Newton Police Department

  • Agency: Newton Police Department
  • Address: 120 E 7th St, Newton, 67114 KS
  • Chief: James Daily (Chief of Police)
Phone: 316-284-6030
Fax: 316-284-6130

Newton Police Department is located at 120 E 7th St, Newton, 67114 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is James Daily. The Newton Police Department phone number is 316-284-6030.

Newton Police Department News

UPDATE on the burglary suspect from Hesston and Newton! Chaelyn Aaron is now in custody in Colorado. Thanks for all your help in spreading the word.

The Burglary Suspect from Hesston and Newton has been identified! Chaelyn N. Aaron is not only wanted in connection with today's crimes, but is also being sought by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms in connection with theft of firearms from the Atwood's store in Park City the last week of March, 2018. Chaelyn has been known to flee, and ram pursuing vehicles, and since there is a possibility she is armed we highly discourage members of the public from approaching her. If you know her whereabouts, please call 911! Like and Share to spread this information through your social circles in hopes we find her before anyone else is victimized.

We Need Your Help Identifying this Suspect! Like and Share! This unknown female is suspected of burglarizing several vehicles in Hesston and Newton. The Suspect was last seen driving the white vehicle in the attached photos. If you have information about the identity of this suspect, please either message this page, or call the Newton or Hesston Police Department. Like and share so we reach all of our social circles and bring this criminal to justice.

Thanks to some alert citizens, the suspect wanted in connection with a robbery at Newton’s First Bank south branch has been apprehended. Martin L. Paris, 50, was arrested Thursday night in Seiling, Oklahoma, in the northwest part of the state. A tip from someone who recognized Paris from media coverage led police to the motel where he was staying. He was taken into custody without incident. Paris is now being held at the Dewey County Jail. He had been on federal probation in Oklahoma for previous bank robberies.

The public often sees how Police Officer's and Fire / EMS Personnel respond to dangerous situations every day. What they don't get the chance to see is the work of the dedicated people who take the 911 calls. Our Emergency Dispatchers rapidly assess caller information to route necessary assets to a scene, instruct callers in life saving measures, gather the information which might solve a crime, and often comfort people as they are experiencing the worst days of their lives. Our Emergency Dispatchers are true professionals and are the very first, first-responders to most of our worst calls. Please take a moment to write a note below thanking them for the work they do. Our jobs would be impossible without them!

The suspect in Monday evening's robbery at the First Bank south branch has been identified as Martin L. Paris, a 50-year-old white male on federal probation in Oklahoma for previous bank robberies. Paris was last known to be in the Oklahoma City area Tuesday night. He is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, approximately 170 pounds, and is believed to be driving a silver 2015 Kia Optima. Law enforcement agencies across multiple states are looking for him. If you know his whereabouts, please call 911. Do not approach him or try to confront him. If you are concerned about being anonymous, you can use our Tip411 app. Paris was identified when someone he knew recognized a surveillance image of him in media coverage and alerted authorities.

We at the Newton Police Department wish to extend our greatest sympathies for the friends and family of Mayor Nygaard. We respected his commitment to civic leadership and tireless support of our efforts within the community. May he rest in peace.

Bank Robbery Suspect The Newton Police Department needs your help identifying this man! Like and share to spread this information. On 4/9/18 at approximately 5:45 pm this man entered the First Bank of Newton South Branch and communicated to the clerk his intent to commit a robbery. The man left with an undisclosed amount of cash in the silver passenger car, possibly a Kia Optima or Honda Accord (or similar as pictured) and is not believed to still be in the area. The man is described as approximately 5’08” tall and between 175-200 lbs, light complected, and has brown hair. No weapon was displayed during the robbery, but caution should be exercised and 911 called if you are aware of the man’s identity. Like and share! Let’s spread this through our networks state wide so we can bring this man safely to justice!

If you have a question about fire danger, just look for the red flag warnings outside of our fire stations!

The Newton Police Department is proud to announce the launch of an ongoing project to help make our community safer. We will host a public ALICE presentation at Grace Community Church on the third thursday of every month. We will have both a morning and afternoon presentation. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) is a set of proactive, options-based strategies, that increase your chances of survival during a violent intruder or Active Shooter event. For 14 years, the ALICE Training Institute has provided violent intruder response training to individuals and organizations across the nation. This training is one hour of powerpoint, and one hour of scenarios. The training is also free of charge. If you have any questions please email Location: Grace Community Church. Sign up here:

A few weeks ago our School Resource Officers took part in a project to bring safety belt awareness to students and parents dropping kids off at school. Every year hundreds of Kansans die in traffic accidents which could be prevented with the use of safety belts. This year 159 agencies across the state participated and targeting school zones 30 minutes before and after school hours and the results show students were found to be wearing their safety belts 3 times as often as their parents. We have to work together to model good safety habits for our children. It should be noted, three impaired drivers were also taken off the roadway during this project in the southeast Kansas. Thanks for your continued support.

Sharing this to help our neighbors to the south. If you have any information which might help in the search for Lucas Hernandez, please contact the Wichita Police Department, or Wichita Crime Stoppers 316-267-2111.

The first day we emptied the drug drop off bin, this is what we found! The two large bottles on the back row each contain 600 pills! (The envelope contains a similar number). Removing these unused medications from the community, and disposing of them in a safe manner will help in combating chemical addiction. Thank you Newton.

Help us congratulate Officer Austin Gronau on his Graduation from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center Basic Academy (shown with Chief Murphy at the graduation ceremony on 3/30/18). Officer Gronau has a couple more weeks remaining in his Field Training Experience before he will be serving our community as a fully certified patrol officer. Please make him feel welcome!

The Newton Police Department seeks your help in finding this person in connection with a series of criminal complaints. Any information helping answer the Question to the Whereabouts of “Waldo” will be greatly appreciated.

As we posted yesterday, we have installed a drug drop-off box in our lobby. This is to encourage people to properly dispose of their unused prescriptions so they aren't be abused by others. We've publicly stated people can drop them off with no questions asked. We have decided to also extend this “hold harmless" policy to those wishing to turn in illicit drugs. While rare, we have received phone calls in the past from people who want to quit using illegal drugs or from parents who have caught their kids with drugs and want to dispose of those drugs or paraphernalia but were fearful of being arrested and prosecuted. We believe it's in the public interest to allow people a safe way to dispose of illegal contraband without fear of being arrested. We think this is something the entire community can get behind, and we hope to build trust with those we serve.

NEW Drug Drop-off – Newton Police have installed a secure drug drop box in our lobby to give residents a safe place to dispose of expired or unused medications. Both over-the-counter and prescription drugs will be accepted during office hours. No liquids or syringes. No questions will be asked, and people dropping off drugs will remain anonymous. Thanks for helping us keep these drugs from being misused or polluting our water supply!

Join us at Kidfest!

Did you know 76% of active shooter incidents take place at a business location. The “it won’t happen here” mentality is so pervasive that many companies are ill-equipped to prevent violence and are unprepared to respond to a crisis. Many have no violence prevention and intervention program, or have cobbled together some well intentioned (but misguided) policies. The Newton Police Department will be hosting an ALICE Active Shooter Response Instructor training session July 9th and 10th. Click the link below to find out more information about attending. We are committed to working with our community to make Newton safe and prepared for these types of events.

Sheriff Chad Gay has some tips for what to do during a flood.

The Newton Police Department would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the Family of Motorist Assist Technician Torres, and to those who worked with it knew him. Often when people think about the dangers those in emergency services face, it is images of interpersonal violence that comes to mind. This incident is a clear reminder of the everyday dangers present to the professionals who have dedicated their life to the service of others. Please join us in showing gratitude for this sacrifice, and sharing your compassion by posting below.