Lansing Police Department

  • Agency: Lansing Police Department
  • Address: 800 1st Terrace, Lansing, 66043 KS
  • Chief: Steve Wayman (Chief of Police)
Phone: 913-727-3000
Fax: 913-727-5428

Lansing Police Department is located at 800 1st Terrace, Lansing, 66043 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve Wayman. The Lansing Police Department phone number is 913-727-3000.

Lansing Police Department News

Information for tomorrow if you are out and about enjoying the day.

If you have or believe you have Military ordnance around your house please call the Police department and we will come to you get it taken care of. Please do not transport these items to the Police department. This shell was brought into the Police department and it was turned over to the Leavenworth Bomb squad were it was found to be inert. All explosives can become unstable with age, unnecessary handling could cause an explosion.

The police department and fire department are currently working an accident at the Freddy's restaurant on Main Street. A vehicle went into the side of the building into the restroom area of the restaurant an individual was in the restroom at the time of the accident and had to be extricated from beside the vehicle. At this time injuries appear to be very minor but would request for a little while if you were considering going to Freddy's for lunch to make other arrangements to allow Personnel to work the accident and get the vehicle removed from the side of the building. UPDATE: The vehicle has been removed from the building. The elderly driver was not injured and the 17 yoa was pinned between the vehicle and the wall. The 17 yoa was able to walk away with no serious injuries.

The Kansas Highway Patrol is currently working a fatality accident at southbound K7 and Marxin road on the very south end of Lansing. Anticipate delays Road may be closed, it is only open to one lane. If possible find alternate route.

Shepherd X ~ (intact male w/nylon collar) picked up by LNPD this morning in the area of Frances Ln/Reveilly Trail - Lansing Heights. To Claim ~ Come to LNPD with proof of current rabies.

Update ~ Owner has been found! 😁 3 dogs picked up by Animal Control in the area of Lost 80 on E Mary St this morning. Intact male, young adult, black/tan German Shepherd wearing a nylon camo collar and flea collar ~ no microchip. Adult female, black/sable German Shepherd, no collar or microchip and a red female terrier mix, no collar or microchip. All very friendly and well groomed. Taken to LVAC. Owner has to come to LNPD and pay fees before dogs will be released. 🙂

"Saturdays with Animal Control" This weeks topic ~ HOUSE CATS Lansing has a lot of cats! Since we've discussed FERAL cats, now we are going to talk about the ones that have an intimate relationship with their humans ~ HOUSE cats. They might be indoor only, indoor/outdoor or outdoor only, but they have a commonality for the most part ~ their humans pay attention to them, feed them, spay/neuter, vaccinate and REGISTER them with the City. All HOUSE cats are required by City ordinance (973.2-507) to be licensed and have a current rabies vaccination. That also includes indoor-only cats. Registering a cat and acquiring a license tag provides a multitude of benefits for the cat owner and the City. Should "Fluffy" be found by a concerned, well-meaning citizen and brought to the police station, Animal Control can check records for similar description, neighborhood where found, etc. If "Fluffy" is wearing their license tag or better yet, microchipped, we can get "Fluffy" back home. Let's face it, cats keeping their collars on is a rarity. If "Fluffy" isn't registered and doesn't have a microchip, off to the shelter he goes. Even with posting "Fluffy's" picture, none have been claimed. This ending costs the City and the tax payers besides filling up the shelter. If "Fluffy" is out visiting his FERAL cousins and gets caught up in the TNR program, he can be identified and returned home. Registration data on cats and dogs provides Animal Control with information needed to design a disaster relief program for Lansing resident's pets. Let's face it folks, we live in Tornado Alley! Better chance of residents re-uniting with their beloved pets faster, if Animal Control can identify and find the owner. This same information helps in the case of a rabies outbreak in the City. There is a higher chance for a rabies outbreak to start within the cat population. HOUSE cats have no problem mingling and eating with their FERAL cousins. The FERALS have no problem eating next to raccoons, skunks, possums, etc. This is why the City requires current rabies vaccinations. How does one make sure that owner's are vaccinating their cats and/or dogs? REGISTRATION! Rabies vaccination and registration go hand-in-hand. Prevention and diligence is the only reason there is not a rabies outbreak every other month. HOUSE cats ROAM! It is what it is. Does the City have a leash ordinance pertaining to cats? Yes! The same City ordinance for dogs (973.2-303); Animals Running at Large includes HOUSE cats. Some owner's are successful and diligent at keeping their HOUSE cats on their property and some aren't. Some residents don't have a problem with HOUSE cats walking across their property and some residents do. Some neighborhoods have a neighborhood cat that is taken care of and fed by various residents. If a resident has a complaint about a specific neighbors HOUSE cat, Animal Control will follow-up on it. For the most part, the neighbor will receive a verbal warning about the City ordinance (unless there's more to the story). If not already done, they will be registering their HOUSE cat and providing proof of current rabies vaccination. If the complainant feels that the situation has not been resolved and wants further action taken, they will need to file a report with Animal Control, including a statement of what has been occurring, before a citation can be issued. If Animal Control does not witness the violation occurring, there must be a documented witness for a citation to be issued. That's just the way the system works. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ~ Animal Control will only be accepting found (not trapped) HOUSE cats during normal business hours. Patrol officers will not be taking in or picking up any healthy or uninjured cats found after hours or on the weekends. If the healthy looking, uninjured cat lets you pick it up, it's a HOUSE cat. Let it go. It's not lost, just passing thru. If a resident is trying to trap a raccoon and gets a cat instead, release it. Animal control will not accept trapped cats of any kind. For Animal Control, this is the year of the cat! The issues are being dealt with, but it will take time. Priorities first! Getting all Lansing HOUSE cats registered/licensed in conjunction with the TNR program for the FERAL cat colonies will go a long way in reducing shelter overcrowding and costs to the City and taxpayers. The more residents understand the whole picture, the more cooperation and less resistance from all. 🙂

Construction crew has clipped a gas line at Desoto Road and Sycamore Ridge. Road will be closed until gas can be shut off. For the time being please use alternate route, we will reopen the road as soon as we can.

Update ~ Found 😊 Lost Shih Tzu ~ Abby is missing from the 400blk of Hillbrook Dr. She is wearing a pink/white striped sweater. She is timid and possibly hiding along the houses in the area. Missing since around noon today. If found, please contact LNPD and we will get her back to her owner.

Young adult intact male black lab found by passerby yesterday in the area of Mt. Calvary Cemetery. No collar/tags/microchip. Will be at Leavenworth Animal Control Shelter. If belonging to a Lansing resident, you must come to the police station to claim.

"Saturdays with Animal Control" Today's subject ~ Feral Cats in Lansing Lansing has quite a few feral cat colonies throughout the city and just as many kind-hearted residents that have put their own time and money into taking care of these cats. First, I'd like to thank those individuals. I've talked to a few over the past year, but I know there are many more out there. Second, we've started a TNR Community Cat Program this past December to tackle the problem. The Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return program works just as described. The feral cats in one colony are trapped, transported to get spayed or neutered, a rabies vaccination and ear tipping, picked up and transported back to a quite comfortable place overnight and then returned in the morning to whence they came. If a particular area can maintain 20 feral cats, either with wildlife and/or being fed by humans, removing cats from the area doesn't help. It creates a void or vacuum and will fill back in with feral cats from other colonies that are pushing the limits. Nature controls the population in an area by disease and predators. We're trying to control the number of colonies that pop up throughout the City. The goal is to spay/neuter as close to 100% of the cats in one colony before moving on to the next colony. This isn't a quick fix! It will take a few years, but the decline will be measurable. The cats are returned to the area that they are familiar with and there they can live out their lives and keep the rodent population in check. We understand that the citizens feeding these feral cats have formed a bond with them. They can continue to take care of the cats without the stress of multiple kittens showing up each season. The City of Lansing wins in the long run. It cost the City twice as much to take one feral cat/kitten to the shelter than to spay/neuter-vaccinate-ear tip and return. The feral cat has to stay a minimum of 4 days at the shelter after being picked up and then has a slim chance of being adopted because it's FERAL. We're not talking about the friendly cat passing through the neighborhood and heading home by dark. We're talking about the raccoons in cat suits that look cute and friendly, but the minute you try to restrain them (trap), they're just daring you to stick your finger in the trap because they would enjoy a snack right about now! As I mentioned in the second paragraph, we "beta tested" this program in December with a small colony on Hithergreen Drive. With the awesome help of the colony caretaker, we trapped 17 cats out of about 20. Out of the 17, 14 were females and 3 males. SUCCESS! If you take care of a feral cat colony or feed feral cats in Lansing, please contact me at . I'd like to get an idea of how many colonies are across the City. I know were a few are and weather permitting, will start up again soon.

Follow-up FAQ's to "Saturdays with Animal Control" ~ Topic ~ Dog/Cat Licensing FAQ 1 ~ At what age should I purchase a license for my puppy or kitten? A ~ All dogs and cats are required to be licensed from the age of 4 months and up. A current rabies vaccination will be needed for licensing and most local veterinarians start vaccinating at that age. FAQ 2 ~ My veterinarian said my dog or cat shouldn't receive a rabies vaccination ~ what should I do? A ~ We understand that some dogs or cats can't be vaccinated due to age or health issues. A letter from your veterinarian must be presented stating their recommendation for exemption. FAQ 3 ~ Do I have to renew my dog or cat license every year? A ~ At this time, yes, all Lansing residents are required to purchase/renew a dog/cat license every year. A reminder postcard is mailed out at the beginning of the month the dog/cat was licensed and renewal is due by the last day of that month. If the dog/cat rabies vaccination is expiring at that same time, proof of current rabies vaccination must be presented. FAQ 4 ~ What if my dog/cat rabies vaccination expires during the licensed year? A ~ A reminder letter will be mailed at the beginning of the expiration month. The dog/cat owner will have approximately fourteen (14) days after the rabies expiration date to present proof of current rabies to Animal Control. A copy of the rabies vaccination certificate or receipt with rabies expiration date can be presented in person, by fax (727-5428) or by email ( FAQ 5 ~ I occasionally have my relatives dog and/or cat at my home while their away ~ Do they have to be licensed with the City of Lansing? A ~ If the dog and/or cat is staying within the City limits seven (7) or more days individually and/or consecutively over the course of a year, it will be required to be licensed. Current rabies vaccination is required of any dog or cat staying in the City of Lansing, unless otherwise exempted. (See FAQ 2) That wraps up the top five FAQ's for dog/cat licensing. I hope this information has been informative and insightful! 🙂

Starting an informational series "Saturdays with Animal Control" ~ each Saturday we will post information about pet ownership requirements, City ordinances, feral cats, events, faq's, etc. Feel free to ask questions ~ I will answer to the best of my knowledge and ability. If I don't know the answer right away, I will find it! I will limit my answers to only questions asked on the weekends! 😉 I'd like to introduce myself to those who haven't met me or had interaction concerning a pet. I am ACO Burr. I fill the part-time position of Animal Control Officer for the City of Lansing. I primarily work M-F between the hours of 8-5. When I'm not on duty, the Lansing police officers fill the gap along with their normal patrol duties. My duties are to enforce the City ordinances concerning animals with the City limits and everything that entails. Now, down to the good stuff! The #1 requirement for dog and cat ownership in Lansing: Annual City license and proof of current rabies! Per City ordinances 973.2-507 ~ Licensing; Vaccination *ordinances can be found on the Lansing City website* FAQ ~ How do I go about purchasing a City license for my dog or cat? Bring the pets current rabies certificate or receipt with rabies expiration to the Lansing Police station. The clerk will enter your basic information and the pet's information into our City license database, collect the license fee and issue one tag per pet. Fees: Dog or Cat Intact ~ $15 Spayed/Neutered ~ $7.50 FAQ ~ Do I have to purchase an annual license for my indoor cat? It never goes outside! Absolutely! Indoor cats occasionally escape no matter how vigilant the owner. This is to safeguard all of Lansing's residents and their pets against a rabies outbreak. ***Big changes have been happening in Animal Control over the past year and we will be continuing to upgrade and evolve. We've doubled the dogs/cats licensed from the previous year! We are purchasing software for better efficiency and ease which will allow us to: send reminders by email, add photos of pets, add microchip #'s, find lost owners of found pets quicker and much more. Possible options in the future: 1yr or 3yr licensing depending on the rabies vaccination and online registration. ^^^Tomorrow I will post FAQ's and answers regarding this topic.^^^

Male dog picked up on 12/28 in the 700blk of Mt Calvary by LNPD. To Claim: Come to LNPD between 8-5 with proof of current rabies (if Lansing resident). All fees incurred must be paid before dog is released. Office will close today at 5pm and re-open Tues, Jan 2nd at 8am.

Sweet friendly tortoiseshell found in the area of 100blk of Karen Ln. Recently spayed. To claim: Come to LNPD with proof of current rabies. You will be required to register cat ($7.50), if not already done and pay all fees incurred.

After watching news reports of individuals stealing packages off front porches around the area and across the country. The Lansing Police Department decided to conduct an operation of our own. For several days we placed a dummy package on the front porch of a residence to see what happened. Within an hour of placing the package on the first day, we were able to catch and arrest two individuals, an adult and a juvenile, removing the package and trying to leave the area. The Adult was charged with Theft and Contributing to a childs misconduct. The Juvenile was charged with Theft. Prior to this we had not had any reports of packages being taken off porches in Lansing. This was something the department decided to try. It has been decided that this is a project that we will be conducting at various times throughout the year and not just before Christmas. The police department thanks the home owner who allowed us to use their front porch for this investigation.

There is currently a injury accident involving a Lansing Police Department vehicle at the intersection of Main and Mary if you use K7 you may want to find an alternate route there will be back up for a little while

2 Boxers found running at large in the 400blk area of Hithergreen. Both fawn/white, middle aged, 1 female with blue nylon collar and 1 intact male with black nylon collar. Neither are registered with the City. Possibly live on Fawn Valley. They have been transported to LVAC. To Claim: Come to LNPD with proof of current rabies certificate. Registration (dog license) and payment of fees incurred are required before animals will be released.

On Monday, 12112017, I had the pleasure of helping Officer Jeff Oakes serve meals at the City Union Mission in downtown KCMO. For 14 years, Officer Oakes has been feeding a Christmas meal to the homeless at City Union Mission. The meal, BBQ Brisket and Pulled pork was cooked by Dean Green. Every year Jeff has a lot of volunteers that help him do this and almost 600 people were served during lunch on Monday in two hours.

Friendly large tomcat found at Lansing Elementary this afternoon. Brown tabby with white chest and toes. Teachers were nice enough to bring the big guy inside and call Animal Control so he wouldn't get squaffled by a school bus! Come to LNPD to claim and get licensed with the City. Don't forget to bring proof of current rabies vaccination! Coupon for free neutering included.