Westwood Police Department

  • Agency: Westwood Police Department
  • Address: 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: (913) 362-3737

Westwood Police Department is located at 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS. The Westwood Police Department phone number is (913) 362-3737.

Westwood Police Department News

Earlier this week we were asked to send female officers to do a presentation for Daisy troop 1774. So important to have good role models to meet those young girls. We couldn’t have been more pleased to send Officer Penny Teddy and Officer Ruth Peter from Westwood PD to be there alongside Cpl. Kassie Westhoff from Fairway PD.

Trying to prevent crime is an ongoing effort Multiple perspectives are always better than just one when it comes to solving most problems. We treat crime prevention the same way. Although we have employed many techniques throughout the last few years to prevent crime you become stagnant if you think you have all the answers. We regularly participate in criminal intelligence sharing to look for trends that may be coming our way and if we have a crime we look to others for their assistance in helping to solve it. Today we were participating with area law enforcement agencies and exchanging ideas on crime prevention. Ofc. Penny Teddy was at the meeting in Shawnee for the Westwood Police Department. Just another example of the fine working relationship we have with our fellow agencies.

Attended the Johnson County NAACP Freedom dinner last night. We are very pleased to have a strong working relationship with the men and women of the JC NAACP. You'll remember they have attended our "neighborhood picnic" for the last two years. Their leadership came out and met with the Johnson County police Chiefs and Sheriff several weeks back. A very good and positive exchange was had. A number of the Johnson County Chiefs and Sheriff were in attendance last night at this celebration.

Your Westwood Police Department is involved in a new and innovative program; it is the mental health Johnson County Co-Responder program. 9 cities: Leawood, Prairie Village, Merriam, Mission, Roland Park, Fairway, Mission Woods, Westwood Hills and Westwood have pooled their resources and now share one mental health co-responder. The below paragraph is taken from the cover article in this month’s Johnson County magazine. Our officer Penny Teddy is pictured in the article. “The Johnson County Co-Responder program deploys a mental health professional who is embedded with police personnel and responds on-site with law enforcement when mental illness is identified as a factor in a call. Individuals who suffer from a mental illness are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system. This innovative program effectively provides follow up and engagement with people to get them into local services and prevent them from being incarcerated, ending up in emergency rooms or potentially involved in continued police interactions.” When funding goes away for mental health issues at the state level it does not mean that the problems of mental health issues facing society go away. The police are often the first responders to events involving mental health. This program gives us a very compassionate, realistic and collaborative tool/system with which to deal with those situations far more effectively. If you have a minute please read the article in the magazine. https://jocogov.org/sites/default/files/pio-publications/Fall2017_JoCoMag_web.pdf

Halloween 17' We had a blast last night. All your officers were out in WW, WH and MW armed with candy and getting to meet a lot of the little ones and not so little ones 🙂. Very cool to drive around and see so many people gathering with their neighbors in driveways and greating the trick or treaters. We put out safety messages and you hope people read them...well little Valentina showed us how it's done...lighted shoes, lighted wand and bright colors. All of our folks had a great time meeting many of our residents and many who came to visit our cities.... A great night!!!

If you haven't seen this, it seems like a very timely reminder of crime trends in the area from our friends at Lenexa PD https://www.facebook.com/LenexaPD/videos/1533404180031284/

Gas Odor: Southern Star is doing some maintenance on their pipeline which involves a "blow off" of gas. They are working until 4pm today. They will be doing it again tomorrow, 10/24 from 8am to 12pm. The wind carried the odor further than usual today.

Ever had the feeling that you're being watched? The image in the pictures below was noticed today on one of the doors at WWPD. It appears to be naturally occurring in the wood grain/stain pattern. With Halloween coming up we thought we'd ask; what’s it look like to you? Speaking of Halloween, safety tips can be found on the city web site: http://www.westwoodks.org/index.asp?SEC=778D8914-4213-443B-A20B-AE7838C8C383&DE=CD03AC0F-31E4-42AF-A657-647D3C284D3A&Type=B_BASIC

We got a nice note today: "I wanted to take the time to recognize Officer Marcus Burke for an outstanding job in handling a situation. My wife was in a car accident on 10/2 where the other driver fled the scene, he was later discovered to be DUI. She was understandably a bit disoriented and uncertain of what to do. Officer Marcus Burke responded and went above the call of duty, showing a high level of patience and care to my wife. His level of professionalism made a difficult situation easier to maneuver and I want to thank him for it. Keep up the good work." We're blessed to have a good workforce, with good hearts. We've been fortunate to receive several of these kinds of notes, regarding all of our officers, over the years, but we rarely post them. Thought this one captured the flavor of the service your officers strive to provide. When we get it right, it feels like an extension of the spirit of Westwood…which of course is set by all of you and those that came before us!

Well Deserved Recognition Relationships and giving back are important parts of life. Westwood is blessed to have so many people that contribute their time and talent to make this such a wonderful community. Last night, at the monthly City Council meeting, Mayor Ye’ had the opportunity to recognize just one of those people, Ken Richardson, the manager at Walmart. Ken has arranged to have Walmart supply candy and pumpkins for various city events, food for our annual “Neighborhood Picnic” and this year he even convinced the band he plays with, “Four Fried Chickens and a Coke” to play at that picnic. Ken also arranged to have Walmart provide an important tool to your WWPD. These are just some of the ways Ken has given back to the community. Ken holds himself personally accountable to contribute to events that bring the community together. We are very happy that Ken Richardson leads our Walmart and that he was given an award well deserved.

New Signs: The attached pictures represent a pretty cool project. We had one of our local mom’s, Holly, who was concerned about the crosswalk at 50th and Belinder; in particular, around WWV arrival and departure times. We spent a great deal of time evaluating the situation. We ended up holding an impromptu meeting on the sidewalk at 50th and Belinder with Holly and two other area moms; all had little ones in strollers. We looked at the situation from their perspective. We brainstormed ideas on how to bring more attention to the crosswalk. Then we met with the WWV PTA and got their perspective. Next we engaged our talented Public Works crew. We wanted to include those signs that say “state law yield to pedestrians within crosswalk”. John Sullivan and the Public Works crew came up with a pretty unique design. There are now reflective strips running down the sign poles of both the “crosswalk ahead” warning signs and the “stop” signs. Public Works also mounted the “state law yield to pedestrians within crosswalk” to the crosswalk warning signs. The work is not fully complete, public works will painting crosswalk on the street in three separate colors; white, dark contrasting black and florescent yellow. WWPD will continue to do extra patrol in the area. With everyone’s help we came up with a pretty good, low cost solution for the situation. Thanks to Holly, the other moms, WWV PTA, Councilman Jason Hannaman, and Westwood Public Works for their input and effort on this project.

Who knew that KC Wolf always wanted to be a Westwood police officer? Being the Chiefs mascot is definitely pretty cool, but being a police officer is a thing of dreams 😁 Taken at the popcorn festival today.

WWPD wants to show its support for all the women in our community and in our lives. All this month our cars and our officers will be displaying subtle reminders of our support for the fight against breast cancer.

Let’s talk auto burglaries and thefts As some of you are aware we had a couple of cars broken into yesterday. We recently also had a stolen truck. The owner of the truck did not live here, but unfortunately, he left the truck door unlocked and the keys in the cup holder. The victims of the two auto burgs would tell you that they forgot and left their doors unlocked as well. Auto burglaries are way up in Johnson County right now. Predominantly they are hitting parking lots with a lot of vehicles. I know you’ve heard this at nauseam, but the two variables that you can do to prevent these crimes is lock your doors and remove anything of value (or potential value) from the interior of the car. Quite often when we have a car broken into that was locked, the victim will tell us something like “I didn’t have anything of real value in there, just the gym bag with sweaty clothes”. Other times they will tell us “no you couldn’t see anything from the outside I took the case with my belongings hid it behind the driver seat”. These criminals want to expend the least amount of energy to get the greatest return on their effort. So in both of these scenarios, in their minds, it’s reasonable to break into those cars… because there “might” be something there. If the doors are unlocked, it does not matter whether anything is visible they will just rummage through the car because it’s easy. These criminals are not masterminds, they just know that if they were successful once they will come back through and try again. For some perspective, we offered a homeless gentleman who was walking through our city last night a ride to a homeless shelter, but he refused the ride. He was last seen walking into MO. One of our officers jumped up a suspicious vehicle in the early morning hours, they attempted to make contact, but the car took off northbound on Rainbow. Truly working together, we can keep this one of the safest cities around. Please consider using these tips and talk about it with you neighbors. Thanks and keep looking out for one another.

WW, WH & MW you rock...and for a little while we all rocked! Thanks so much for coming out to our picnic on Saturday! We had a blast getting to visit with all of you! Our best estimate is that 275 – 300+ of you took time out of your day to stop by!!! The music was outstanding and the weather fantastic. Great day all around! We want to thank Four Fried Chickens and a Coke who donated their time and talent in an effort to celebrate community!!! This was a true team effort by many to make this happen. Several of our corporate partners here in Westwood chipped in. We want to recognize and thank Walmart, Retail Grocers Association and Velvet Creme for supplying vital elements to make this picnic a success. We also want to thank KCK PD, JC NAACP and Wy Co District Attorney Dupree for being so supportive of this event as well as our friends from Roeland Park PD, Fairway PD and Prairie Village PD who all came by to help celebrate. Also we want to recognize the fine work by members of the Westwood team: Public Works, Administration, and Mayor John Ye’, Councilwoman Lisa Cummins, WH Councilwoman Karen Shelor Sexton and all of the members of the Westwood Police Department who all came together in this unified effort to put this picnic on. Mostly we want to thank each of you, whether you were able to make it or not, for your support! It is a true honor to serve you!

WWPD takes traffic control seriously.... we use every resource we have.... including cute ones.

Nieghborhood Picnic Wanted to throw out a reminder, tomorrow is our second annual “Neighborhood Picnic”. It’s our small way of thanking all of you for your support throughout the year. Here’s the details: Where: parking lot of Retail Grocers Association - 2809 W 47th St, Westwood, KS (Just east of Wal Mart on 47th Street) The Westwood Police Department alongside the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department will be flipping burgers and hotdogs. The Johnson County and KCK NAACP will have a table there as well. We all want to get to know our neighbors better. Nothing fancy; burgers, hotdogs, water, some good music and conversation We plan on having a bounce house for the littlest ones Very Special Guest – Four Fried Chickens and a Coke We hope to see you there!!!

One of those fun days... Every year the third graders from Westwood View Elementary make the trek to Westwood City Hall. It’s one of those days each year we all look forward to. The students get a chance to learn all about the various city functions and services: Mayor, City Council, City Administration, Code Enforcement and Building Inspections, Public Works, CFD2 and your police department. The day started off with a talk from the Mayor who then led the third graders in a mock City Council meeting in which the students got to play all the roles. The students also got to learn about and see; a fire truck, holding cells, a police car, motorcycle and Bentley the smallest police K-9 in the Northeast. We had treats for all the kids. We had a great time learning from them and sharing a little bit about what we all do. Keep looking out for one another!

Intersections and Walking to School With the start of school we wanted to see how our student walkers, scooters, skateboarders and bicyclists were doing on their travels to and from WWV. Over a couple days, we focused our attention on the intersection of 50th and Belinder. In a 15 minute period somewhere between 7:50 AM and 8:05 AM there is a pretty good mixture of students and cars that traverse the intersection. Generally, everyone was navigating that intersection pretty well. The drivers could be seen stopping and looking around and the students generally appear to be doing the same. However, we did have one little guy on a skateboard, looking down at a phone while skateboarding…No Bueno! It only takes one slip up to have a tragedy on our hands. So, let’s look out for one another. If you or anyone you know travels that roadway during school hours please remind them of the following:  be extra cautious  get off your phones  the speed limit is 25 mph - please comply, we will enforce  come to a complete stop - not a rolling stop  by law pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks  when in doubt, stop and take a second look all around enter the intersetion slowly Last year we visited with WWV Principal Kathy Keith and exchanged ideas on a walker safety bulletin that she put out (see attached). I spoke with her today. This has been reviewed in the classrooms already this year and sent out to parents. Please take time to review with your students…let’s be safe out there.

Reported Attemtped Carjacking At about 915 this morning we had an apparent attempted armed carjacking. It was reported to be in the area of 49th and Rainbow Boulevard. An armed male described as Latino, bald, wearing a red zip up sweater and jeans approached a woman with a silver or gray handgun and demanded her vehicle. The woman had a child in the back seat, the child started to cry and the subject ran off westbound. We did not get the event reported to us until 25 or 30 minutes after it occurred. We immediately placed Westwood View on lockdown as a precaution while officers from our agency and surrounding agencies searched the streets in an effort to locate the subject. He was not found. We are checking with area businesses in an effort to locate any footage of the event and to make them aware of the incident. The official lockdown of the school has come to an end, but the Shawnee Mission School District Police are at the school and they advised they are going to keep the school on restriction. We are early into the investigation and will follow leads where they take us, but we wanted you to be aware. If you happen to see someone matching the description do not approach and dial 911.

Clowns to the left of me…. You know how it's said that police officers always run towards danger; well it’s true they are a courageous group of men and women and we are blessed to have each one of them… But that’s not to say that officers aren’t susceptible to pop-culture. (Ref. Stephen King’s infamous movie and book “IT”) So the other night an officer was on midnights doing their regular patrol when they turned onto Rainbow Boulevard and approached 47th Pl. and this balloon was just floating there...stationary. Recognizing that it could be a distraction to other drivers the officer removed the balloon… but rest assured they looked all around for a creepy clown before they ever got out of the car. Speaking of clowns, and danger, Labor Day weekend is upon us. Watch out for those clowns that drink too much or who are distracted driving. Give plenty of distance between your car and the car in front of you; be patient. If you drink have a designated driver, Uber or call a taxi. Be safe and have a great end of summer celebration! Keep looking out for one another

A little boy named Daniel was having a rotten awful, no good day this past Friday. School hadn’t gone so well that day and he’d been dealt a pretty tough hand as of late. In the last few weeks one of his grandparents passed away and his dog had been run over. He had some other challenges too. Friday was Daniel’s 7th birthday and he didn’t want a party, but his Grandmother made a small one happen anyway. WWPD got an invite so Ofc. Ruth Peter went to Daniel’s house. She got to spend some quality time with Daniel, just listening to him. Ofc. Peter wanted Daniel to know that we truly cared about him. Later he said it was one of his best birthday’s… we’d like to think that your Ofc. Peter had a little something to do with that. Keep looking out for one another.

IRS Scam using WWPD’s name and number There is a new twist to the “IRS scam” here locally. A person in a neighboring city just got a call from a “Westwood Police Officer working with the IRS”. The rest of the scam was the typical one where they say “you owe money to the IRS and if you don’t pay we will arrest you…” Apparently, caller ID comes up as the Westwood Police Department and shows our number. The IRS and the Westwood Police Department would never work this way… it’s a scam. These are computer generated phone numbers that they hijack from computers outside our country. This has happened to a number of law enforcement agencies around the country and here locally. While the number is legitimate the message is certainly not. For the time being if our number shows up on your caller ID and you haven’t been waiting on a call from us, just let it got to voice mail and then listen to the message. If it says anything like what we’ve described do not call them back. These criminals will eventually give up and start using another number. Keep the faith though, every once in a while law enforcement scores a hit on these criminals from overseas and shuts them down. Keep looking out for one another!

Drones in Westwood Just a heads up, the KU Cancer Center will be using drones to do some video recording either today or Thursday between 4pm and 6pm (weather dependent). The operators (pilots) are well qualified and they have all the necessary FAA and insurance credentials. We didn't want anyone to be concerned. Keep looking out for one another.