Atwood Police Department

  • Agency: Atwood Police Department
  • Address: 106 S 3rd St, Atwood , 67730 KS
  • Chief: Gregory T Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: 785-626-3833
Fax: 785-626-3041

Atwood Police Department is located at 106 S 3rd St, Atwood , 67730 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Gregory T Jones. The Atwood Police Department phone number is 785-626-3833.

Atwood Police Department News

Atwood Police Dept. received these pictures made by kids in Rawlins County Head Start. Thank you so much, we really appreciate them!

Mrs. Klein's 7th grade Social Studies Class participated in Mock City Council last week at City Hall. It was great to have the students conduct their own meeting!

We had a great time handing out candy and admiring the costumes of the Elementary School today!

The Lady Buffs are goin' to STATE!!

The Atwood Police Department will have an escort for the volleyball team for their departure for state. Come out and cheer the team on and wish them luck for their departure

Get your tickets from us or the Rawlins County Sheriff's Office! Support a great cause, maybe win a Jeep too!

This female terrier with a docked tail, red collar, was running at large in front of True Value. Proof of rabies will need to be provided to redeem, or the dog will have to get the shot before leaving. Bearley Veterinary Service can be reached at 785-626-2303.

Get your raffle tickets from either the Atwood Police Department or the Rawlins County Sheriff's Office! A $100 Donation gives you a 1:1500 Chance to win, and helps the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center (WKCAC). The Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center is an invaluable resource, both to Law Enforcement, and the children they were made to help. Officer Travis Bailey has worked with WKCAC before on the investigation of a child rape case in Ness County. With WKCAC's assistance in Travis' case, a child rapist is now serving 2 life sentences under Jessica's Law! The Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center is a great bunch of people who offer a tremendous service to any child who needs them. We encourage anyone who is able, to support them by purchasing a raffle ticket. You might just win a Jeep too!

Mike just let us know he will be taking the dog to the Bearley Vet located in Rawlins County and can be contacted at 785-626-2303 for pickup. Proof of rabies will need to be provided at time of pickup.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected by the horrific act of domestic terrorism in Las Vegas. That said, our thoughts and prayers also go out to our brothers & sisters in blue in our own state of Kansas, and the victims of these acts that occurred over this weekend as well: 5 people shot; 3 dead in Lawrence, Kansas. A woman is dead and a Baxter Springs police officer is in serious condition after a suspect set them on fire early Saturday morning.

New Facebook "following me" hoax.

The City of Atwood and the Atwood Police Department would like to thank everyone who took time out of their schedule to attend the City Council meeting. A special thanks to Scott Beims and Rich Pianalto for helping organize community members to attend.

If you have questions or concerns about Ordinance 875, please attend the City Council meeting tonight at 7 p.m. Ordinance 875 will be discussed and explained. It will be a learning opportunity to view current state statute involving this ordinance. The prior municipal ordinance will also be brought up to compare recent changes. Thanks again and in advance to all willing to attend to help protect all involved with small vehicle usage on the city streets, and their wide spread use, in this informational session.

This little male pup was found in the 600 Block of Pearl in Atwood. The Police Department took the pup for safe keeping to Bearley Vet located in Rawlins County and can be contacted at 7856262303 for pickup. Proof of rabies will need to be provided at time of pickup. Contact the Atwood Police Department at 785-626-3833 for further questions. Thank you.