Rossville Police Department

  • Agency: Rossville Police Department
  • Address: 527 Pearl, Rossville, 66533 KS
  • Chief: Jason Connell (Chief of Police)

Rossville Police Department is located at 527 Pearl, Rossville, 66533 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Jason Connell. The Rossville Police Department phone number is 785-584-6047.

Rossville Police Department News

On October 17th, 2017 the Rossville Police Dept. received a phone call from a concerned City utility employee about a young lady that was not acting correctly. He stated that this person had entered a house that was being cleaned by the landlord’s employees. The young lady tried to enter the property without permission and was acting as if she was under the influence of an illegal narcotic. The landlord’s employees notified a close by City employee about the behavior of this young woman. Officers from the RPD and SLPD responded to the area of Main and Pottawatomie streets to locate the young lady. Officers located her in the 400 blk of Spruce St. From the way the young lady was acting it was clear that she was under the influence of a narcotic drug and was not being rational. She was arrested for pedestrian under the influence of drugs and transported the Shawnee County Jail where she was released to their custody. After the fact we started receiving complaints on this individual all throughout the community; one in particular is where this person made contact with a mother and her children while walking on Main St. This person picked up one of her children and started walking the other direction while the mother was taking care of one of her other children. The mother caught up with the young lady and took her child back. The mother of the children does not want to pursue any criminal charges at this time. The young lady that was arrested was not from the community and could not communicate to the officers why she was here.

October 14th 2017 near US 24 & Main in Rossville at approximately 11pm: The on duty Rossville Officer witnessed a U-Haul truck drive into a local convenience store with a male driver. After leaving the store a few minutes later, the truck committed a minor traffic infraction and was stopped. The individual driving at that time was a female with no license who was also a registered offender for felony narcotics distribution. The male who had been driving was in the center passenger seat; he had a suspended license. Upon having both subjects exit the truck, the officer saw the male had a partially concealed handgun on his hip and a methamphetamine pipe sticking out of his shoe. Both subjects were detained along with the third passenger. A Silver Lake Police Officer and a Shawnee County Sheriff’s Deputy were both called to assist as backup. Further investigation revealed the male driver was in possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. A loaded .40 caliber Glock handgun was taken into evidence as well. The male driving suspect was arrested and transported to the Shawnee County Jail where he was booked in on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges including Criminal Possession of a Firearm. The other two individuals were released on the scene and soon obtained a ride out of town. The truck was held for U-Haul who sent a wrecker to retrieve it as the individual who had rented it had been arrested.

The Rossville Police Department recently conducted a several month investigation in the Rossville and Silver Lake areas which resulted in 14 arrests and 8 search warrants. One of arrests lead to the search warrant of the supplier in Colorado who turned out to be a felon in possession of multiple firearms. The supplier was running a large marijuana grow operation where authorities seized 115 marijuana plants. In total authorities seized over 10 pounds of marijuana, 1 ounce of cocaine, 50 firearms, and 300 pounds of precious metals. We would like to thank the Silver Lake Police Department, Junction City Police Department, Huerfano County Colorado Sheriff's Department and the KBI for their active role and assistance in this investigation.

On 07/24/2017 the Rossville PD was contacted by a citizen of Rossville and advised that their identity had been used to purchase satellite service. During the investigation the suspect was found, along with multiple victims. The suspect was booked into Shawnee County Jail.

June 18th 2017 in downtown Rossville at approximately 2:45am: The on duty Rossville Officer drove past 2 subjects on a motorbike. After the officer turned around to drive back, the subjects were no longer in sight. A quick check of the area revealed they had ducked down an alley to the next street over. The officer ran the tag finding the motorbike had recently been reported stolen out of the City of Topeka. The subjects were detained while the theft was confirmed. 2 backup officers from the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department responded to Rossville to assist. The female passenger was released on the scene and the male driver, who had a suspended license as well as a warrant for theft from a neighboring state, was arrested for possession of stolen property. The stolen motorbike was recovered by the Topeka Police Department to be returned to the rightful owner. During the incident, electronic scales of the type commonly used to weigh narcotics were taken into evidence. The suspect will be prosecuted in Rossville Municipal Court.

May 24th 2017 around 5pm in East Topeka: 3 on-duty Rossville Officers were investigating the possible location of a vehicle stolen out of Rossville last week when approximately a mile away a Topeka Police Officer spotted the vehicle. A short pursuit ensued and TPD apprehended the suspect on foot after he ran from the car. The Rossville officers responded to the scene and recovered the stolen vehicle returning it to Rossville. The car was still running with the keys in the ignition upon our arrival at the scene. The suspect apprehended by Topeka Police was not associated with the original theft in Rossville. He will face multiple charges on a totally separate case through their agency. Via investigation earlier this week, the suspect that originally stole the vehicle from Rossville has been identified as being out of the Scranton area in Osage County. Our case on the Rossville suspect will be forwarded to the Shawnee County District Attorney for consideration of prosecution of multiple District Court charges including Felony Theft, Misdemeanor Theft, Aggravated Intimidation of a Victim, Felony Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer, and Driving While Suspended. The Rossville Police Department wishes to thank the Topeka Police Department for their assistance on our case in this incident and congratulate them on a job well done on their separate case involving the exact same vehicle!

April 8th around 11pm in NE Rossville: The on duty Rossville Officer received a report of the strong odor of marijuana coming from a residential bathroom window. Upon arrival the officer could clearly smell the odor of burning marijuana at the intersection. After localizing the odor to a specific residence and specific window, the officer observed for a time seeing and hearing several juveniles in the house and bathroom window the continuous odor of burnt marijuana was emanating from. Contact was made at the residence with two underage children who did not reside there. Further investigation revealed 8 children varying in age from 14 to 17 and a single 18 year old were upstairs smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. The single adult in control of the residence was on the first floor of the home. At that time the on duty Silver Lake Police Officer was called to assist. Marijuana, paraphernalia, and alcohol were seized. After determining none of them was in immediate danger, all of the children were released on the scene to their parents who were called to come and get them. The case will be sent to the Shawnee County District Attorney for consideration of multiple District Court charges against the juveniles, the 18 year old, and the adult host in control of the residence.

March 29th 2017 on the east side of Rossville: Rossville Officers were called to a residential area for package theft. Alert neighbors witnessed individuals remove packages from the porch of a house after the items had been delivered earlier in the day. Further investigation lead the officers to the location of the suspects in the local area. Some of the stolen packages were recovered and a sawed-off shotgun was seized. The suspects will be prosecuted in Rossville Municipal Court for Misdemeanor Theft for the packages. The Rossville Police department wishes to thank the neighbors who were watching out for each other and did not ignore what they believed to be suspicious activity. Please secure your packages as soon as possible or have them set in an alternate location as package theft has been on the rise all throughout Shawnee County and the surrounding multi-county area for some time.

Note: The original posting for this incident was removed at the request of one of the cooperating agencies in this investigation. While it is our normal practice to be as open and transparent as possible with our fellow community members that we serve, the requirements of our partner investigatory agencies are an overriding concern. We appreciate the many comments of support from the original posting. February 14th 2017 around 3pm on US 24 Highway in the Rossville area: The Chief of Police received a call from dispatch of a dangerous driver on US 24. Responding to the area he witnessed a Lexus passenger car driving very erratically and attempted a traffic stop. The vehicle accelerated speeding westbound away from Rossville initiating a pursuit that spanned three counties and involved multiple law enforcement agencies. The vehicle fled west out of Shawnee County, continued into Pottawatomie County, and on into Riley County with speeds exceeding 120 miles per hour at times. The vehicle committed a multitude of traffic violations and failed to yield to various law enforcement officers who attempted to stop it along the way. During the chase the suspect threw several items out of the window that were later recovered. The Chief continued to follow the Lexus into Manhattan until it wrecked into another vehicle on Ft. Riley Boulevard and was disabled. He held the driver until additional officers arrived and the suspect was taken into custody on the scene without incident. A search of the vehicle by the Rossville Police Department revealed drug paraphernalia, over 1 pound of marijuana, over 2 pounds of methamphetamine, two loaded handguns, extra ammunition, loaded rifle magazines, merchandise of unknown origin, and over $30,000 in US currency. The suspect was found to be a parole absconder for armed robbery out of Missouri. He was arrested for a multitude of felonies and is currently in the Riley County Jail. The case is still under investigation by the various law enforcement agencies involved and they are cooperating as normal in this multi-jurisdictional case. The Rossville Police Department wishes to thank the following agencies and individuals who assisted with the incident: the Silver Lake Chief of Police, the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Department, the Wamego Police Department, the Kansas Highway Patrol, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Riley County EMS, the Manhattan Fire Department, the Riley County Police Department, and particularly, the Riley County PD Special Investigations Unit and the off-duty Rossville Officers called in to assist.

On January 17th around 9pm Rossville officer stopped a vehicle with two occupants. During the investigation the officer seized cocaine, and marijuana paraphernalia. One of the occupants also had a warrant out of Topeka, and was transported to DOC.

January 14th 2017 around 11pm on Main Street in Rossville: The on duty Rossville Officer witnessed an SUV towing a trailer of wood with a defective brake light. The vehicle was stopped and was found to have 4 occupants. Shortly after approaching the driver door the officer saw marijuana and paraphernalia. Investigation revealed the driver to have marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and open containers of alcohol. The front seat passenger had open containers of alcohol. One of the back seat passengers had a warrant out of Shawnee County for Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, and Felony Criminal Threat. With the assistance of a Silver Lake Police Officer and a Shawnee County Sheriff’s Deputy the dangerous fugitive was arrested and transported to the Shawnee County Jail. The driver was issued multiple Rossville Municipal Court Notices to Appear (a citation with a mandatory court appearance) for the misdemeanor drug and traffic charges. The front seat passenger was issued an NTA citation for Transporting Open Containers of Alcohol.

January 7th 2017 around 9:45pm along US 24 Highway in Rossville: The on duty Rossville Officer witnessed a passenger car leave a convenience store with illegal rear tail lamps. The vehicle was stopped and immediately upon approaching the driver door the officer was met with the overwhelming odor of marijuana. Investigation revealed both the driver and the passenger had marijuana and drug paraphernalia with them in the vehicle. With the assistance of the Silver Lake Police Chief, both suspects were arrested and transported to the Rossville Police Department where they were issued Rossville Municipal Court Notices to Appear (a citation with a mandatory court appearance) for the misdemeanor drug and traffic charges. Neither suspect was from the local area.

On 11/28/2016 Rossville Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in Willard. Upon arrival officers spoke with the parties involved. One suspect was taken into custody for battery and a Shawnee county warrant. Another person was arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and a warrant out of city of Topeka.

On November 7th around 9pm Rossville officer stopped a vehicle with two occupants. During the investigation the officer seized marijuana, and a handgun. The occupants were charged, with marijuana and criminal use of a firearm.

Community Halloween Event. Come join us for a Hot Dog Roast/Chili Feed, Trunk or Treat, Cake Walk, Games and Raffle for prizes. Facilitated by Rossville Police Department, Rossville Fire Department and Rossville Christian Church.

August 14th 2016 just after midnight in NE Rossville: After working the Tall Corn Festival several on duty Rossville Officers were flagged down by a citizen on foot who reported a generator had just been stolen a few minutes prior from his shed by a known subject. The citizen told us the identity of the person he saw leaving his drive and gave us a description of the vehicle. A few minutes later the vehicle was stopped by an alert officer. Investigation revealed the driver did not own the minivan, permission to use the van was in question, the vehicle had an illegal tag, and no current proof of insurance. A quick check of an area the suspect frequents found the generator on the other side of Rossville hidden behind a pickup truck at a local business. The suspect was arrested and transported to the Shawnee County Jail on multiple misdemeanor Rossville Municipal Court charges. The van was towed and is being held pending release to the legal owner. The generator was returned to the rightful owner. The time from the occurrence of the theft to the recovery of the generator was less than 45 minutes.

Incident Update to July 23rd 2016 around 10pm along US 24 Highway east of Rossville: The male subject that was arrested in this incident was Joseph Gerard Cooney. Cooney was charged with First Degree Murder today in Shawnee County and was still in jail at the time from the Rossville incident. Due to the intelligence sharing that occurs between local law enforcement agencies the Shawnee County Sheriff had forwarded an intelligence briefing Attempt to Locate email they had received from the Topeka Police Department out to local officers. The Rossville Officer who received the bulletin early this morning immediately notified detectives that Cooney was already in custody and had been arrested Saturday night. Rossville Police Chief Jason Connell provided additional information to detectives including reports, information on Cooney’s suspected activities in the local area, and his ties to Rossville.

July 23rd 2016 around 10pm along US 24 Highway east of Rossville: Immediately at the conclusion of the previous traffic stop the on duty Rossville Officer witnessed a vehicle traveling eastbound with no tag visible. A traffic stop was initiated and the driver was found to have a revoked license and a warrant for her arrest out of Shawnee County. One of the passengers was found to have several warrants for his arrest out of Texas for aggravated assault with a weapon, drugs, and theft of a firearm as well as a warrant out of the City of Topeka. This same individual was the driver of a stolen van that was wrecked in Rossville several weeks ago. With the assistance of the on duty Silver Lake Police Officer and a Shawnee County Sheriff’s Deputy both suspects were arrested and transported to the Shawnee County Jail. Upon arrival at the jail drug paraphernalia was found hidden on the male suspect’s person.

July 23rd 2016 around 8pm along US 24 Highway east of Rossville: The on duty Rossville Officer was flagged down by a concerned family who reported a vehicle swerving into the opposite lane of traffic. The family stated the vehicle had just driven through Rossville coming from St Marys. The officer caught up to the vehicle and witnessed it swerving wildly. The vehicle was stopped and investigation revealed the driver to have drug paraphernalia, marijuana, personal use methamphetamine, drug scales, IV needles, and methamphetamine to distribute. With the assistance of a Shawnee County Sheriff’s Deputy and an off-duty Rossville officer the driver was detained, the vehicle searched, and the evidence seized. The driver was arrested and transported to the Shawnee County Jail where he was booked in on felony charges. The vehicle was towed.

Rossville fire is on scene of a one vehicle accident at the north end of main, Rossville road will be closed for a while going in and out of town, avoid this area and make arrangements to detour. Thank you and be safe.

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The sand bags and sand that Chief Connell requested from Shawnee County have been delivered to the northeast corner of the High School Parking lot. They are "fill your own" and are available to anyone who needs them.

Just FYI the Cross Creek has crested at 25.62. We are expecting more showers tonight, We all need to pay attention to the amount of rain the falls up north of us in Jackson and Pott counties. If we get a number of inches up there that might cause the cross creek to go over 28ft. When the water reaches 28ft it will hit the railroad bridge and start backing up into the north part of town. Let me know what your thoughts are.