Saint Marys Police Department

  • Agency: Saint Marys Police Department
  • Address: 200 S 7th St, Saint Marys, 66536 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: (785) 437-2311
Fax: 785-437-2354

Saint Marys Police Department is located at 200 S 7th St, Saint Marys, 66536 KS. The Saint Marys Police Department phone number is (785) 437-2311.

Saint Marys Police Department News

BOLO- During the overnight/morning hours of 11/08-11/09, a 2007, a Ford Mustang which is sky blue in color was suspected of being stolen by an unknown individual. The vehicle has a Kansas License Plate from Pottawatomie County bearing 376-ELY. It was taken from the 400blk of N. 8th St. The vehicle was described as having rear end damage to the rear bumper and trunk. If you see this vehicle; please contact the St. Marys Police Department at 785-321-1911. The vehicle has been entered into NCIC as a stolen vehicle. The picture which is displayed is not the stolen vehicle; but a sample picture of the body type.

We were just informed that the St. Marys Police Department voicemail is telling people that it is full, and you are not able to leave a message. I have checked each voicemail box, and each of them are empty and have no messages. We are contacting WTC to see if they can fix whatever is causing this issue. I was informed the issue was on their end. Please note that in order to get an officer to to respond to an incident; you are to contact 785-321-1911. This number is a number which is monitored by Pottawatomie County Dispatch 24/7, specifically for the City of St. Marys. If you contact City Hall after 5pm using 785-437-2311; there is not someone there to answer the phone. This also causes an issues due to the fact an officer is not always at the Police Department located at City Hall/PD to answer the phone. Calling 785-321-1911 is the sure fire way to get an officer dispatched to your concern. Please Share this message with others. J. Winkleman

You would have thought I was a ghost tonight. I scared a lot of people. Guess it's confusing to see a Police car pull-up and stop. First instinct is to wonder what you did wrong.......but this time.....I gave out over 12lbs of sugary goodness. I hope everybody had a safe Halloween.

Today it was reported that an unknown black male was observed driving a blue in color car with a white hood. He was wearing a sweater and a pair of tan colored pants. The unknown person was observed going onto multiple porches and taking pictures of those homes. He was last seen on 2nd street. It is unknown if there is anything criminal in nature occurring, however, he was not in a company car and did not appear to have any employee markings on his attire. Please keep an eye out for any more suspicious behavior. If you see this person please contact the police by calling 785-321-1911. In efforts for us to identify him and ensure there is nothing illegal occurring.

To be fair......we warned about the knocking and door bell ringing. 1 was caught last night. Another will be talked to and dealt with this morning. The 3rd will be found. Simply no reason for this to transpire at 2am in the morning on a Thursday

Most interesting questions from the 1st grade class at St. Mary's Grade School today...... "What would you use if the Eiffel Tower was on fire?" A runner up question... "What would you do if someone was up in a tree that was on fire?" The funny questions we hear. Lol!

And so begins Homecoming Week again. And so begins the door bell ringers and their shenanigans. Last night there were reports around 3-5am. 6th St. 7th St And Lasley Two things to remember. 1. Last year we were very successful at finding who was doing the door bells. At $146 per violation.... It can get costly. 2. I will meet with school administration on Tuesday . I know in the past I have been informed by administration that this type of behavior can effect the events they have planned during school and after school . Let's not have events cancelled because of a few bad apples. If you hear, or see, or, catch, or know who is doing this. Please let me we can get it to stop, and students can enjoy homecoming week and the events the school has planned. Please call the non-emergement number for dispatch at 785-457-3353. As we don't monitor Facebook all the time....and would most likely miss the information in the delay.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present. ~ Unknown Incidents like today remind us that each day we need to hug and appreciate the important people in our lives.

Awesome job! Great work from a great department!

Somebody is missing their furry family member. Please read below.

This is what it's all about!!! These are the types of things people like to see!!

Today we responded to a structure fire at approximately 6am in the 600 blk of Durink. We would like to take the time to say thank you to a few citizens whom brought us some coffee and donuts. You have no idea how much we appreciated it. Thank you very much.

On September 9th the Police Department will be losing Captain Thursby whom has taken a Chief of Police position with another department. We are hoping to fill this position with a qualified applicant as quickly as possible. If there is anybody qualified, and has a current certification to be an Officer in Kansas or can apply for reciprocity...please pass this information on to them. Always good to see someone leaving the department for a promotion. Even if it puts a little stress on the department. I stole this from the St. Marys Historical Page!!.....Dont tell anybody 😀

NASA approved

It was a good day today. We participated in the Onaga Youth Day Camp. It's the 2nd year we assisted. We again would like to thank the Onaga Police Department for allowing us to help! We are glad to help Chief Costlow with this project, and will continue to do it in the future. To people whom don't know....Chief Costlow has also been our DARE Officer for the St. Marys Grade School. A great resource and friend to our department. Thanks Daniel Costlow!

Very serious message

Today we had a scare of a missing child. It is not a feeling that anybody enjoys. Luckily the best outcome possible was achieved. The child was located, safe and sound. I encourage people to sign up for NIXLE ( NIXLE is a program that can be used for several different incidents or activities. More often then not...It is used primarily for annoucements in reference to holidays and trash schedule changes etc. But from time to can be used for situations like today. A NIXLE was sent out with information in regards to the missing child. It gave a description etc. This is a great way for us to push important messages out quickly. Another cool application you can sign up for is Everbridge ( This is a county wide application. It can be used for weather, fires, road closures, and just like today....information for missing persons etc. Today we used both applications in efforts to expedite the search. Notifying as many people as possible to look out for the child. I would like to thank the members of the community whom assisted in looking for the child. I would also like to thank: St. Marys Street Department St. Marys Fire Department Onaga Police Department Maple Hill Police Department Pottawatomie County Sheriffs Office KHP Your response and willingness to help in our time of need is much appreciated. Truly a great team! J. Winkleman Chief of Police