Louisburg Police Department

  • Agency: Louisburg Police Department
  • Address: 209 S Metcalf Rd, Louisburg, 66053 KS
  • Chief: Ron L Anderson (Chief of Police)

Louisburg Police Department is located at 209 S Metcalf Rd, Louisburg, 66053 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Ron L Anderson. The Louisburg Police Department phone number is 913-837-3191.

Louisburg Police Department News

I, and all the members of the Louisburg Police Department would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and a sincere “Thank You” to all of the individuals, businesses, churches, community groups, and the entire Louisburg community, for all the Christmas Greetings, cards and delicious treats that we received this Holiday Season. There were also many acts of kindness and appreciation expressed to individual officers during their shifts. We truly appreciate working in such a considerate and supportive community. We would like to Wish Everyone a Safe and Happy New Year! Thank You Everyone and Best Wishes for 2017! Tim Bauer Chief of Police

“The Louisburg Police Department, along with other Kansas municipal, county and state authorities, will be participating in a state wide seatbelt and DUI enforcement campaign starting Monday, November 21, 2016 and continuing through Sunday, November 27, 2016. Officers will be actively stopping motorist who are not wearing their seatbelts and motorist suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, during the upcoming holidays.” Remember to “Always Buckle Up and Don’t Drink and Drive”. We care about your safety!


Good morning everyone. If you or anyone you know are missing a bicycle several over the last few weeks have been found by officers and kept here at the station for safe keeping. If you believe that one of them could be yours or a friends, please stop by the police department to identify the bicycle(s) so we can get them returned to their rightful owners. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Good morning everyone! Just a friendly reminder that fireworks are not allowed within the city limits of Louisburg. Please adhere to this so that no one gets hurt and no fires are started. There is a fireworks display for any and all to attend.....'Freedom Fest' out at Lewis and Young park. Come out and celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family! As always, stay safe, enjoy yourselves and do not drink and drive. ;-)

Just a friendly reminder as the weather keeps getting warmer, more and more people will be out and about on foot and motorcycle. Please be aware of your surroundings while driving, don't speed and use your turn signals. Come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights. As always be safe and have a great weekend!

Good Morning everyone and Happy Friday! Have a great day and an even better weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day one and all! Be careful this morning. Freezing rain earlier coated the roads in a layer of ice. Take your time if you have to get out or wait for it to warm up. ;-) Have a great day!

Over the last few weeks we have taken several reports of fake $20.00 bills being passed at several locations here in Louisburg. You can easily identify a fake by holding it up against the light to see if there is a magnetic strip in it. If there is not, it is fake. If there is no hologram visible, It is fake. The paper will feel different and the little yellow twenty signs on the back side will be blurry. The borders of the bill will most often be uneven due to being cut with scissors. If you suspect you may be in possession of a fake bill come by the police station or go to your local bank. There are special pens you can get for your business to check all bills. Please pass this information on to your friends and co-workers. As always, if you have information concerning a person or persons passing fake money, you can contact the police department anonymously at 913-837-3191. Thank you.

ATTENTION: If you recieve a check for a rather large amount from an unknown entity with a letter stating to put it in your bank account you can do one of three things, 1) Return it to the post office or other mail carrier that delivered it. 2) Take it to the police department or 3) Shred it and throw it away. DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR ACCOUNT OR ATTEMPT TO CASH IT! IT IS A SCAM! Please keep in mind that there are many scams currently going around. Remember, no representative of a legitimate business will request your personal information through e-mail or over the phone. If you recieve any calls from individuals requesting your personal information ask for the name of the company, the persons name and a number to call back. They will more than likely hang up before you do. If they don't and give you the above stated information, discontinue the call and contact the police department. Also be wary of where and when you use debit cards/credit cards. These cards if copied or duplicated by someone of ill intent can give them access directly to your bank account or credit accounts allowing them to withdraw money, make purchases over the internet or by phone. When you can, pay with cash for everyday items. Limit the use of debit/credit cards. Always get a reciept for what was purchased. If you are a victim of this type of activity, notify your bank, credit card company and the police department as soon as possible to make a report of such activity. If you have any questions or would like to talk about any questionable contact you have experienced, please contact the police department. We are more than happy to assist in any way we can. (913) 837-3191

On 12-21-2015 @ approximately 7:30 p.m. a gas drive off was reported from the B.P. gas station at 304 S. Metcalf. The following pictures are of the suspect vehicle. If you have any information pertaining to this incident please contact the Louisburg Police Department at (913) 837-3191.

Today 12-26-2015 at approximately 1120 hours Louisburg P.D. took a report of a hit and run accident that occurred at Amity and Broadway. Below is the description of the suspect vehicle. If you have any information pertaining to this incident please contact the Louisburg Police Department @ (913) 837-3191. • Early 2000s Cherokee, red in color, (not maroon) • Taped up drivers door glass • “Family members” decal on rear glass …..maybe four human figures and a dog • Minor damages at the rt. Front corner

Thank you so much to all the families and individuals that have brought cookies, brownies, yogurt pretzels and fudge to the station. They sure are delicious. We have such an awesome community! Our gym memberships are sure going to get a work out!! ;-)

The Louisburg Police Department took a report of property damage at Weers Park today 12-14-2015. Sometime in the late night or early morning hours between Friday and Monday morning an individual(s) set off a firework that caused damage to one of the benches at the shelter. This park is a nice place for our residents and visitors to come to in our city. We would like to make sure that it stays that way in the future. If anyone has information related to this incident please contact the police department at (913) 837-3191.

It was a pleasure having Cub Scout Troop #3101 visit the department for a tour. Thank you!

From our families to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

The Louisburg Police Department will be participating in Click It or Ticket and D.U.I. enforcement this Thanksgiving week Monday Nov. 23rd. thru Sunday Nov. 29th. Please wear your seatbelts and refrain from drinking and driving. Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

!!!SCAM ALERT!!! Latest scam affecting Miami County / Louisburg residents. IRS Scam: People are getting called saying they owe back taxes. There is an automated voice recording, "on hold" music, and the call back number is an actual phone number for the IRS. The caller attempts to get your social security number and states you owe back taxes. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY!!! Please be aware of this scam. The IRS will not contact you without sending a letter first.

Please be on the lookout for deer. There are a lot of accidents that are already happening in Miami County on the highways. Slow down and watch either side of the road. It could save you a lot of money in repair bills. ;-)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of one of our own. Officer David 'Mark' Stubbs #274 passed away from injuries sustained in a vehicle crash that happened in Overland Park at 8:00 a.m. on Friday Oct. 16. Mark, 58, and his son Jordan, 23, were going to breakfast after Jordan had moved back to the area. A man driving a stolen vehicle crashed the stolen vehicle into Mark's car after running a red light at the intersection of 123rd. and Metcalf. Mark was non-responsive at the scene and until his passing at the hospital. Jordan received severe injuries but is expected to recover. The driver of the stolen vehicle fled the scene but was located and is currently in custody for auto theft warrants. Charges related to the crash are pending upon completion of an investigation. Mark began working for the city of Louisburg in January of this year as a part-time officer. He had retired recently after 30 years of service at the American Diabetes Association and was the executive director at the time of his retirement. Mark had a great sense of humor, strong faith and a big heart for service. He was our friend, our brother and will be greatly missed. Please keep him, his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. Visitation will be at the Church of the Resurrection located at 13720 Roe Ave. Leawood, KS. on Saturday Oct. 24th. starting at 11:00 a.m. Funeral service will follow at 1:00 p.m. Thank you.

You have to admit it is a funny cartoon. Hahaha! ;-)

All officers here at the Louisburg Police Department offer our sincerest condolences to the men and women of the Kansas City Missouri Fire Department in the loss of two of their firefighters. Things happen in the blink of an eye and we as first responders know this all too well. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.

The Royals, with home field advantage, will be playing the Houston Astros. Time for the boys in blue to win it at the K! Have a great Wednesday!