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  • Agency: Westwood Police Department
  • Address: 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS
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Phone: (913) 362-3737

Westwood Police Department is located at 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS. The Westwood Police Department phone number is (913) 362-3737.

Westwood Police Department News

There was some serious drag racing going on in Westwood today... But the good kind that brings kids and their parents together with the decades old "Pinwood Derby". Cub Scout Pack 3193 held this notable event. Councilman Paul Day and many others helped out. If you look close you'll see Ofc. Chris Bishop using the radar to check for speeders.

A powerful article about domestic violence... you'll probably be surprised to see where KS and MO rank in this area. When you have time this is an important read. Share it with your loved ones... http://www.kansascity.com/living/liv-columns-blogs/jenee-osterheldt/article195335439.html

Monday night the Olathe NAACP hosted an annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. life. This was the 14th year for this event and we've been to everyone. On a very cold night it was well attended by many. This year Congressman Yoeder, Lt. Gov. Colyer, Sec. State Kobach, Jo Co Commisioners, Mayor's from metro, Jo Co DA Howe, Wy Co DA Dupree and a number area police departments were all in attendance. Among the award recipients was Jo Co Board of County Commissioner Chairman Ed Eilert.

On Saturday, the Johnson County NAACP's annual MLK celebration was well attended. Performances from different generations made it both entertaining and informative. A number of good conversations were had.

MLK 50th Anniversary Sunday we had the chance to attend a 3 hour presentation at JCCC entitled "MLK 50th Anniversary - Commemorating the Life and Legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A very informative and moving program with some outstanding performances. It was based on the concept of "One Man, One Dream, One Hope and One Theme". Ryan M. Jones, a Historian with the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee was the Keynote Speaker. Dr. Cynthia "Mama J" Johnson was the artistic director and one of the performers. If you ever get to see her rendition of "Elizabeth Eckford", a member of the "Little Rock Nine". Based on the events surrounding the first 9 African American teens to attend a Little Rock High School on 9/4/57 take advantage of it...brought a tear to more than one person's eye.

Gun Safety Locks can save lives. This is one of those tough topics. In any number of situations people can justify to themselves not using gunlocks. Without a doubt, guns can be useful tools, but we have to respect the power they have. General Gun Safety Years ago I responded to a handgun death. A boyfriend and girlfriend lived together; they had no children. He kept a loaded handgun in his bedroom; believing only he and his girlfriend would ever be in there and besides it was hidden. The girlfriend’s sister came over to visit with her 3 children. The boyfriend was at work. The sisters wanted to talk, so they set the kids up with a video in the master bedroom. Younger brother found the gun and ended up shooting and killing the older brother... in front of their sister. Can you imagine how many lives were tragically touched by that incident? Yet none of the adults directly involved imagined that scenario could ever happen. Suicide Prevention Almost any gun related suicide I’ve seen has involved a person that loved ones would later say “there is no way they would do that”. Families live with the death of a loved one lost to suicide long after the event…and it’s just so sad for all involved. Many suicides do not represent the life of the person lost…it’s usually reflective of a few minutes, during the darkest of times in their mind and they just can’t see a way out. With access to a gun they make a fatal decision. Free gunlocks are available at Johnson County’s Mental Health Center’s three locations: 6000 Lamar Ave. in Mission, 6440 Nieman Road in Shawnee, and 1125 W. Spruce St. in Olathe. See the article in the Shawnee Mission Post for more. Please give it some thought, talk about and pass it along. https://shawneemissionpost.com/2018/01/03/johnson-county-mental-health-center-now-offering-free-gun-locks-to-residents-as-part-of-effort-to-reduce-suicide-rates-68747

Man Down Very early this morning, one of our officers while on patrol came across a man down. He was a large, heavy set man that would only provide the name of “Frosty”, last name unknown. For such a large man he had a cute little button nose and his eyes…well they were as dark as coal. He had a strange old silk hat that he wore. He also had a pipe, but indicated that he gave up smoking years ago...there was no evidence of tabacco or any other leafy vegitation. While he appeared very jolly in nature, he self-reported that he didn’t care much for the sun. After further examination it appears as though there was no criminal activity. Just a subject who needed a hand getting back up on his feet. On the recruiting front, we’re still working on our secret project to develop the next generation of police officers as noted in the picture of the patrol car below. And then Sgt. Baker had a surprise visitor today, his grandson Kai came to inspect the station. Little bit of humor and some snapshots of warm family moments remind us of how important life is. Please be safe tonight, don't drink and drive.

Tis the season – Danny is a sweet 7 year old little boy, full of energy, who has had a pretty tough road. The Grandmother tells us that among other things, both of Danny’s parents are in prison and in fact his father was just sentenced to 8 years yesterday…a tough day for a little guy. We were told that Christmas was going to be tight, so like cops do all around the metro, Westwood PD put together a little money and arranged to take Danny on a shopping trip yesterday. Officers Peter and Teddy had the honor of shopping with Danny. As soon as he hit the door of the store he knew exactly what he wanted… had to be a Nintendo Switch and a couple of other items. The officers saw a little joy in Danny’s eyes and a smile on his face…so as the old saying goes we got back more than we gave. May you be deeply influenced by the spirit of the season, look for the good in your fellow man, and bring peace and appreciation to those that you meet. Happy holidays and a blessed New Year!

About a year ago Westwood came out to help welcome Alex Goodwin as he came to the USA and KU to recieve some much need medical treatment. One of those cool moments here in Westwood. A book and video were done detailing Alex's Journey. Westwood View Elementary played a big role in the first night's welcoming so the we bought a copy of the book and video and donated it WWV library so the students could read the whole story. https://www.facebook.com/KCKPolice/videos/10154052052426128/?fref=mentions

"Coffee with a Cop" Your Westwood Police Department will be hosting their first “Coffee with a Cop” event this Saturday, December 16th at 9:30 AM, at Conroy's Public House, 4730 Rainbow Blvd. “Coffee with a Cop” brings police officers and the community members they serve together-over coffee-to discuss issues and learn more about each other. No agenda, no particular topic or speeches…just good old fashion conversation with one another. We know it’s a busy time of year, but we hope you can spare a little time to get to know one another a little better…. Hope to see you there!

Want to see what distracted driving at 35mph can look like right here in Westwood. We worked this accident yesterday. As we roll into this holiday season, talk to your circle of family, friends and others that you have influence with…get them to put down their phones and concentrate on driving. Commit to a New Year’s resolution; when you drive stay off the phone. We want you and yours around for a long, long time. Stay safe and keep looking out for one another

One of our favorite nights of the year! The Mayor’s annual Christmas tree lighting seems to bring out more of our residents every year. In Westwood, apparently you all must be doing something right because Santa Claus has been gracious enough to show up every year. Santa does have some elves that help him out. Some of those elves pose as mild-mannered Police Officers, Court Clerk, Public Works employees and an Assistant City Clerk during the course of the year. But, this time year their real mission becomes evident… This season is often best viewed through the eyes of children. The vast majority of kids were thrilled to meet Santa, but as you can imagine a few had different reactions. We tried to capture a few of those in pictures. Santa is a pretty cool guy and most of city staff got to meet him, but try as we might we could never seem to get Officer Burke in the same room at the same time as Santa… maybe next year. May the peace and goodwill of the season envelop you and yours now and through the New Year!

We had a great opportunity There is an organization called High Aspirations. It is a mentoring organization for young African-American males age 8 to 18. There have been some tremendous success stories that have come from this program. Last week we were made aware that some of the families associated with the program would benefit from a Thanksgiving dinner. Westwood Walmart Neighborhood Market jumped into help; they provided 15 prepared turkey breasts. The manager, Ken Richardson, and his team did all the shopping for us; truly putting a personal touch on each meal and made sure that there was plenty of food to feed at least 90 people. Ken even threw in cash out of his own pocket towards the project. Westwood’s own Velvet Crème Popcorn provided additional treats for the families. The Westwood Police team paid for the parts of the meals not covered by others and had the opportunity to help deliver the food yesterday. There are very few better ways to count your blessings this time a year than to have the opportunity to share with others. It was great to work with all of our community partners in this project. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

The neighbor is the hero in this one About 9:30 AM on Sunday a 19-year-old neighbor we’ll call “G” looked out the window of his house to see two teenage African-American males standing by two mopeds. One moped was black and yellow in color and looked like it had been covered in part with black spray paint. The second moped was green in color and G recognized it as belonging to his neighbor. One of the young men started to rip out the panel of the neighbor’s moped. G knew something was wrong, called 911 and then went outside to confront the young men. The young men fled pushing the neighbor’s moped down the street. G gave chase on foot and continued yelling at the young men. G’s action apparently scared the young men. They dropped the neighbor’s moped in the street, both got on their one moped and fled the area towards Missouri. Another neighbor got in their vehicle and attempted to follow the suspects' moped; it was last seen in Missouri. The bad news is a couple of young men came to our city and ended up trying to take a moped from an open garage door in daylight; a true crime of opportunity. We also need your help, if you see two teenage African-American males driving around on a yellow and black moped that appears to be spray-painted in black, please call dispatch 913l782-0720, we’d like to visit with them. The great news; one neighbor was looking out for another, called the police and jumped into action to prevent the crime. The moped was returned to its rightful owner. However, what was really cool was how many neighbors either attempted to stop the crime or came out very shortly after it happened to check on their fellow neighbor. It’s folks like that, who take care of one another, that make this place a special city. Two days later all the victim could talk about is how cool his neighbors were. We certainly can't and wouldn't ask people to jump in like G did. However, those of you that know G, stop by and thank him, I know the folks around WWPD are pretty impressed by him. Keep looking out for one another.

Earlier this week we were asked to send female officers to do a presentation for Daisy troop 1774. So important to have good role models to meet those young girls. We couldn’t have been more pleased to send Officer Penny Teddy and Officer Ruth Peter from Westwood PD to be there alongside Cpl. Kassie Westhoff from Fairway PD.

Trying to prevent crime is an ongoing effort Multiple perspectives are always better than just one when it comes to solving most problems. We treat crime prevention the same way. Although we have employed many techniques throughout the last few years to prevent crime you become stagnant if you think you have all the answers. We regularly participate in criminal intelligence sharing to look for trends that may be coming our way and if we have a crime we look to others for their assistance in helping to solve it. Today we were participating with area law enforcement agencies and exchanging ideas on crime prevention. Ofc. Penny Teddy was at the meeting in Shawnee for the Westwood Police Department. Just another example of the fine working relationship we have with our fellow agencies.

Attended the Johnson County NAACP Freedom dinner last night. We are very pleased to have a strong working relationship with the men and women of the JC NAACP. You'll remember they have attended our "neighborhood picnic" for the last two years. Their leadership came out and met with the Johnson County police Chiefs and Sheriff several weeks back. A very good and positive exchange was had. A number of the Johnson County Chiefs and Sheriff were in attendance last night at this celebration.

Your Westwood Police Department is involved in a new and innovative program; it is the mental health Johnson County Co-Responder program. 9 cities: Leawood, Prairie Village, Merriam, Mission, Roland Park, Fairway, Mission Woods, Westwood Hills and Westwood have pooled their resources and now share one mental health co-responder. The below paragraph is taken from the cover article in this month’s Johnson County magazine. Our officer Penny Teddy is pictured in the article. “The Johnson County Co-Responder program deploys a mental health professional who is embedded with police personnel and responds on-site with law enforcement when mental illness is identified as a factor in a call. Individuals who suffer from a mental illness are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system. This innovative program effectively provides follow up and engagement with people to get them into local services and prevent them from being incarcerated, ending up in emergency rooms or potentially involved in continued police interactions.” When funding goes away for mental health issues at the state level it does not mean that the problems of mental health issues facing society go away. The police are often the first responders to events involving mental health. This program gives us a very compassionate, realistic and collaborative tool/system with which to deal with those situations far more effectively. If you have a minute please read the article in the magazine. https://jocogov.org/sites/default/files/pio-publications/Fall2017_JoCoMag_web.pdf

Halloween 17' We had a blast last night. All your officers were out in WW, WH and MW armed with candy and getting to meet a lot of the little ones and not so little ones 🙂. Very cool to drive around and see so many people gathering with their neighbors in driveways and greating the trick or treaters. We put out safety messages and you hope people read them...well little Valentina showed us how it's done...lighted shoes, lighted wand and bright colors. All of our folks had a great time meeting many of our residents and many who came to visit our cities.... A great night!!!

If you haven't seen this, it seems like a very timely reminder of crime trends in the area from our friends at Lenexa PD https://www.facebook.com/LenexaPD/videos/1533404180031284/

Gas Odor: Southern Star is doing some maintenance on their pipeline which involves a "blow off" of gas. They are working until 4pm today. They will be doing it again tomorrow, 10/24 from 8am to 12pm. The wind carried the odor further than usual today.

Ever had the feeling that you're being watched? The image in the pictures below was noticed today on one of the doors at WWPD. It appears to be naturally occurring in the wood grain/stain pattern. With Halloween coming up we thought we'd ask; what’s it look like to you? Speaking of Halloween, safety tips can be found on the city web site: http://www.westwoodks.org/index.asp?SEC=778D8914-4213-443B-A20B-AE7838C8C383&DE=CD03AC0F-31E4-42AF-A657-647D3C284D3A&Type=B_BASIC

We got a nice note today: "I wanted to take the time to recognize Officer Marcus Burke for an outstanding job in handling a situation. My wife was in a car accident on 10/2 where the other driver fled the scene, he was later discovered to be DUI. She was understandably a bit disoriented and uncertain of what to do. Officer Marcus Burke responded and went above the call of duty, showing a high level of patience and care to my wife. His level of professionalism made a difficult situation easier to maneuver and I want to thank him for it. Keep up the good work." We're blessed to have a good workforce, with good hearts. We've been fortunate to receive several of these kinds of notes, regarding all of our officers, over the years, but we rarely post them. Thought this one captured the flavor of the service your officers strive to provide. When we get it right, it feels like an extension of the spirit of Westwood…which of course is set by all of you and those that came before us!