Paola Police Department

  • Agency: Paola Police Department
  • Address: 805 N Pearl St, Paola, 66071 KS
  • Chief: Dave Smail (Chief of Police)
Phone: 913-259-3631
Fax: 913 259-3639

Paola Police Department is located at 805 N Pearl St, Paola, 66071 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Dave Smail. The Paola Police Department phone number is 913-259-3631.

Paola Police Department News

Congratulations to the 2018 D.A.R.E. graduates from Sunflower Elementary. Special thanks to SRO Johnson for his hard work and dedication to the instruction of this program. Also in attendance were Chief Poore, Capt. Colwell, Capt. Jenkins, and Det. Frizzell.

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May 13th through May 19th is National Police Week. Established by President Kennedy in 1962, National Police Week pays tribute to those officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Please help us in honoring the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for what they believed in.

Officer Luke Hornbacher was presented with the Silver Award for Exceptional Police Service at the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police Valor Awards Banquet this week. Officer Hornbacher was selected for this award based on his actions on July 19th, of last year. On that date, several juveniles fled from officers into Lake Miola. While awaiting a water rescue team, to ensure all juveniles made it out of the water safely, He located a female struggling to tread water and beginning to go under water. He swiftly entered the water, swam to the female and rescued her back to shore. We are incredibly proud to call Officer Hornbacher one of our own.

Thanks to our friends at Paola Chamber of Commerce for helping get this info out.

May 4th already?! Here's a throwback to last years video. #maythe4thbewithyou #starwarsday

Each year there is confusion or concern with the activation of storm sirens. Whether they are activated or not there are always questions as to why. We understand the concern, so we will take the opportunity to explain. The City of Paola Emergency Preparedness Guide details that Tornado Sirens will be activated if: 1). There is a tornado spotted in the Paola area. (not the greater Miami County area) 2). If spotters feel a storm will cause major damage or pose a threat of injury. Neither of these were triggered during last night’s storm. The City of Paola Sirens will not activate solely due to the activation of another city or Miami County’s systems being activated. We do highly encourage our citizens to have a weather radio or one of the multiple apps available to ensure the most up to date info. We also recommend everyone enroll in the CodeRed system, for a phone alert when sirens are activated. Storm sirens are not designed or intended to be heard in all areas of a residence. More info can be found here:

UPDATE: warning has been lifted for our area Tornado warning is in effect. Storm shelter at Cottonwood Elementary is open. Officers are en route to open shelter at the community center.

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Custodian/Maintenance Employee (part time) Under supervision of the Police Chief, this position is responsible for the overall cleanliness, upkeep, and maintenance of the Paola Justice Center. Patrol Officer: Those selected to fill this position will be responsible for enforcing local, state, and federal laws, investigating crimes, enforcing traffic regulations, investigating traffic crashes, assisting the public, and serving on a TEAM that takes great pride in serving and protecting its community. State certified officers are preferred but not required. Additional information and applications can be found at:

Winter, Spring, Tornado, Summer and Fall. The five seasons of the Midwest.

We want to send a huge thank you out to all of the donors who came out to give blood today. Community Blood Center will be on site until 7:00 if you still want to swing by to donate this evening.

With spring teasing us on a daily basis. Motorcycle riders are taking every chance they can to get on their hogs. But not every rider wants a hog, some have piglets. Let's review some very common misunderstandings on moped/motorized bicycle laws. #Trafficlawthursday #looktwicesavealife A moped/motorized bicycle is defined as: Every device having two tandem wheels or three wheels, which may be propelled by either human, motor or both and which the motor has 130cc or less, automatic transmission and designed for a maximum speed of 30mph. STO 134 states all moped/motorized bicycles must obey all traffic laws, same as a motor vehicle. To operate a moped on the roadways, one must have a valid driver’s license and registration. It's always best to research the law before operating anything on the roadways. We strongly encourage you not to rely on your uncle's, friend's, cousin, to give you legal advice.

On Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Paola Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration will give the public its 15th opportunity in 7 years to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your pills for disposal to the PPD lobby at 805 N. Pearl Street. (The DEA cannot accept liquids or needles or sharps, only pills or patches.) The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. Last fall Americans turned in 456 tons (912,000 pounds) of prescription drugs at more than 5,300 sites operated by the DEA and almost 4,300 of its state and local law enforcement partners. Overall, in its 14 previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners have taken in more than 9 million pounds—more than 4,500 tons—of pills. This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows year after year that the majority of misused and abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including someone else’s medication being stolen from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines—flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash—both pose potential safety and health hazards. For more information about the disposal of prescription drugs or about the October 28 Take Back Day event, go to

"City of Paola will be doing maintenance on the old water tower located on Tower St. on Wed. April 25th. The tower will be drained for inspection and area residence may notice water running down the streets. There will be no interruption in water service."

There’s still time to pre-register for the upcoming blood drive, April 30th. Come out and show your support along side members of both the PPD and the PFD.

You may think its lit to 420 blaze it (that’s a saying, right?) but behind the wheel is not a fire idea. The Paola Police Department is here to keep you fresh on what the DUI laws are and how the only baking you may be doing is at the county jail kitchen. Welcome to #trafficlawthursday #urbandictonary #shakenbakenotwakenbake STO 30 – Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or DRUGS; is operating or attempting to operate any vehicle, with your blood alcohol concentration .08 or higher or under the influence of any drug that renders a person incapable of safely operating the vehicle. In layman terms, if you are out and about driving around or parked somewhere lighting up, it’s still a DUI which can suspend your license, not to mention the potential charges of possession of marijuana and/or paraphernalia on top of all the fines. If you must partake in this “holiday” do it within the safety and confines of your residence. The PPD and every other non-intoxicated driver thanks you. We hope we didn’t harsh your mellow too much. Fair warning: We will be out looking for you tomorrow.

Congratulations to Officer Dustin Hawkins who received the PPD Medal of Merit recently due to his actions on February 15th. On that day, while on patrol he smelled what he believed to be a house fire. With the help of Officer Miller they were able to locate a garage on fire several blocks away that was spreading to the residence. They were then able to wake and evacuate the residents, potentially saving two lives that night. Great job!!