Roeland Park Police Department

  • Agency: Roeland Park Police Department
  • Address: 4600 W 51st St #100, Roeland Park, 66205 KS
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Roeland Park Police Department is located at 4600 W 51st St #100, Roeland Park, 66205 KS. The Roeland Park Police Department phone number is 913-677-3363.

Roeland Park Police Department News

I’ve always been a huge proponent for women in Law Enforcement. What a great post from our friends at the Johnson County, KS Sheriff's Office for International Women’s day! Happy Thursday all, RPPD

Here is a Go Fund Me link for the K9 initiative in our post from earlier. Every little bit helps.

VERY EXCITING NEWS: RPPD has been approved to start raising funds for the very first K-9 unit in Roeland Park. This would be the only K9 in northeast Johnson County as we have normally used dogs from Shawnee, Lenexa and even Olathe in the past. As this will be mostly supported by donations from local businesses and the community we are asking for your help. Details are here: The Roeland Park Police Department has kicked off a fundraising campaign to help purchase the first-ever canine unit for the City of Roeland Park, Kansas. The fundraising goal is $80,000, which will help purchase the canine, training, equipment, and a police canine vehicle. A police canine is a vital community resource that serves to protect the police officers and citizens it serves. The canine will be trained in narcotics detection as well as other patrol related duties including tracking, building searches, suspect apprehension, and crime prevention. We are asking for your help in making a difference in our community by contributing to the success of this project. Through your financial and/or equipment purchase support, we can establish the first-ever canine unit in Roeland Park. Your Tax-Deductible Contribution can be made out to the City of Roeland Park (K9 Fund on the memo line) and mailed to or dropped off at the Roeland Park Police Department. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for supporting our campaign. Sincerely, Sergeant Cory Honas #971 Roeland Park Police Department 4600 West 51st Street Roeland Park, KS 66205 (913) 677-3363 And to grab your attention, puppies. Have a great Wednesday, ❤️ RPPD

Our thoughts and prayers go to the Clinton Missouri Police Department. There’s not a lot more than can be said about this, R.I.P. Officer Morton, we will take it from here. Rppd

Checking on businesses this foggy morning while most of the city sleeps..... Happy Wednesday, RPPD

Community Policing Appreciation Award presented to BILL BENFER for his continued support of RPPD by generous donations of surveillance vehicles to monitor and apprehend those involved in criminal activity and our recent RCEU (Mustang) for the "Business District Crime Prevention Initiative". The award was given last Monday during the City Council Mtg. Citizens who step up to help are one of our most cherished resources.... (Chief Morris, Bill Benfer, Mayor Kelly). Happy Wednesday!

Ok, PSA time. This DOES NOT count as scraping your windows before driving. ❤️, RPPD

Have you heard of the Johnson County, KS Sheriff's OfficeTake Me Home program? We have been able to find elderly citizens and special needs citizens and ensure that they get back home many times in the past utilizing Take Me Home. I'm sure this will apply in the future too. Just another tool we use to better serve our comunity..... Happy Saturday! RPPD

We get a lot of questions about the equipment we carry. This is a great visual from Tulsa PD outlining that. The external vest carriers we wear are night and day more comfortable than the older style concealed vests. Happy Friday! Rppd

PSA time! All, one of the biggest components in lowering the crime rate is deterring it. Our Retail Crime Prevention program is clear evidence of that. Simple tasks can deter crime. A huge (HHHHUUUGGGGGEEEEE) one is locking your car...... In my years of Law Enforcement, 95+ percent of the auto burglaries I have worked have involved unlocked cars. In my entire career I can count on one hand how many auto burglaries I’ve worked which resulted in broken windows. Help us keep a safer Roeland Park..... Happy Wednesday, ❤️ RPPD

No additional words needed......

Part of this career is continuing education. Some of the training is exciting, engaging, informative and useful. Some of the training is dreary and dull yet must be done. People forget that all officers in the state of Kansas are commissioned. We hold a license just like many other skilled trades. We are required to do a minimum of 40 hours continued education yearly. Myself and a Corporal were lucky enough to attend a leadership and administration class this week at the federal reserve of Kansas City. What a great class in a beautiful venue. Happy Thursday all!

Do we have any Snapchat fans here? Here is some good safety info regarding Snapchat.

Night shift keeping the streets clean and protected on this chilly Monday morning. Have a safe week, RPPD

KMBC 9 news came by to see us the other day to talk about out new retail crime initiative! RPPD

Well we made the news today.... I actually suggested Officer Harrison as a possible hire when we had an opening a year ago. I’ve known Trevor since we went to police academy together and knew he would be a good fit at our department.

Abby got to come see Officer Snepp and the rest of us at RPPD for her birthday! We love showing the future generations of Law Enforcement what we do and our day to day activities. We are also very fortunate to have a diverse group of men and women that serve our great city. Happy Monday, RPPD Edit: I’m still working on Chief Morris to allow us to wear pink tennis shoes on duty...... he hasn’t budged yet but maybe Abby will help the cause.

Some of our followers may have seen the Shawnee Mission Post article regarding our new retail crime enforcement program....... Here is the car donated by Benfers’s towing to help the initiative. Officers are now out and about in our retail district to deter crime. The car and officers will be deployed at various businesses at various times of the day. Also: we are subject to tickets in this new Mustang so everyone has been instructed to obey all traffic laws even though we now have an RPPD sports car.... Thanks to all for allowing us to do this initiative. ❤️, RPPD

Oohhhhh-kkkkkk night shift checking in here again..... Anyone else wish spring was a little closer? Anyway..... do us a favor and check on your loved ones, bring your pets inside and stay home! Happy MLK day from RPPD!