Overbrook Police Department

  • Agency: Overbrook Police Department
  • Address: 102 W Santa Fe Trail St, Overbrook, 66524 KS
  • Chief: Edward Harmison (Chief of Police)

Overbrook Police Department is located at 102 W Santa Fe Trail St, Overbrook, 66524 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward Harmison. The Overbrook Police Department phone number is 785-665-7230.

Overbrook Police Department News

On behalf of the Overbrook Police Department, we are saddened by the tragic loss of 2 Deputies yesterday in Wyandotte Co. Kansas and expresses our deepest sympathy to the families of these two fallen Heroes, as well as to the Wyandotte Co. Sheriffs Department. Rest In Peace Deputies Rohrer and King. Thank you for your service and commitment to your job and community. May God bless both.

Prayers to the two Deputies who were shot today at the Wyandotte Co. KS. Courthouse. According to reports, one Deputy has died, and another is in critical condition. Please keep these Deputies in your prayers, along with their families, both Blood and Blue.

Scam Alert!!! I just took a report from a resident who was scammed out of $500.00. The victim was told that his brother had been caught up in a drug deal gone bad and had been beaten up. Playing off the victims emotions, the caller put someone who was crying on the phone and it sounded enough like it was real that the victim was fooled. The caller demanded $4,000. The victim said he only had the $500. The caller accepted the amount and the victim bought a prepaid card and gave the number to the scammer. The victim was told to flush the card and receipt down the toilet. The good news is the victims family was able to stop the card payout before the scammer was able to get the money. Attempts to call the scammer back is forwarded on to no one. The callers number is 785-409-7594 and originates out of country. Please, don’t fall victim to this scam. Hang up. If it persists, have them call 785-665-7230, and have them ask for Police Chief Hollingsworth. Thank you.

This is about as clear as I can put it.

The weather is beautiful for the Hot Rod Truck and Tractor pull at the fairgrounds. They are putting on a great show.

The car show is currently going on in beautiful downtown Overbrook. The weather is perfect and lots of really cool 😎 cars on display. The show runs until 1:00pm today. Food venders are also here so stop by, eat and have a great time and remember tonight’s Hot Rod Truck and Tractor pull at the Overbrook Fairgrounds beginning at 7:00pm.

Street dance tonight on Maple. Stop by and have a fun time.

Well, there you go. Power back on. Thank you WESTAR!!!

Well folks, as you can see, the power is out in Overbrook. Not sure when it’s coming back on either. In this extreme heat, please check on your elderly neighbors and relatives. When I find out the reason or any information I will pass it along. Thanks. Chief

This is gonna be a busy but fun weekend in Overbrook. Friday is the ‘Street Dance’ beginning at 8pm. The ‘Car Show’ is Saturday morning beginning at 8:00am. Downtown will be blocked off on Maple st Between Market and Santa Fe Trail. Access to the businesses can be made by using the alleys, including the First Security Bank drive thru. Saturday night, is the 2nd annual ‘Hot Rod Truck and Tractor Pull’ beginning at 7:00pm. Gates open at 5:00pm. Have a Great time and we’ll see you in OVERBROOK this upcoming weekend.

To all who gave the ultimate sacrifice, the Overbrook Police Department thanks you.

Ok. Osage County is now in a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 5:45pm. Please remember to go inside a sturdy building and stay away from windows. Thanks. Chief

Good evening folks. Looks like we are in another Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 11:00pm. The watch includes all of Osage County, including Overbrook. Stay tuned in with local media outlets, the National Weather Service or your internet source.

Assistant City Clerk Laverna Grey baked 5 pies for our Police Department to honor 2018 National Police Week. Thank you Laverna, and all those who keep us in your prayers. The Peach 🍑 pie was delicious 😋

Last night Officer Tyler Torneden of the Overbrook Police Department, and Firefighter Trent Moore of the OSAGE County Fire district #4, Overbrook assisted Osage EMS in delivering a baby boy in the back of the ambulance at Grace Community Church. Great job to all of the First Responders.

Borrowed from Law Enforcement Lifestyle. Telling kids that we are going to take them to jail if they don’t behave only scares them. We want kids to trust Police Officers and to come to us if they need to.

Please remember to remove valuables from your vehicles and lock the doors when you go in for the day. Also close the garage doors and sheds. There are some people who will take whatever they can out there if you don’t.

Greetings all and good morning. Today, this post will be more serious but with some very good news. As we enter severe weather season, particularly tornado season, we all need to plan ahead. The City of Overbrook does not have a community storm shelter for people to hide in. As a matter of fact, very few towns in tornado alley do. I have met with the Overbrook Bible Church, Grace Community Church as well as KANSAS State Bank and they will be opening their doors for people to seek shelter. During a tornado warning, key holders will go and let people in. At Grace and the Bible Churches, enter on the West sine of the buildings. At the bank, enter thru the front and go downstairs. Go to the nearest shelter during the storm. Be patient and be prepared to help those in need get inside. Hopefully we won’t need to use the shelters but, it is a blessing to know they are there. Please thank Derrick at the bank and Pastors Stone and VanMeter for their help and cooperation. Thanks. Chief.

Please folks. Take this seriously. Adults, lead by example. Teens, just don’t use your devices while driving and remind your parents to do the same.

I hope the audio works this time.

Let’s try this again, with sound. I’m proud of our Officers and the hard work they put in. Thank you Trent Moore for the video. Chief.