Fredonia Police Department

  • Agency: Fredonia Police Department
  • Address: 128 Adams, Fredonia, 66736 KS
  • Chief: Doug McKenna (Chief of Police)
Phone: (620) 378-2369
Fax: (620) 378-2406

Fredonia Police Department is located at 128 Adams, Fredonia, 66736 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Doug McKenna. The Fredonia Police Department phone number is (620) 378-2369.

Fredonia Police Department News

FYI....totally works!! 👍

Update@09:43. Phones are back in service. Phones are down in the office this morning. Please contact dispatch at 378-2369 if you need anything.

We have recently had several found bicycles turned into us. If yours is missing, please give us a call and describe to claim.

This is a reminder from the Fredonia Police Department in regards to the recent newspaper article from November 16, 2017. We remind all citizens to always lock your vehicles when not in them, lock you houses, even when you are there and businesses when you are not there. Please turn on outside lights and leave them on all night. This will help deter unwanted persons from lingering on or around your residence and make it easier for the Police to see what is going on around your residences and businesses. We remind citizens to report any suspicious or alarming activates immediately by calling Central Dispatch at 620-378-2369 or 911. Thank you for all your help and support.

Winter is approaching, which means we are all dragging out those really cute puffy coats to help us keep warm. Reminder....cute puffy clothing and safety seats don't go together!

We would like to send a huge thank you to Fredonia KS Rocks for the candy donation to help us participate in Trunk or Treat last night!!

Busy night of catching villains! Feel free to tag any villains that look familiar to you.

We're ready for Trunk or Treat!! Are you?

UPDATE... has been claimed! Had a cellphone turned into us today. Must be able to describe to claim.

This cute one was found this morning. 👮 Will get it hid again.

Thanks @amymjeffers. We're just learning the ropes, but pretty sure we'll never be as cool as @LawrenceKS_PD

Did ya know?? We're also on Twitter. It's been quiet on our page though, but that's gonna change!

That is some good advice right there!!