Kansas City Police Department

  • Agency: Kansas City Police Department
  • Address: 700 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, 66101 KS
  • Chief: Rick L. Armstrong (Chief of Police)
Phone: 913-573-6000

Kansas City Police Department is located at 700 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, 66101 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Rick L. Armstrong. The Kansas City Police Department phone number is 913-573-6000.

Kansas City Police Department News

...now have an AWESOME week!!! 😁 https://t.co/NqDOXwR02k

Officer Garrett was honored by the Heartland Chapter of MADD for his DUI enforcement efforts.… https://t.co/RQAz05Czwp

Today is a great day to relax & reflect on where you are going in life...you got an extra hour of sleep, how awesome! 😃 https://t.co/G4y3m7qIZo

Officers working a homicide in the 2600 block of N. 21st Street. No details at this time.

So glad to hear he is doing good!!! He is in my prayers. https://t.co/kogDljRiOX

A little Snoopy philosophy for the weekend! 😊 https://t.co/QXg1ILT4PF

Failure is a part of life, but it is not final. Learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward toward your goal. https://t.co/hqnMdaPc2b

78th & I70 Homicide update: The suspect has fled the South Patrol area.

We were in pursuit of the suspect in the south end of town, it is possible the schools went on lockdown. https://t.co/y4HXJKA5VJ

Officers working a homicide at 78th & I-70, you may experience delays in the area.

If you are tired of the way things have been going try hitting the reset button and starting new... https://t.co/ZEgVnYfSpd

Know any great IT professionals??? KCKPD is looking for a Information Systems Coordinator! Great benefits and starting pay $4,432.14-$5,929.74/mo. For more info: http://www.kckpd.org/assets/info-sys-coord-pi-1233-pd-102617.pdf

You can think about the future, but it is what you do TODAY that will determine your future. https://t.co/bbSvxk90tm

I will. https://t.co/i9FRkLnsZK

Congratulations to Bryan Rausch on his promotion to the rank of Detective!!!

Congratulations to Bryan Minich on his promotion to the rank of Detective!!!

Congratulations to Wade Smith on his promotion to the rank of Sergeant!!

Congratulations to Paul Simonich on his promotion to the rank of Sergeant!!

Congratulations to Richard Harris on his promotion to the rank of Captain!!

Congratulations to Joseph Grasela on his promotion to the rank of Captain!

PIO should have more details. We responded to the 2900 block of Eaton. https://t.co/0zrucNYugL

Stay focused on what you want to achieve & don’t measure your progress on what others are doing. https://t.co/Z7EPakE3eG

Officers working a shooting at 29th & Eaton, possibly life threatening. Suspect is in custody.

KCKPD’s thoughts & prayers are w/ Officer W. Shannon’s Family & the NC Dept of Public Safety - Div. of Prisons, NC https://t.co/ZnR4Eugcf8 https://t.co/wFLwUa9no9

We had a visit from the little students at The Learning Curve daycare for Halloween!!