Wamego Police Department

  • Agency: Wamego Police Department
  • Address: 408 Elm St, Wamego, 66547 KS
  • Chief: Michael Baker (Chief of Police)
Phone: 785-456-9553
Fax: 785-456-6680

Wamego Police Department is located at 408 Elm St, Wamego, 66547 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Baker. The Wamego Police Department phone number is 785-456-9553.

Wamego Police Department News

Fire Chief Phil Stultz and Police Chief Michael Baker. This duo will always put other before themselves and they are honored to serve the citizens and visitors of Wamego Kansas.

At approximately 3:00 p.m. the body of FF John Randle will leave Topeka. He will travel to Wamego, via I-70 and 99 hwy . He will continue his escort up Lincoln Ave by Wamego Fire Department, Wamego PD, Kansas Highway Patrol and Pottawatomie County EMS to Stewart Funeral Home where, he will lie in state.

UPDATE ON FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS / CHANGE OF VENUE Funeral services for FF John Randle will be held Saturday January 6, 2018 at 1100 at Wamego Middle School, located at 1701 Kaw Valley Rd, Wamego, KS. Burial will occur at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, January 7, at Iuka Township Cemetery, NE 60th St. Iuka, KS. Any honor Guards wishing or willing to participate in the funeral services for FF John Randles please contact Adam Rothgeb @ 503-568-5107 or email adamrothgeb@yahoo.com Any emergency services that will be bringing any emergency vehicles please contact Laramie McPherson @ 785-969-0741 or email ksff255@gmail.com

Press Release From Wamego Fire Department. In the early morning hours of January 1, 2018, the Wamego Fire Department responded to a residential structure fire at 10985 Military Trail Road. There were no injuries related to the structure fire which was occupied at the time. Upon returning to the station, located at 514 Plum in Wamego, efforts began to return to apparatus to service. While assisting with returning the apparatus to service, 67 year old fire fighter John Randle, a 14 year veteran of the Wamego Fire Department, fell from the apparatus and struck his head. He was transported Pottawatomie County EMS to the Wamego Health Center helipad, at which time he was air lifted to Stormont Vail Regional Medical Center. Firefighter Randle succumbed to his injuries on January 2, 2018. Since his death, the Wamego Fire Department has been overwhelmed by the response of the community, local, and area fire departments, who have gone above and beyond to assist all those affected by this tragedy. At this time we are asking the community at large to route all inquiries to wamegofire@wamegopd.com to grant the family privacy during this difficult time.

Press release for Funeral of John Randle At this time members of various local jurisdictions are assisting with manning the Wamego Fire Dept. Fire Chief Phil Stultz made this request so that Wamego firefighters can have a chance to grieve their fallen brother. Funeral Services for John Randle will be held at 11:00 am Saturday, January 6, 2018, at Stewart Funeral Home, 4370 Salzer Road, Wamego, Ks. Burial will occur at 2:00 pm, Sunday, January 7, 2018, at Iuka Township Cemetery, NE 60th St, Iuka, Kansas. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations be made to the Wamego Firefighter Auxiliary through Stewart Funeral Home. Inquiries about the funeral can be made by calling 785-456-9553, or wamegofire@wamegopd.com. A location for the press will be designated at the funeral home on Saturday. Press inquiries can be made to 785-456-3195.

LODD ALERT. Our deepest sympathies are with the Randle family and the Wamego Fire Department.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT INFORMATION UPDATE... The Wamego Police Department received the results of the contents of the bottle of candy. The contents tested positive for methamphetamine. The Wamego Police Department and DEA are still investigating the incident.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT “Scam Alert” The City of Wamego has been made aware of utility customers receiving calls from person(s) claiming to be with the City. These individuals are asking for payments to avoid having utilities disconnected. The City of Wamego does initiate calls for nonpayment of utility accounts before disconnection. However, these calls are automated, you will not actually speak with a person. If the City ever calls a customer with a question or concern regarding a payment they WILL NOT ask for a payment to be made over the phone.

PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT Today the Wamego Police Department received a report from several citizens of candy that was possibly tainted. The candy is in the shape of a small baby bottle and is labeled "Bibi Frutix" and according to the label was made in Mexico. (See attached photograph.) While this is an isolated report it is unknown where the candy has been distributed as the candy was not purchased at a local store. The powdery substance - normally sugar - has not been analyzed at this time. However several people who sampled contents reported the powder had a chemical taste and two people had adverse reactions. This release is being distributed in the interest of public safety. Anyone who has this labeled candy should take appropriate actions for their safety and may contact their local law enforcement agency if they have questions.

With a little help from our brothers in blue in Marysville, Kansas, this young future officer was all decked out tonight. How could we say no to a photo op? Those handcuffs were intimidating! Thank you Code for stopping to see us tonight. We hope you enjoyed all the sweet treats you got! Keep up the good work young man!

Don't forget about trick or treat on Lincoln. A safe trick or treating experience for everyone. Bet you can't guess what we will be dressed up as!! 😉

PSA: Today during routine gas pump inspections, credit card skimmers were found at Last Stop and Red Raider Express stores. Both businesses are victims of this crime and are working with the Wamego Police Department on this case. If you or anyone you know has used your debit or credit card at these gas pumps within the last month, please monitor your account and statements for any unauthorized activity. We have already had several reports of unauthorized purchases by other individuals. If you find any of the above mentioned activity, please contact your financial institution, credit card company and Wamego PD. If you have any questions or information about this crime, please call Wamego Police Department at 785-456-9553. Thank You, Chief Michael D. Baker

If you are currently without water, it is due to a water line replacement. The city crew is working diligently to fix the line and have water back on within the next couple of hours.

Congratulations Chief. A deserving recipient without question.

PSA: Beginning July 21st thru July 23rd, the Wamego Police Department will join other law enforcement agencies in a Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma in an effort to stop what has been an epidemic that often has fatal consequences; “speeding” on our streets and highways. In an effort to change this trend, law enforcement officers across the six-state area, including Wamego police officers, will be extra vigilant to enforce speed limit laws. As speed increases, the severity of crashes increases, leading to a rise in fatalities and serious injuries. Officers will be reinforcing the importance of obeying speed limits, in addition to not texting while driving, using seatbelt and child restraint systems and not driving while impaired. Officers will issue citations to any person who refuses to obey traffic laws. Under Kansas law, passengers as well as drivers can be cited for violating restraint laws. This selective enforcement comes at an opportune time of the year. “During the summer months, there are more pedestrians including children on and near streets. Hopefully this will remind drivers to pay attention to their surroundings and not to allow things such as cellular telephones to district them from their primary responsibility of safely operating their motor vehicle.” Sincerely, Chief Michael D. Baker Sr.

July 4th is our busiest day of the year. Scott took time out of his busy day to play catch with this young man. This is the kind of relationship we try to have with our youth. We enjoy interacting with young individuals and providing a positive impact.