WaKeeney Police Department

  • Agency: WaKeeney Police Department
  • Address: 525 Warren Ave, WaKeeney, 67672 KS
  • Chief: Terry Eberle (Chief of Police)
Phone: 785-743-5711
Fax: 785-743-5703

WaKeeney Police Department is located at 525 Warren Ave, WaKeeney, 67672 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Terry Eberle. The WaKeeney Police Department phone number is 785-743-5711.

WaKeeney Police Department News

The WaKeeney Police Department recieved a call from a concerned citizen about a rabbit that had been shot with a arrow and was in a backyard in the 200 Block of Kedzie. If anyone has any information please call 785-743-5711 or use Tip 411 app.

Congrats to TCHS Football team on their win over Quinter during homecoming! Awesome game boys!! Here is a video of the coaches eating scorpions after the win.



The Swimming Pool Park suffered a lot of damage from the storm last night. There are tree limbs and debris everywhere in the park. Please use caution.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.citizenobserver.tregocosheriff https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tregoco-sheriff/id1253059005?ls=1&mt=8 The links above are will take you to Tip411 in the App Store. User can also submit tips to law enforcement via text message. Text, Trego, then your tip/message to 847411. If anyone has any questions regarding the use of Tip411 or you would like further information about the service please feel free to contact WaKeeney Assistant Chief Ashley Garza, Trego Sheriff Richard Hanks, or Lt. Travis Phillips at 785-743-5711 or 785-743-5721.

Trego Sheriff, WaKeeney PD and the local KHP have an anonymous TIP app available. This app will give Good Samaritans an avenue to report crimes and suspicious activity in the area. THIS IS NOT FOR EMERGENCIES. Continue to use 911 for such events. Thank you

The WaKeeney Police Department along with Trego County Sheriff's Office and the Kansas Highway Patrol had the honor of saluting and honoring hundreds of veteran bikers heading east on I-70 in the Run For The Wall Sunday.


March 18th – March 31st • Debris in the roadway 1st and Caroline • 9 Dog at large calls • EMS assist 200 Block North Railroad • Erratic driver at the McDonald’s Parking lot • Horses at large Earle and 2nd • Welfare check at Apple Junction • 3 Citizens assist calls • Suspicious activity at 24/7 • 911 Hang up 300 Block South 7th • Phone scam 300 Block North 2nd • EMS assist 100 Block South 7th • Tree debris in the roadway 400 Block North 3rd • Vehicle unlock at 24/7 • EMS assist 100 Block South 7th • Welfare check 700 Block Russell • Vehicle unlock 600 Block Chase • Traffic control on 1st Street for Wind Turbines • Livestock at large 1st and North Railroad • EMS assist 200 Block North 2nd • Noise complaint 1100 Block Easter • Physical domestic disturbance at 24/7 • Civil stand by 400 Block North 7th • 2 Funeral escorts • Erratic driver at Jay Bros. • No Driver’s License Violation Citation • Expired Driver’s License Violation Citation • 2 Improper Turn Signal Violation Citations • Speeding Violation Citation • 2 Missing Headlamp Violation Citations • Left of Center Violation Citation • 2 Arrests for Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of a Controlled Substance • Arrest for Domestic Battery • Arrest for a Warrant April 1st – April 7th • Motorist assist 24/7 • Motorist assist 4th and Junction • Vehicle unlock 100 Block North Main • Suspicious person at Super 8 • Criminal damage to property at Railroad Park • Welfare check on a child at Apple Junction playing close to the road • Funeral Escort • Vehicle unlock 24/7 • Gas skip at Alta • Dog at large 500 Block Barclay • Verbal dispute 100 Block South 7th • Report of an individual beating on a vehicle at Main and Earle • Theft at Econo Lodge • Suspicious persons 300 Block North 4th • Suspicious vehicle at Jay Bros • Citizens assist at Pizza Hut • Traffic control for oversized semi’s on Barclay • 5 Outside Agency assists • 2 Speeding Violation Citations April 8th - April 14th • Theft of medication 200 Block South 10th • Noise complaint at the Kansas Kuntry Inn • Dog at large 200 Block South 12th • Control burn request 800 Block Junction • Possible trespassers 400 Block Easter • Control burn 1100 Block Barclay • Children playing in the street 1000 Block Barclay • Citizens assist at the Vet Clinic • EMS assist 300 Block South 10th • Theft 500 Block North Main • Alarm at Dollar General • Gas Skip at Alta • Physical domestic dispute 500 Block Earle • Complaint of a dark colored truck speeding around town • Complaint of underage drinking at the Railroad Park • Control burn 500 Block Hazel • 2 Outside agency assists • 3 Improper Violation Citations • Missing Headlight Violation Citation • Arrest for Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia • Arrest for Distribution of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia • 2 Arrests for Domestic Battery April 15th - April 21st • EMS assist 100 Block North 2nd • Possible missing/stolen dog in an apartment at Apple Junction • Suspicious vehicle at McDonalds • Criminal Damage to a Vehicle at McDonalds • Unruly subject at Travel Shoppe • Missing Child 400 Block North 3rd, child was located a short time later • EMS assist at Bryant Motel • Welfare check on an individual in a vehicle at Best Western • EMS assist 700 Block North 2nd • Report of a large power outage in town • 2 Outside agency assists • Stop Sign Violation Citation • 2 Improper Signal Violation Citations • Arrest for Criminal Damage • 2 Arrests for Distribution of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and No Drug Tax Stamp • Arrest for DUI • 3 Arrests for Distribution of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Criminal Possession of a Firearm April 22nd - April 28th • Traffic Control at Hospital for Helicopter transfer • Complaint of marijuana smell coming from a vehicle at Dollar General • Dog at large on Barclay and Main • Noise complaint 600 Block North 4th • Gas Skip at Alta • EMS assist 500 Block North Main • Verbal domestic dispute 1100 Block Easter • Dog at large 800 Block North 6th • Welfare check on 2 girls sitting in front of the Post Office • Vehicle unlock 24/7 • Skunk in yard at Keeney Village • Suspicious vehicle 100 Block Kedzie • Report of natural gas odor 300 block North 10th • Suspicious person at 24/7 • Criminal damage 600 Block North 6th • 6 Outside Agency Assists • Missing Headlight Violation Citation • Arrest for Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, and Child Abuse