Stockton Police Department

  • Agency: Stockton Police Department
  • Address: 115 S Walnut St, Stockton, 67669 KS
  • Chief:
Phone: 785-425-6220
Fax: 785-425-6424

Stockton Police Department is located at 115 S Walnut St, Stockton, 67669 KS. The Stockton Police Department phone number is 785-425-6220.

Stockton Police Department News

We are looking for a volunteer to do morning crossing guard from about 730 till about 810. This is an unpaid position from and will be continuing through the end of school with option to continue through next school year. Must pass background check. Please contact Chief Kelly Post Monday through Thursday. Thank you.

Does anyone know where I belong or who I live with? Please contact the police department so we can get him home.

Please be careful if you are getting out. The roads are a bit slick and the lines are hard to see. KDOT it out on 183 headed south.

Escapee is in custody.

Please pay attention, remove your keys from vehicles and let us know if you see him. Thank you.

Anyone missing a dark colored hunting dog with a blue or purple collar. It's running near n. 2nd and 183. Our officers are trying to get it please let us know if it's yours

This poor friendly dog has been found wondering around town. The people who found it do not want it to goto the vet and are keeping it around their house for now. Please contact the Stockton Police dept if you are the owner or know who the owner is. Thanks

Please contact a Stockton Police officer if you would like to purchase a ticket.

Did anyone lose this backpack? It was found and turned into the police dept. Please let us know if it belongs to your or one if your kids. Ty

Please Remember fireworks are not allowed in the city of Stockton until sunrise on the 4th of July, and must be stopped by midnight on the 5th. Please take your neighbors and friends into consideration when shooting fireworks be safe and enjoy the holiday. 7-114. Fireworks. (a) The manufacture, sale and discharge of fireworks in the city shall be governed by the Rules of Regulations of the State Fire Marshal, as set out in the Kansas Administrative Regulations at 11-6-1 through 22-6-16. Such Rules and Regulations are hereby incorporated by reference as if set out in full herein. (b) Section 22-6-5 of the Rules and Regulations of the State Fire Marshal incorporated in subsection (a) above is hereby amended to read as follows: The sale, offering for sale, and shooting or firing of fireworks of every nature, shall be conducted only in accordance with a permit issued as provided by sections 7-115 or 7-117 herein. (Ord. 1249, Sec. 4; Code 1984) 7-115. Same; discharge. (a) Fireworks may be discharged within the city except as otherwise provided by section 7-117 herein, on July 4th during the hours of sunrise to 12:00 a.m. (midnight) by persons in their own yard, or in the yard of other persons by agreement with such person or in an area in the public park system designated for discharging fireworks. All fireworks shall be discharged in a safe and prudent manner under the supervision of an adult who must be present when the fireworks are being discharged. (b) It shall be unlawful to discharge fireworks from a vehicle, whether moving or not moving. (c) It shall be unlawful to discharge bottle rockets, cherry bombs, or to discharge firecrackers which are longer than one and one-half inches, or any other fireworks that when discharged will travel outside the yard or public park area set aside for discharging fireworks. (Ord. 1249, Sec. 1:3) 7-116. Same; sale or storage. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to sell, keep, store or display for the purpose of sale any fireworks within the city. (Code 1959, 8-402) 7-117. Same; permits for displays. The governing body may issue permits to responsible persons, firms, or corporations to keep or store for the purpose of providing fireworks displays for Fourth of July or other celebrations, and may issue permits for the persons, organizations or agents of the city to discharge fireworks at Fourth of July or other celebrations at times and places designated by the governing body. (Code 1959, 8-404)

Please contact us if you are interested.

Come to the park and eat pancakes. Free will donations for the Stockton cheer leaders. Help support the girls!!!!

Anyone know where this lives? It's a jmart

Found 1 large iPhone with purple case. It is locked. To claim call 785 425-6220. Will require you to unlock it to claim. Will not look at contents just verify you unlocked so we know it went to owner.

Please pay attention. Contact us before you send money to anyone

Dropping water on hot spots behind Hahn Tire. Please do not try to drive down K. Terr.

Water drop on hot spot near Hahn Tire

If you are wanting to donate water or other items to the fire fighting effort. Please bring to the trailer near the ambulance and fire shed. Note this is a change from previous location. Thank you.

The Stockton Police Department took a few reports of a new scam that is being targeted at its citizens. The scam occurs when an individual, normally a close family member is contacted by telephone. The call will identify themselves as a member of a law enforcement agency. The caller will then explain to the family member that a close relative (normally a son, daughter, grandchild, etc.) has been arrested and needs money so they can be released from jail. The caller often has the name and details of the family member in trouble. The first thing to remember is that the relative is NOT actually in trouble. The caller will explain that the family member in trouble does not want any of the other family to know they have gotten into trouble and has requested the family member not tell ANYONE, other family, friends, or law enforcement. This is to keep the family member from discovering they are being scammed. Again remember this call is a scam and your family member is NOT really in trouble. The called will then instruct the family member on how to make a payment. There are several ways that might occur. The caller may ask for credit card or checking account information so they can get that information. The caller may ask the family member to wire money via Western Union or other wire service. The caller may request the family member purchase gift cards, pre-payed credit or debit cards and give them the numbers off the card so they can transfer the money. The caller might ask for payment via PayPal or other internet cash transfer service. They use these methods of payment because it is fast and by the time the scam is discovered they have moved the money and it is nearly impossible to track where it has gone and who has it. Over we encourage you to remember that there are many people out there who are out to steal from caring family members. If you receive one of these calls and are worried about the family member, PLEASE contact the police department. We will contact the agency where the relative has been supposedly arrested and help to verify the situation. Gather as much information from the caller. Find out the and state where the relative is located. Find out the agency the caller is from or where the relative is being detained. Get a callback number for the caller and one for the agency. Ask for a street address of the facility where the relative is being detained. Even if you are not able to get any of that information contact us for help. We should be able to discover if you truly have a family member who needs help of if someone is trying to steal from you. Police departments talk with each other and information is shared. If you truly have a relative in trouble we should be able to help you get them what they need.

Stockton Police Department January 2017 Activity Report During the month of January, the Stockton Police Department had 69 incidents logged through dispatch. These 69 incidents do not include all incidents the Police Department responded to or worked because some of the calls came directly to the Police Department or through Stockton City Hall. The activity for the month of January includes 29 Traffic Stops for infractions, safety violations, and motorist assists. Citations were written or warnings were given to the drivers for infractions and violations. The Police Department investigated or took reports of five criminal cases including an aggravated assault investigation, a burglary investigation, a criminal restraint investigation, a criminal threat investigation and a DUI investigation. These five cases are still under investigation. The way the cases were logged or reported may not reflect the actual facts of the case following the investigation. Charges may or may not be filed in these cases based on the information gathered during the investigations. The Stockton Police Department responded to twelve logged incident cases, two motor vehicle accidents, a civil family issue, three business alarms, at least five animal calls, a civil dispute, a general dispute, a domestic dispute, they assisted with at least four EMS runs, investigated a gas skip, searched for and located a possible run away juvenile, investigated a phone scam, assisted with a suicidal subject, investigated a report of suspicious activity, provided a vehicle unlock service on six vehicles, preformed three welfare checks and conducted bar checks. The Stockton Police Department also assisted the Rooks County Sheriff’s department in the execution of three search warrants investigating criminal activity that occurred outside the Stockton City limits.

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, so we would like to thank the Rooks County Sheriff's Office, Stockton Police Department, Stockton Kansas, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and all law enforcement agencies throughout Kansas and the Nation for what they do daily and the sacrifices made by officers and their families! Thank you!

Ok. How about this dog anyone know who or where this dog belongs.