Overbrook Police Department

  • Agency: Overbrook Police Department
  • Address: 102 W Santa Fe Trail St, Overbrook, 66524 KS
  • Chief: Edward Harmison (Chief of Police)

Overbrook Police Department is located at 102 W Santa Fe Trail St, Overbrook, 66524 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward Harmison. The Overbrook Police Department phone number is 785-665-7230.

Overbrook Police Department News

I hope as many people as possible attend this training. It’s excellent and informative.

Here we are in Illinois where, in the town of Collinsville, saggy pants have been banned since 2011. I myself kind of like this one. I don’t like to see peoples underwear while out and about. Monday, let’s go to Indiana. Have a great weekend everybody.

As promised, today we are in Idaho where, it is illegal to be in the same house as someone who is smoking pot. Hmmm. Does this mean that for the people who are actually smoking weed it is legal and the guest that are there who don’t smoke can get into trouble? This is a conundrum folks. Tomorrow, Friday we travel to the land of Lincoln, Illinois.

Good Wednesday morning you all. This morning we visit Hawaii where, it is against the law to text and walk at the same time. I don’t know about the rest of you but, I’m not coordinated to to that to begin with. Have a great day and tomorrow we go to Idaho.

Since I was not in the office yesterday and did not post Florida as promised so today will be a two for one with Georgia. Florida’s odd law is that they do not allow Internet cafes in the state. But before anyone goes off on me, this is a very seldom used law as there are many of these cafe’s in the state. Not sure why it’s in the books. Georgia on the other hand has a city named Sandy Springs where, it is illegal to buy sex toys. I’m leaving that one alone right there. Tomorrow we cross the Pacific Ocean and go to Beautiful Hawaii.

We stay up in the N.E. today and go to Delaware where Trick or Treating is against the law on Sundays. Monday we go down south to Florida.

Greetings from Connecticut where for some reason in Bloomfield, it is illegal to eat food in your car. I bet the local drive in diners love this law. I can see a law against driving and eating but not simply eating in your car.

Just passing more info along to you. I have spoken with the Kansas Attorney Generals office and, just as I figured, this is a huge scam. Several businesses have been contacted by these thieves. The A.G.'s office is working on it but sadly, there is not much they or we can do, other than educate. While the calls have prefixes of 888 or 855, even 785, with technology being what it is today, the calls are actually being made from out of the country thus, it is nearly impossible to catch or prosecute them. Victims are literally out of luck. While some of the intended victims are residents, it seems that the biggest targets are the businesses. Pass this information on to all of the stores and shops in town and let them know what is up and NOT to fall for this. If a caller persists and demands the money or payment now, direct them to the Overbrook Police Dept. at 785-665-7320. Have them speak to Chief Hollingsworth. I will be happy to speak with these criminals on your behalf. Thanks. Chief

Here's the first update I have on this Westar scam. The call is originating out of Dearing Kansas, in Montgomery County. This is a very small town all the way down near Oklahoma in S.E. Kansas. Please remember to NOT answer these calls. Thanks. Chief.

Just received a report of another scam in the Overbrook area. This time the caller identifies himself as working for WESTAR and is coming to shut off your power. The number given is 888-559-5354, ext. 225. We are now beginning to investigate this but, in the mean time, DON’T fall for it. If your caller ID shows this or any number like it, don’t answer the phone. Please pass this along to your parents, grandparents or the elderly who doesn’t have a way to see this post. I will update later with any new information as I get it. Thanks. Chief.

Today we find ourselves in Aspen Colorado where, snowball fights are outlawed. Snowballs are lumped in with B.B. guns, slingshots, air soft guns, etc. as flying projectiles. Tomorrow, we head back across the country to Connecticut.

Great news. The dogs owner has been located and is reunited with him. Thanks for all of your help. OVERBROOK residents are the best.

This morning we travel to Walnut City California where it is against the law to wear a mask or to disguise your face in any way without permission from the County Sheriff. Hmmm.

Lost dog turned in this morning. Very sweet. No tags. Will have to take her to the Carbondale Vet clinic if no one claims her soon. Thanks. Chief.

Good Monday morning all. This morning we travel to Arkansas where in Little Rock it is illegal to honk your car horn in front of a sandwich shop after 9:00pm. I’m not really sure how to respond to this so I won’t. Tuesday we travel to the Left Coast to visit the wacky world of California.

Prayers go out to all of our fallen Brothers this past week, and their families. Both Blood and Blue.

Rest In Peace, Officer.

As promised, today we travel to Arizona where, if you are in Buckeye, it is illegal to register for a room, using an assumed name. Not quite as interesting as some states but hey, what can you do? Monday we go to Arkansas.

Day three of our adventure takes us all the way up to Nome Alaska where pretty much everyone carries a firearm and hunting is just a way of life. Including Bow Hunting. But in Nome Alaska, it is illegal to carry a Bow and Arrow. Not sure how strictly the law is enforced but, if you live up there and hunt with a Bow, you gotta carry it sometime. Next stop tomorrow is Arizona.

Rest In Peace Brother.

State number two during our trip of odd, funny or ridiculous laws is Alabama where, it is illegal to wrestle with a bear. Not sure about the rest of you but, I don’t need a law to tell me not to wrestle bears.

Hello all. Starting today, and since we are in KANSAS, beginning here, I will post some obscure, funny, strange or ridiculous law from each state with some explanation or comment. These should all be taken in jest and I do not intend on offending anyone. These were all taken off the internet this morning. KANSAS: In Derby KS. it is illegal to urinate in any public place, when in open view of any person. Violators can be fined up to $500.00 and up to 30 days in jail. Tomorrow, We visit Alabama.

Rest In Peace, Deputy.

3 degrees in Overbrook this morning. But just look at the glorious sunrise the Lord has given us to enjoy.

Trent Moore volunteered to be “shocked” during the presentation, using one of the hand held devices.