Oakley Police Department

  • Agency: Oakley Police Department
  • Address: 209 Hudson Ave, Oakley, 67748 KS
  • Chief:

Oakley Police Department is located at 209 Hudson Ave, Oakley, 67748 KS. The Oakley Police Department phone number is 785-671-3219.

Oakley Police Department News

The City of Oakley will activate snow routes at 1:00 p.m. today (2-10-2018) Up to 3 inches of snow is predicted. If you live on a snow route, please remove your vehicles after 1:00. Thank you!

All 911 services have been restored and equipment at the state host has been repaired. Callers will again reach the actual 911 phones rather than be rerouted to the administrative lines.

***update*** The fiber optics have been repaired at the host site. They are now working on linking 911 lines back through. This has been a process, but everyone is working to get it restored to full service as quickly as possible. This has affected numerous PSAPS throughout the state. Business as usual for our callers will remain. 911 comm staff will answer your call. ——————————————————————— Just so everyone knows, the state 911 system had someone cut through a fiber optic cable and it took out several counties in the western half of the state. All calls for Gove-Logan have been rerouted to our administrative line. There will be direct communication with 911 comm staff, but we will not be able to map your location until the fiber optics are repaired. Estimated time was given from the state at 45 minutes.

All highways and I-70 are back open at this time. However, they remain slick and slushy in spots so travel with caution!

The City of Oakley offices will be closed today due to power outages and inclement weather. The PD will be open all day with the help of our generator. Stay in and stay warm if you can!

Update: the courthouse will be closed all day.

***update*** closing at a Colby I-70 is closed from Goodland, KS to Limon, CO. The storm is moving in, so please stay off the roadways if you can help it! If you need travel information, call 511 or visit www.kandrive.org

****Snow Routes Extended**** The City of Oakley has extended the duration of the Snow Routes until 12:00 (noon) tomorrow- 1/22/2018. If you live on a snow route, please make sure your vehicles are off the street so the plows can keep those streets clean. Thank you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Oakley Police Department at 785-671-3219

***Snow Routes*** Citizens of Oakley, City Officials, along with the Police Department have decided Oakley snow routes will be in effect tomorrow (Jan. 21st) at 7:00 a.m. if you live on a snow route, please remove your vehicles from the streets so the snow plows are able to get through and keep the routes clear. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the Police Dept. At 785-671-3219. Thank you, and stay safe!

Please plan ahead and travel safe. If you don’t have to be out, stay home, stay warm, and stay safe!

The City of Oakley is looking for a civic-minded citizen to serve on the Police Chief Search Committee. This is a voluntary position that will serve on the 5 person committee. This would be an excellent opportunity to be involved in municipal government and to provide a citizen's perspective on what is desired in a police chief. Responsibilities include: - Attending all meetings of the Police Chief Search Committee -Participating in all scheduled interviews with candidates -Evaluating candidates -Collaborating with fellow Police Chief Search Committee members in recommending the most qualified candidate to the Mayor and Council. If you are interested, applications are available at the City of Oakley Office located at: 209 Hudson Avenue. Applications are due Thursday, February 15th, at 5:00 p.m. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the City of Oakley at 785-671-3611

***sharing for Logan County EMS*** Logan County EMS will be holding an EMT Course beginning January 24. There will be an interest meeting on Wednesday, January10 at 7pm at the Logan County EMS Building. If you know anyone interested, please have them attend or contact me for more information. We need new EMT's to support our community. Join our team!

Update on the double homicide suspect: he has been located per Sheridan County. No further information at this time.

Happy New Year! We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 2018!

***Scam Alert*** On behalf of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, it has been brought to their attention that citizens of the state of Kansas have been receiving phone calls from an unknown telemarketing company claiming to be representing the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. The KACP currently DOES NOT have anyone working on their behalf to solicit funding through telemarketing. Please DO NOT give out personal information or money to anyone claiming to be with the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. If you have donated funds or have received a call- we encourage you to reach out to local law enforcement. \ Please be aware that there are many scams occurring right now. If you are ever unsure of who you are talking to or whether or not the situation is legitimate, NEVER give out any personal information- especially credit/debit card information or social security numbers

***important announcement*** It has been brought to our attention that there have been a few instances where citizens have tried to call the Police Dept., Sheriff’s office, and another office at the courthouse where the phone has rang multiple times without ringing through on the actual phone lines in those offices. The phone company has been made aware of this sporadic problem and are working on correcting the problem. In the meantime, if you attempt to call the police department and it rings several times with no answer- call 911 for emergent issues, send us a message on Facebook with your number to call you back, or dial our alternate number of 785-671-3210. As for the Logan county sheriff’s office, they have instructions on their Facebook page. We are sorry for this inconvenience. It has not been a huge problem for most, but every call is important! Thank you! -Sara

This subject has been apprehended! Thanks for sharing!


**owner located*** Thanks for all the shares! This little girl was found on Center Avenue in Oakley. No collar or tags. Maybe 6-8 weeks old. Anyone know where she belongs?

****owner found!!!*** Thank you all for sharing and tagging possible owners! Anyone know where this handsome fella belongs? He was found on the west side of Oakley. He is an intact male Australian Shepherd with a blue nylon collar and an orange flea collar. Please contact the Oakley police department!

****owner located*** Anyone know where this handsome guy belongs? Orangish collar and no tags. Found in the 100 block of Hudson Avenue.

***owner found!!*** thank you for all the shares! Anyone in Oakley missing this little fella? He was found wandering by St. Joseph Catholic Church. If you know where he belongs, please contact the Oakley Police Dept!