Newton Police Department

  • Agency: Newton Police Department
  • Address: 120 E 7th St, Newton, 67114 KS
  • Chief: James Daily (Chief of Police)
Phone: 316-284-6030
Fax: 316-284-6130

Newton Police Department is located at 120 E 7th St, Newton, 67114 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is James Daily. The Newton Police Department phone number is 316-284-6030.

Newton Police Department News

We have received numerous requests from community members and the media for an update about the car burglary and shooting in Newton on Oct. 15. Unfortunately, we have not had a breakthrough in the case. The homeowner, Bob Brenneman, has been interviewed six times but is still unable to give us a complete picture of the incident. He does not remember some details, and some elements of his story are inconsistent with physical evidence from the scene. Mr. Brenneman says that he witnessed a man trying to break into his vehicle at about 8:30 p.m. While his wife called 911, Mr. Brenneman says he confronted the suspect and the two got into a scuffle. Mr. Brenneman was shot, the bullet passing through his abdomen and striking his left arm. Mr. Brenneman says the suspect then fled to the north on foot. Two K-9 units, including one Master Tracker dog, were unable to pick up any scent trail for the suspect leaving the scene. A trail of blood was later found leading from the vehicle to some bushes to the south, where a handgun belonging to Mr. Brenneman was found. Mr. Brenneman described the suspect as a white male with facial hair in his mid-20s, approximately 5'9" tall, but he was unable to describe the man’s face. Because of Mr. Brenneman's report that the suspect fled north, North Newton Police alerted Bethel College, and the campus was put on lockdown. Police began receiving reports of suspicious activity and gunshots at Bethel, and officers were pulled away from the crime scene to investigate those reports to 911, which were unsubstantiated. We continue to investigate this case, but the conflicting evidence has hindered our progress. We are still waiting on results of testing on the weapon and blood found at the scene. We ask again that if you have any information about the incident, please call 911 or use our anonymous tip line. We will keep the public updated as we can. We understand it is frustrating that we don't know more at this time. As always, the safety of our community is our top priority. Please keep all vehicles locked, and do not store valuables in your vehicle. If you do witness an attempted car burglary, do not confront the suspect. Call 911 and report it to police.

We believe Nancy is staying in town with friends. If you have knowledge of Nancy’s location please call 911.

School Resource Officer Jon Adkins has a new partner. Daytona decided to dress like her most favorite police officer for Halloween.

We miss seeing K-9 Carla around the station. It was great to see her on her 15th birthday! Check out Cpl. Hawpe and K-9 Bella's facebook page!

We would like to remind everyone to pay attention to school zones and watch for crossing guards. A moment's inattention could have terrible consequences.

After a delay on Main St. a Kansas City Southern de Mexico train is back on track. They had to initiate an emergency stop because of a pedestrian getting too close to the tracks as they approached N. Main. Let’s all be sure we practice safety near trains. It costs so little to be patient, but the penalty can be enormous if we don’t.

Newton Police Department Supports Breast Cancer Awareness The Police Badge is the most recognizable and honored insignia worn in the history of law enforcement. Several members of the Newton Police Department, in a show of unity and support with those who have been impacted by breast cancer, have decided to wear pink badges during the month of October. The badges were purchased by each individual officer, and a portion of the proceeds goes toward breast cancer research. However the symbolism goes beyond raising funds, it is about raising awareness. Sgt. Jason Thompson said, “Unfortunately many people in our community and department have been impacted by this terrible disease. We want to show support for our family, friends, and our community. We want to raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screenings, and encourage people to get tested.” We want to thank Krueger Insurance for partnering with us by sponsoring 10% of the cost of each badge. The badges were purchased through Public Safety Concepts in Brewster, Mass.

We want to remind our community we have an 100% anonymous Tip Line if you have information about last night's shooting, or any other crime. You can access the service through: Clicking the link to the left (See Photo) or Through an App in Google Play or the Itunes Store (links below) Google: Itunes:

***Follow up to last night's shooting*** The Suspect remains at large. He was described as a white male in his mid 20's, standing approximately 5'9" tall with facial hair. We have received numerous calls asking if people are safe in this neighborhood. We have no reason to believe the suspect is still in the neighborhood, but we encourage everyone to always use good safety practices. Locking doors (house and vehicle) at all times, using yard lighting, and being aware of your surroundings are all activities we should practice routinely.

***Officers continue to respond to reports of suspicious activity, and are actively searching for the suspect from the shooting, but have released the lockdown at Bethel College. They are allowing residents back into the area and have released the active perimeter. We encourage residents to continue to exercise universal safety precautions and call 911 if they have information about this case.

***Update on Shooting Victim*** The victim is out of surgery and in good condition.

At 8:28 pm Newton Police Officers were notified of a violent crime in the 400 block of Normandy Road. A homeowner witnessed someone trying to steal a vehicle and confronted the suspect. The suspect shot the property owner one time. The bullet passed through his abdomen and struck his arm causing multiple wounds. The Homeowner is being transported for medical treatment. The suspect fled on foot. We are encouraging everyone living in the area to remain in their homes. If they see or hear suspicious activity please call 911. The suspect is to be considered armed and dangerous. We are bringing in a drone to assist with search efforts. If you have information please call 911. We will notify the community when the situation changes.

Many people don't know this, but Cathy is officially a City of Newton Police Department employee, and the last dispatcher employed by the city after the consolidation of dispatching services many years ago. We are very proud of her accomplishments during her 40 year career. We are happy we get to be a part of the emergency services team with her and look forward to many more years to come.

Congratulations Cpl. Hawpe and K-9 Bella! Last week at the Heart of America Police Dog Association annual certification process Cpl. Hawpe and K-9 Bella won the coveted Master Tracker Award! Each year if a K-9 / Officer team shows excellence during their certification track, they could be selected to attempt a Master Track. A scenario is created for the team to attempt, and the level of difficulty is far and beyond what a police K-9 team would expect to face during a routine call out. Cpl. Hawpe and K-9 Bella faced a scenario of a vehicle pursuit where the suspect eluded officers, and their abandoned vehicle was found abandoned in a secluded area. The team was given no information upon their arrival. Cpl. Hawpe and K-9 Bella set to work in the pouring rain. K-9 Bella led the way across the countryside, across roadways up and down ravines. The track circled back and K-9 Bella led Cpl. Hawpe back to the abandoned vehicle. Typically these sorts of events culminate with locating a suspect hiding, but Cpl. Hawpe trusted K-9 Bella enough to tell the judges he believed the suspect doubled back and was picked up by another vehicle. He stood firm on the statement the track began and ended at the abandoned vehicle. At the awards banquet where the Master Tracker award was announced, the judges indicated K-9 Bella followed the track perfectly turn for turn. However this alone was not good enough to earn the award, as the pair are judged as a team. It was Cpl. Hawpe's ability in handling Bella, recognizing how she acted while tracking, and trusting where the track led which earned this team the award. Join us in congratulating this pair. It is great to know we have such an asset at our agency! *An interesting side note. Because they weren't given any information when they arrived, and the route was circular in nature, the team actually tracked the suspect in reverse, perfectly turn for turn.

🚨🚨🚨Update! Tamara is home and Safe!🚨🚨🚨

We have received calls asking why police officers had a school bus stopped in the 300 block of East 1st street this afternoon. Officers were dispatched to a report of a student on the bus with a gun, and responded rapidly in an effort to ensure the safety of the children aboard. Once they arrived it was learned the gun was a toy, and officers immediately began de-escalating the situation. The young student who brought the toy onto the bus was given a ride to the nearby district office where the child's mother could respond to take the child home. While this may have been a frighting situation for everyone on board the bus, we take threats to the safety of our community's children seriously and will respond in a rapid and professional manner.

Just a friendly reminder to our community to avoid being victimized by scammers. Things to remember... 1) The IRS will not call you demanding immediate payment by electronic means. 2) Law Enforcement will not call you demanding payment by electronic means. 3) Your warranty is not expired and you should't renew it by giving out credit card information over the phone. 4) You may be having computer problems but shouldn't grant remote access of your computer to someone on the phone. 5) Your credit card company won't call you about a security problem, then ask for your card info...they should already have it. The key to remember is if a person calls you unsolicited, it is likely a scam. People can spoof phone numbers from anywhere in the world, even Newton, KS. You shouldn't provide them with any information and simply hang up. If they claim to be a representative of a company you work with, ask them for their name and call the company back at a number you know is a good number (not the one they provide you.) Share these tips with family members and friends. Working together we can prevent victimization.

Information on the school lock down. It's been a busy day for our students on the east end of town. A short time after posting about the threat to school safety at Chisholm Middle School (which was dealt with accordingly), more activity occurred in the area which caused Slate Creek Elementary and Chisholm Middle School to lock down for a short time. A resident of the neighborhood reported a person had burglarized their home and stole a rifle, then left on foot. Because of the proximity to the school, we thought it wise to notify them of a potentially armed person in the area. We didn't want the man fleeing from officers and entering the school. A few minutes later we located the suspect and took him into custody. Officers remained in the area searching for the rifle. Because the active threat was past, we notified the schools they could lift the lock down and dismiss as scheduled.

Chisholm Middle School Administration and the Newton Police School Resource Officer were notified this morning by students of a threat to school safety. An investigation has been conducted and appropriate action has been taken to ensure the safety of students and staff. We would like to thank the students who took the responsibility to communicate the concerns. We must all work together to ensure the safety of our schools and community.

Community Support and People helping People! This is what Newton is made of! Robert Carlton, Harvey County Director of Department on Aging and Mary Adams, RSVP Coordinator stopped in today with 3 large bags containing gloves and blankets. These items were made possible through the efforts of the RSVP team putting together a display at Walmart for citizen’s to choose and purchase items to be donated. These items were made possible by YOU, and YOU, and YOU! A community working together! These items will be kept in our patrol vehicles and used for victims in need, during those unexpected incidents during the cold, winter months. Thank you for your efforts and kindness! Pictured is Mary Adams, RSVP Coordinator and Officer Jordan Garver.

Did you know that September is Hunger Action Month? First Responders in Harvey County are taking action against hunger this Holiday Season. After seeing how many families Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office was able to help last year, we have decided to team up with Dillons to do something quite similar. Here in Harvey County, we have created the First Responders Holiday Helpers group that are collecting monetary donations to purchase and provide boxes of food to families in need over the holiday season. Unlike other food drives, there is a list of around 60 food items that should last a family of four around 10 days that will be purchased and placed within boxes for each family on their list. In partnering with Dillons, the group is able to purchase this list of food for around $75. Can you help "sponsor" a family by giving a donation of $75 this year? Maybe you can go together with a friend, or few friends, to "sponsor" a family? If you want to donate (any amount will help) please send or bring donations to the Harvey County Sheriff's Office, the Newton Police Department, or to 1st Bank in Newton. Here is a story KWCH did for us. Check it out here: #1stResponderHolidayHelpers #FeelsGoodToGiveBack #AdoptAFamily @HVCO_SO

Drive by shooting suspects captured in Newton. At 4:43 this afternoon Newton Officers were made aware of a drive by shooting occurring near NW24th and Hoover in Harvey County. Newton Officers located the suspect vehicle minutes later and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle led officers on a short chase, coming to a stop near the intersection of Lazy Creek Drive, and Split Oak Drive. The occupants of the vehicle fled on foot and were all apprehended a short time later. A handgun was recovered at the scene. Four Juveniles and one adult were taken into custody and will be interviewed by investigators with the Harvey County Sheriff's Office. We are thankful no one was harmed in either the shooting, or the apprehension of these suspects. We will keep our community notified as further information develops.