentleman was contacted by a person that was reportedly with an online computer repair company. He has dealt with them several times. This time they called and told him that they had refunded him too much money and asked him to draw out several thousand dollars and then proceed to buy gift cards with it in order to refund the overage to them. He did this several times before becoming suspicious and contacted the police. If anyone asks you to send money to them or buy gift cards make sure it is a legitimate reason and you know the person or company and have a valid invoice for services. These scammers are very good and can convince many peopla that they are owed money. Thank you.

For Immediate Release: September 27, 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness, This October, the Officers of your Wellsville Police Department will be participating in the National Breast Cancer awareness month. You may see them sporting a pink shirt under their uniform or a pink ribbon on their chest. This is our simple way of paying our respect to the men and women who have lost the battle and those who continue to fight daily. Thank you for your continued support, Officers of the Wellsville Police Dept

Besides another 'IRS" scam from 718-715-0521 another form of fraud over the internet has been reported. A person posing as an "General" in the US Army claims he needs to get money out of Iraq and will pay the victim to assist him by claiming the chests of money until the "General" can come to claim them. They will then split the money. Of course the victim is asked to perform a series of wire transfers to facilitate the travel of the currency to the airport. Enroute many "incidents" happen that cause more funds to be transferred. In the end the victims loses thousands of dollars. Again unless you know who you are dealing with do not send any money.

There is a cross country meet tomorrow at the end of the school day. There will be a lot going on at the elementary school at pick up. Please be vigilant of runners as they have to cross over Ash street. Please drive slower than normal and if at all possible exit toward 1st Street and then out on 1st Street. Not only will we have the runners but we have our elementary school agers walking home from school.

Another "IRS" scam call was reported from 315-660-6999. On callback the line rang busy. It shows to be from Wolcott, NY. The recording read the simular threat that charges would be filed with the local courthouse about your taxes, then the number was read. Please do not fall for these scams.

We just wanted to say how proud we are of the WJRC, Wellsville Joint Recreation Commission. From all of us here at the Wellsville Police Department.

Today 08/29/17 we received a report of another scam "IRS" call. The person was threatened with arrest. The number was 774-855-9887. When called back the person stated "IRS" when questioned the person would not admit to advising anyone they would be arrested. When questioned further about why they would arrest anyone they gave a vauge answer on making sure that you have paid your taxes. We then asked them where they were located so that we could see their credentials and they hung up. Again the the IRS does not work this way. see: www.irs.gov

Lately there has been several complaints of possible scam calls using local area codes such 785 and 913. When called back a recorded message will read back the phone number and with the area code that you are calling from. For instance when we called back a 913 area code the recording read back the area code as 785 plus the rest of the phone number that we dialed. It appears that these persons are using local area codes and in some cases local prefixes to fool someone into thinking that they are calling from a local number. Don't fall for these scams are they are able to purchase any phone area code and prefix they want. If you don't know the caller do not give them any information.

Stafford and I-35

CAUTION do not drive into standing water! Roadways are flooded this morning please avoid Main Street South to Shawnee as it is flooded. Parts of K 33 are also flooded north of the County Line. 1st Street from the elementary school is also flooded. USD 289 is closed today due to the flooding.

As most all of you know school is starting this Thursday 08/17/17. Please watch for children walking and riding their bicycles to and from school. The school zones, with flashing yellow lamps, will be in operation from 0700-0900 and again from 1400-1600 hours. (That is 2 PM till 4PM) We will be in the school areas watching for violations. Pleae drive carefully😊

The Wellsville Police Department send our thoughts and condolences to the Clinton Missouri Police Department who lost one of their officer's in the line of duty overnight.

Another report of an "IRS" scam. A recorded call from 888-969-4286 threatens arrest if you do not contact them for payment. On call back there was no answer. Please do not fall for these scams. The IRS does not work this way. This number has been reported as fraudulent.

Great job Ofc. Hackler for helping a young man recover his bicycle. Thanks Danny! JB

So this happened today! Yep you got it the Wellsville Police Department has received Royals baseball cards from the Kansas City Royals to hand out to our youth. Yes even adults can have a pack of cards if you like. How do you get a pack of cards? Just make sure to flag down one of our officers when you see them out and about and ask us for them.

Just information half the city is without power currently KCP&L has been notified. Please if you're out driving be cautious of trees down and road debris.

Do you by chance recognize this canine. The Wellsville Police Department is asking for your assistance and locating the owners to this canine. The canine is at the Wellsville Police Department. Thank you! UPDATE: The canine has been taken to Prairie Paws in Ottawa. Thank you for your assistance.