Roeland Park Police Department

  • Agency: Roeland Park Police Department
  • Address: 4600 W 51st St #100, Roeland Park, 66205 KS
  • Chief:

Roeland Park Police Department is located at 4600 W 51st St #100, Roeland Park, 66205 KS. The Roeland Park Police Department phone number is 913-677-3363.

Roeland Park Police Department News

Got all of our Halloween stuff! Hope to see our Roeland Park trick-or-treaters out and about tonight! RPPD

Happy Halloween from our family to yours! Please remember to be safe tonight and expect to see our officers out patrolling the streets. I will be out with badge stickers and candy so come and say hello....... RPPD

Thanks for the share Shawnee Mission Post!!!! It was a successful event!

Shawnee Mission Post sharing one of the pictures Chief Morris took at the IACP conference. Chief Morris got to meet Shaq and shared one of our patches with him.

Does anyone know where this little guy belongs? He was found around 53rd street and Roe BLVD. He is as sweet as can be! Contact RPPD via the non emergency JoCo dispatch phone number, 913-782-0720 if you know where this little guy belongs. We’d love to get him back home...... RPPD

Chief Morris is attending the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) conference in Philly this week. He stopped to take a picture with Philadelphia’s finest and share it with us. RPPD

One of our favorite things to do as Law Enforcement is interact with new generations of Roeland Parkers, Law Enforcement Officers and pretty much anything these young minds want to be in life. We take pride in being able to interact with our youth during events like our annual walk to school day..... Here are some pictures from this years event. Great job to all involved! RPPD

Chief Morris and his dog Max are here enjoying the festivities as well! Max was adopted 2 years ago at Barktoberfest!

RPPD is out at Barktoberfest at R Park today! Come say hi! And don’t forget to bring your furry friends...... RPPD

Today our Johnson County Mental Health Co-Responder Taylor came out for a ride along. Taylor answers mental health crisis calls with officers in various cities in Johnson County. Taylor is an immense help when we run into calls with mental health consumers. We are happy to have her! RPPD

With the frequency that children are interacting online these days we thought it would be beneficial to share as much information as we can when it comes to keeping our most important assets (children) safe online...... Here is a great tool to educate and prevent mishaps related to internet use. Enjoy, RPPD

From our friends at the Johnson County Sheriffs Office. Have a great Monday, RPPD

Mark your calendars!!!!!

At all hours of the night we are striving to give our citizens the safest community we can. Please don’t hesitate to come say hi when you see us out and about. We wouldn’t be efficient at our jobs without the relationship we have fostered with this great community. Happy Tuesday, RPPD

Riding shotgun with our new trainee today..... Police officers seldom like to give control over to someone else. But in cases where we are training new officers it rewarding to show them the ins and outs of how we serve our residents here in Roeland Park..... Have a great Sunday, RPPD

Sad news from our friends in Shawnee..... We get to see these K9’s and their handlers from time to time when they come assist us or vice-versa. The bond between these handlers and their dogs is like nothing I’ve ever seen. ❤️, RPPD

Our friend Ben came by for a station tour yesterday as part of his Cub Scout troop! Way to go Ben!!! RPPD

Today we say goodbye to one of our own..... CPL Kotcher retired from RPPD today, he began the final chapter of his career with us in 2006 when he came from Dodge City PD. While with us, Charlie deployed to Afghanistan in the Army and served his country there as a military police officer. Anyone that knows Charlie or has had the pleasure of meeting him will always remember his smile and genuine kindness towards all people in all walks of life. Charlie has more friends in this city than anyone I know. There's rarely a shift that goes by where I'm not flagged down by a citizen and asked "Hey, is Charlie working?" Charlie, we will miss you. Enjoy your retirement for many many years to come...... CPL Charlie Kotcher, badge number 981, 10-7 end of watch. We will take it from here..... RPPD

So much truth to this. Enjoy your Monday, RPPD

RPPD was invited to an event hosted by Westwood, KS Police Department this afternoon, along with Fairway PD, Kansas City Kansas Police Department - KCKPD, Prairie Village Police Department and the NAACP KCK and Johnson County. We were honored to come and meet and greet all kinds of great people. RPPD

People helping people...... I was 16 when 9/11 happened. I had already been an Eagle Scout at this point and knew I wanted to be a public servant of some sorts. I'll never forget watching the nightmare unfold in class that day. Fast forward a couple of years, I was a part time EMT and a resident Firefighter with a department in Johnson County. Mind you I would put up to 60 hours a week in at the fire station all for free. Fast forward a few more years and I got hired at a PD in Leavenworth County before making my move to RPPD. A lot of our officers have a similar story, volunteer firefighters, military service with multiple different branches, EMT's, etc etc. We do this as a calling and to leave this world a better place than how we found it. Every officer at RPPD, all the way up to the Chief of Police would make the same sacrifice that these folks would in the wake of a tragedy. Enjoy your Tuesday, RPPD

No words needed.....