Westwood Police Department

  • Agency: Westwood Police Department
  • Address: 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS
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Phone: (913) 362-3737

Westwood Police Department is located at 4700 Rainbow Boulevard, Shawnee Mission, 66205 KS. The Westwood Police Department phone number is (913) 362-3737.

Westwood Police Department News

We had an unexpected guest late Friday 3 year old Miss Vivian stopped by to brighten our day. While here she reminded us that you should always wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle or bicycle. We were so impressed we asked if she had any other rules. She did; wear boots if you’re going to jump in puddles… and a few others. We’ll have to give Miss Vivian the award for best safety rules for the week… Enjoy this great weather and keep looking out for one another.

Some behind the scenes stuff that we thought we’d share Monday, Public Works, WWPD, Jo Co CFD2 and staff from Southern Star Gas, Kansas Gas, Spire Energy all met just to review practices and logistics at the natural gas transfer station. A productive and informative group meeting designed make sure we are all the same page. Several times a year we hold range just to make sure that our officers stay on top of those skills and then we pray we never need to use them (the revolver you see is an officer qualifying with an off-duty weapon). With it being national law enforcement week, the Westwood Hills City Council sent over some treats… as you can imagine food never stays around here long…so we appreciate the kind gesture.

Just thought you'd like to know; We have had a motorcycle for years at WWPD and last year City Council allowed us to sell our old motorcycle and purchase a newer, lower mileage, used one from a neighboring agency. For a smaller over all expense we were able to upgrade to a motorcycle with better equipment and ABS braking. The motorcycle helps with enforcement situations, especially around the school. And frankly it’s been a great tool to reach out to our youth; leading to many positive encounters. Knowing the motorcycle may be around children and to ensure overall safety for all, we recently sent Ofc. Bishop through a grueling motorcycle training course. Driving a 1,000 lbs. motorcycle at normal or even high speed is easier than driving, balancing and maneuvering it at slow speeds. Ofc. Bishop recently passed the course with flying colors.

Here’s to the life well lived! Former First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush has passed. Others will capture her life far better than we could ever hope to. In her public service and her personal life she had to handle many incredibly important and difficult issues, but she did it with grace, warmth and humor. She spent years in a city where so many tried to “spin” things yet she chose to be plain spoken and genuine. In a speech to a graduating class she once quoted an author when she told the class “Play fair, share everything, wash your hands before you eat, put things back where you found them, don’t hit people” Seems like that would still work in most situations… When meeting children from a foster care agency, she knelt to look them in the eye. And years ago, when a young patrol officer was allowed to be part of a protection detail in what was then a still a fairly small town in Kansas; he was told to stand in the kitchen of a hotel, blend into the wood work, be seen and not heard. All which he took with the seriousness of Royal London Guard. Until George H. W. Bush walked up, put out his hand, said I’m George Bush and I’d like you to meet my wife Barbara. She shook my hand, smiled and said "it’s nice to meet you" and with a gleam in her eye appeared to tell me to "lighten up". She touched millions of lives and made each person feel special. She was a tremendous role model on how to treat people and live life well. RIP Mrs. Bush… you will be missed.

Mass Transit comes to Westwood Our version might be a little less high tech than some cities… but our kid transit is a whole lot cuter

With serious accidents and inattentive driving on the rise it's important that try to make our roads safer. With your help we are working toward that goal. Last night we were fortunate to receive the Gold medal award for traffic safety from AAA for our 3rd year in a arrow.

Gas Leak - At about 3pm today our Public Works crew noticed a gas leak at the Southern Star Central Pipeline facility at 47th and Belinder. Representatives of Consolidate Fire District #2, Spire Gas, Southern Star, Public Works and WWPD all responded to the scene. KCK FD was notified. CFD2 immediately started testing and monitoring air quality/gas content. At no point did they feel there was a reading that justified any evacuation measures. A special crew from Spire Gas has arrived on the scene and shut off the leak. It's a matter of clean up now. At this point they do not believe any local gas service will be disrupted.

Caught in the act.... of kindness The great Easter Egg Scramble was another success! There are a whole bunch of eggs for the kids to find. So when the Mayor says "go" it's a flat scramble for kiddos to pick up as many eggs as they can. Two young men, Preston Hooker and Matthew Waters got their share of eggs. However, they noticed some of the younger children didn't get as many. So they started placing their own eggs in the path of some little ones so they could find a few more eggs. What a cool act of sharing... A couple of our officers saw them and congratulated them on their act of kindness. They made sure the boy's parents knew what their sons had done. Well done Preston and Matthew! Way to be an example of giving to others!

Yesterday our newest officer Tim Filson got to meet with the Westwood View Kindergarten Daisy Girl Scout Troop. They were working on earning their Courageous and Strong badge. Ofc. Filson offered a little insight to what that topic meant to him. It’s always fun to meet and interact with some of our youngest that we serve. And rumor has it that the Daisies were better at staying inside the lines when coloring…. Don’t forget about the City’s great Easter Egg Scramble tomorrow at 3pm

Auto Burglar Caught with Teamwork! Yesterday a little after 2:30pm a local businessman saw a suspicious subject, in the 4800 block of Rainbow Blvd., get into an unlocked car parked at neighboring business. The subject rooted around in the car and then walked away. Fairway and Westwood officers were able to take the person into custody a couple of blocks away. The subject was taken to the County Jail and is expected to be charged today. Good work by all involved! Last night one our officers saw a car stopped on one of our side streets. They left as soon as our car turn onto the street. They immediately drove out of our city; sure came across as suspicious. Both situations remind us of a few things; with nicer weather provides more opportunity for criminals to try and separate you from the property in your cars, these crimes happen in less than a minute or two and importantly if you see something suspicious please report it immediately 913-782-0720 or 911… give us the best chance to catch them. As always, lock those doors and remove all valuable from you cars. Thanks for your help. Keep looking out for one another.

An Important New Tool The Westwood Foundation and the Westwood City Council made it possible for your Public Works and Police Department to get a new Message/Speed Trailer. Obtaining this trailer is partly in response to some great input that we have taken from a number of local residents. We have been testing and getting to know the trailer for a couple of weeks. It can be pulled behind the Public Works trucks and deployed where needed. It can display up to 3 pages of messages and a large directional arrow to move traffic over. This function is particularly important for Public Works when they stop to do repairs in the street; especially Rainbow and Shawnee Mission Pkwy. Recently, some work was done on the stop light on northbound Rainbow at 50th; closing the curb lane of Rainbow. We stood and watched as drivers coming off of Shawnee Mission Pkwy almost immediately started moving over to the left lane as they saw a big sign in the right lane flashing “Road Closed Ahead” and a big arrow motioning drivers to move left. Drivers slowed and moved smoothly through the area. Everyone involved was safer. The trailer can also display the speed of passing cars and record data to include: vehicle counts, day, time, direction of travel and speeds. Part of that data will be used to see if there is a speeding problem on a given street and if so, what times are those violations mostly occurring. This will allow WPD to more efficiently place our officers where they are needed instead of just randomly trying to enforce violations. We believe the trailer may have a Pavlovian effect on drivers who see the trailer and hopefully slow down the next time they travel through. ***Please note; we cannot issue tickets based on the data recorded*** We are excited to have this new tool and with its multiple functions we believe it will serve our community very well.

Let's Hope We Never Need This... All this week, Westwood officers have come together with officers from Leawood PD, PVPD, Mission PD, Merriam PD, Fairway PD, Roeland Park PD and other police agencies to practice responses to "active shooters". NE Fire, Leawood Fire and Med Act personnel also participate in this annually. This is important training that has taken place here for years. The coordination of all of these groups is imperative if this response is ever needed. Now here's hoping and praying that we never need these skills...

We have some future talent for the Royals to evaluate... Last night was Westwood View's annual "Science Night". WPD's Sgt. Baker was fortunate enough to get invited again this year to run radar and track all the fastballs your students were throwing. There were one or two pitches "just a little outside", but most of them were right down the pipe at blazing speeds. A couple of times, the radar just read "wow".

Not So Cute and cuddly... Ever seen a slow moving raccoon that wobbles a little and may even approach you, that’s not such a good thing. Here’s what Northeast Animal Control put out today: “There has been a significant rise in the number of raccoons showing symptoms of Distemper recently. Distemper is a fatal disease that affects raccoon’s respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, and ultimately their nervous system. It is in the final stage of the disease when people typically notice raccoons during the daytime. Raccoons in the final stages of Distemper are generally lethargic, disoriented, cannot maintain balance, and may become paralyzed. Raccoons with Distemper may approach humans, which is abnormal for raccoons, so maintain your distance if one approaches you. While the disease doesn’t impact humans, it can impact pets, so keep your pets away from any raccoons you may encounter. Also, make sure your pets are current on their vaccinations. One situation occurred where a dog and a sick raccoon engaged in a fight. When the dog owner tried to separate the dog and raccoon, the dog owner was bitten by the raccoon. In those situations, the raccoon is euthanized and sent for rabies testing. Luckily, the raccoon was not rabid, and the dog was current on their vaccinations. The increase in the number of raccoons with distemper is not isolated to a specific area and is fairly widespread. If you see a raccoon that shows the symptoms of distemper, call Northeast Animal Control at 913-782-0720.” We just wanted to give you heads up. Keep looking out for one another.

Keeping your students a little safer The next time you go by Rainbow and 50th, look up and you’ll see a little blue light on the stoplights arms. It’s a difficult intersection to enforce the running of red lights, but as you all know it’s also where many of our students cross. So Public Works arranged for these lights to be installed. An officer can now sit on the other side of the intersection and monitor anyone running a red light. When the stoplight turns red, the little blue light turns on and any car that enters the intersection after that has just run a red light. We wanted to let you know about it from a safety enhancement standpoint, but also spread the word, because we’d much rather gain compliance! Keep looking out for one another.

There was some serious drag racing going on in Westwood today... But the good kind that brings kids and their parents together with the decades old "Pinwood Derby". Cub Scout Pack 3193 held this notable event. Councilman Paul Day and many others helped out. If you look close you'll see Ofc. Chris Bishop using the radar to check for speeders.

A powerful article about domestic violence... you'll probably be surprised to see where KS and MO rank in this area. When you have time this is an important read. Share it with your loved ones... http://www.kansascity.com/living/liv-columns-blogs/jenee-osterheldt/article195335439.html

Monday night the Olathe NAACP hosted an annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. life. This was the 14th year for this event and we've been to everyone. On a very cold night it was well attended by many. This year Congressman Yoeder, Lt. Gov. Colyer, Sec. State Kobach, Jo Co Commisioners, Mayor's from metro, Jo Co DA Howe, Wy Co DA Dupree and a number area police departments were all in attendance. Among the award recipients was Jo Co Board of County Commissioner Chairman Ed Eilert.

On Saturday, the Johnson County NAACP's annual MLK celebration was well attended. Performances from different generations made it both entertaining and informative. A number of good conversations were had.

MLK 50th Anniversary Sunday we had the chance to attend a 3 hour presentation at JCCC entitled "MLK 50th Anniversary - Commemorating the Life and Legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A very informative and moving program with some outstanding performances. It was based on the concept of "One Man, One Dream, One Hope and One Theme". Ryan M. Jones, a Historian with the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee was the Keynote Speaker. Dr. Cynthia "Mama J" Johnson was the artistic director and one of the performers. If you ever get to see her rendition of "Elizabeth Eckford", a member of the "Little Rock Nine". Based on the events surrounding the first 9 African American teens to attend a Little Rock High School on 9/4/57 take advantage of it...brought a tear to more than one person's eye.

Gun Safety Locks can save lives. This is one of those tough topics. In any number of situations people can justify to themselves not using gunlocks. Without a doubt, guns can be useful tools, but we have to respect the power they have. General Gun Safety Years ago I responded to a handgun death. A boyfriend and girlfriend lived together; they had no children. He kept a loaded handgun in his bedroom; believing only he and his girlfriend would ever be in there and besides it was hidden. The girlfriend’s sister came over to visit with her 3 children. The boyfriend was at work. The sisters wanted to talk, so they set the kids up with a video in the master bedroom. Younger brother found the gun and ended up shooting and killing the older brother... in front of their sister. Can you imagine how many lives were tragically touched by that incident? Yet none of the adults directly involved imagined that scenario could ever happen. Suicide Prevention Almost any gun related suicide I’ve seen has involved a person that loved ones would later say “there is no way they would do that”. Families live with the death of a loved one lost to suicide long after the event…and it’s just so sad for all involved. Many suicides do not represent the life of the person lost…it’s usually reflective of a few minutes, during the darkest of times in their mind and they just can’t see a way out. With access to a gun they make a fatal decision. Free gunlocks are available at Johnson County’s Mental Health Center’s three locations: 6000 Lamar Ave. in Mission, 6440 Nieman Road in Shawnee, and 1125 W. Spruce St. in Olathe. See the article in the Shawnee Mission Post for more. Please give it some thought, talk about and pass it along. https://shawneemissionpost.com/2018/01/03/johnson-county-mental-health-center-now-offering-free-gun-locks-to-residents-as-part-of-effort-to-reduce-suicide-rates-68747

Man Down Very early this morning, one of our officers while on patrol came across a man down. He was a large, heavy set man that would only provide the name of “Frosty”, last name unknown. For such a large man he had a cute little button nose and his eyes…well they were as dark as coal. He had a strange old silk hat that he wore. He also had a pipe, but indicated that he gave up smoking years ago...there was no evidence of tabacco or any other leafy vegitation. While he appeared very jolly in nature, he self-reported that he didn’t care much for the sun. After further examination it appears as though there was no criminal activity. Just a subject who needed a hand getting back up on his feet. On the recruiting front, we’re still working on our secret project to develop the next generation of police officers as noted in the picture of the patrol car below. And then Sgt. Baker had a surprise visitor today, his grandson Kai came to inspect the station. Little bit of humor and some snapshots of warm family moments remind us of how important life is. Please be safe tonight, don't drink and drive.

Tis the season – Danny is a sweet 7 year old little boy, full of energy, who has had a pretty tough road. The Grandmother tells us that among other things, both of Danny’s parents are in prison and in fact his father was just sentenced to 8 years yesterday…a tough day for a little guy. We were told that Christmas was going to be tight, so like cops do all around the metro, Westwood PD put together a little money and arranged to take Danny on a shopping trip yesterday. Officers Peter and Teddy had the honor of shopping with Danny. As soon as he hit the door of the store he knew exactly what he wanted… had to be a Nintendo Switch and a couple of other items. The officers saw a little joy in Danny’s eyes and a smile on his face…so as the old saying goes we got back more than we gave. May you be deeply influenced by the spirit of the season, look for the good in your fellow man, and bring peace and appreciation to those that you meet. Happy holidays and a blessed New Year!