Overbrook Police Department

  • Agency: Overbrook Police Department
  • Address: 102 W Santa Fe Trail St, Overbrook, 66524 KS
  • Chief: Edward Harmison (Chief of Police)

Overbrook Police Department is located at 102 W Santa Fe Trail St, Overbrook, 66524 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward Harmison. The Overbrook Police Department phone number is 785-665-7230.

Overbrook Police Department News

We have been doing some pretty intensive interactive MILO scenario based training the past 2 days. Thank you to all of the Officers, Deputies, Trooper and AG agent for participating. We even had a City Council member, Joanne Allen attend. One more day to go and I invite people to come watch and learn. Stop by the Overbrook Bible Church, for a very unique experience, Thursday, Nov. 9th, throughout the day. Chief.

Officers Crist and Manning are now attending the KANSAS Law Enforcement Training Center or KLETC for the next two weeks. This will be an intense training opportunity and when they are through, they will be certified part time officers. Please join us in keeping these two in your prayers, and wish them well.

Every shift. Every day.

Biscuit and Gravy breakfast down at the American Legion. Donations accepted. Good meal for a Great bunch of Veterans.

Yesterday’s kids Halloween parade and last nights Trunk or Treat festivities. Great to be able to spend time with family and friends.

Our newly painted “Thin Blue Line” wall. My wife Carla did a great job.

The Overbrook Police Department, along with the City of Overbrook and the Overbrook Pride committee is proud to announce our “Lock It, Remove It, or Lose It” campaign. By far, the most reported crime in our town is unlocked vehicles being burglarized. People have had purses, laptops, tablets even firearms stolen out of unlocked vehicles. Don’t be a victim. “Lock It, Remove It, or Lose It. Pictured is Mayor Don Schultz, Pride President Jon Brady, and Police Chief Terry Hollingsworth.

See. She’s free.

This is what happens when a Police Officer dates a Firefighter. I was able to save her without the Jaws of Life but it was touch and go there for a second.

Tacos are much better than drugs.

Borrowed from Law Enforcement Lifestyle. I think this says it pretty well.

Dawn Patrol in Overbrook this morning. Beautiful. What a Blessing.

Borrowed from KANSAS Going Blue. Stay safe out there, Brothers and Sisters.

From our new friends in West Liberty Iowa. Thank you all.

Scam Alert!!! Scam Alert!!! Good afternoon all. Less than 2 hours ago, a local woman came into the office crying, asking me not to arrest her. She had been contacted by someone who identified themselves from the IRS. This person told her that a warrant had been issued for her arrest. The warrant was for non payment of last years taxes. She was told to pay $500.00 in I tune cards. This is a total scam. To all Overbrook residents. If you receive a call or letter like this, please have them call Chief Terry Hollingsworth at 785-665-7230. This is the Overbrook Police Department phone number. I will personally speak to anyone who says there is a warrant for an arrest. Shoot. I would love to have a face to face sit down to discuss the warrant. Folks. Please. Do Not fall for this. No agency that is legitimate will EVER contact you like this. And no legit agency will ask for payment using gift cards. For those who do not live in Overbrook, please contact your local law enforcement agency. I’m sure they will help you. Thanks. Chief.

Hey folks. We’ve been getting more and more complaints of ATV and UTV riders, racing and not following the rules of the road. All drivers MUST have a valid drivers license. All riders under the age of 18 MUST wear a DOT approved helmet. Speed limits, stop signs and other rules of the road must be followed. You MUST have permission of property owners to ride on their property. I have spoken with several members of the fair board and they have stated that the fairgrounds is off limits, unless a sanctioned event is in progress. It’s only a few careless riders who are causing the issues. Help us put a stop to the riders who have no regard for rules and property. Thanks. Chief.

Prayers for the victims in Las Vegas and the BRAVE First Responders, running towards the gunfire and tending to the wounded.

Sunrise at Overbrook City Lake. Gods artwork.

Because we care, Overbrook P.D. wii test at no cost to you.

Halloween is just around the corner. Make sure you come down to the lake and fill your sacks from Trunk or Treat.

A shout out to OCFD#4, based in Overbrook. You guys do a great job. Thank you for all you do.

Good morning everyone. What a great day to be alive. I have noticed several young families have moved into our community. I believe these families are now and will be the life blood of Overbrook. So, on behalf of the Overbrook Police Department, WELCOME. If you ever need anything or have any questions, please feel free to call or stop by the office. Chief

Good morning all. Many home owners and residents of Overbrook received a notice to trim back the trees on their property. The letters sent were in response to a directive given by the City Council. The wording in the notice, says that homeowners/residents were given 10 days from receipt of the notice to trim the trees. Please do not think that anyone will receive a citation or fine if this is not done. According to our City Attorney, whenever code letters are mailed out, we must use legal terms and put the 10 day notice in wording. We are nowhere near the point of citing anyone for these violations. Please make note; If there are questions regarding this or any other code enforcement actions. please call the Overbrook Police Department at 785-665-7230. If the phone is not answered, please leave a message and I will call you back and /or come by your house and personally answer your questions. There is some confusion on this tree ordinance and we are working hard to rectify the issues. Please be patient with us as the problems will be figured out as soon as possible. Again, NO citations will be issued to ANYONE in Overbrook over this tree ordinance. Thank you all and have a good day. Chief Terry Hollingsworth.

Good afternoon folks. Yesterday evening we had more solicitors going door to door. This group was selling meat from the back of a black pickup truck with Missouri tags. Please, if they come back, notify me or contact the Osage County Sheriffs Office at 785-828-3121 and they will dispatch us to the last known location. Speaking of solicitors. Our ordinance DOES NOT cover churches or civic clubs, schools or scouts. We have a Jehovah's Witness group in our town today. Just remember that it is ok for them to be here. I know that you may not want to be disturbed and that is completely understandable. But it is not illegal. I have found that if you are not interested in talking to them, just say so and they will leave. This goes for any group that may be soliciting legally. Another option is to put up a "No Solicitors" sign around your front door area. Most will respect your privacy. Thank you and again, if someone is going door to door, trying to sell you something, contact us and we will investigate. Chief.