Kansas City Police Department

  • Agency: Kansas City Police Department
  • Address: 700 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, 66101 KS
  • Chief: Rick L. Armstrong (Chief of Police)
Phone: 913-573-6000

Kansas City Police Department is located at 700 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, 66101 KS. The Chief of Police of the department is Rick L. Armstrong. The Kansas City Police Department phone number is 913-573-6000.

Kansas City Police Department News

Try it now. https://t.co/amaMG41vpc

I will address, we need all the information we can get. Can you DM the date & time you called? https://t.co/FNlfQ6wL5r

Offficers working an accident at 110th & I70, driver may not survive!

He looks good on the bike...a career in law enforcement might be in his future! 😁 https://t.co/om8KbJPCFR

Officers Silvestre & Faulkner responded on… https://t.co/jB3T6CQkgH

Our newest Officers have been out for two weeks now. Here Officer Reliford works to get an abandoned vehicle moved out of the way for other motorists. Officer Reliford and the officers from her class are doing great work!

#KCKPDICON Officer Grimes checked on a vehicle… https://t.co/hSmyFsbRl0

Officer Mumphrey had Officer Humphrey, who is an… https://t.co/O1IB0dW0AP

Andrea Humphrey is a PCSO Officer in Humberside County, England. When she made plans to visit the United States, she contacted her friend KCK Police Captain Garrison, about experiencing law enforcement in KCK. Last night, during her visit to the United States, she completed a ride along with East Patrol's Shift II. Adrea, and Captain Garrison, wish to thank Captain Angell as well as EPS Shift II, especially Officer Mumphrey and Sgt. Graves for their hospitality. Andrea shared how impressed she was with their professionalism and attitude toward the department as well as the citizens in KCK. Sounds like it was a great experience for everyone involved. Thank you for visiting with us Andrea!!

We love interacting with kids! Thank you for being them by to visit with our officers. Strong police/community relations start with the kids! https://t.co/cGQqVvCb3Y

#KCKPDICON Officer Berry dealing with a… https://t.co/mDIIKKllVw

We had an armed robbery at 25th & Central, K9 tracked suspect & he was taken into custody.

Officers working a homicide in the 1500 block of N. 5th.

We re-run the data every 45 days. We should have new locations this week, if we were able to reduce the criminal activity in our current areas. https://t.co/NrjBQB6SUE

Midtown Station https://t.co/gzK9r5ekxu

We are working thorough out the city, but giving a little extra attention to our ICON locations. https://t.co/x0kXnmhSL7

Today we were joined by members of the community for the Lancaster/Melton memorial run. Great way to end National Police Week. 1912/1799!

#KCKPDICON Officers Parrish & Shepherd stopped… https://t.co/epER2Urg8X

Earlier today, Officer Toms donated bikes for repair to Bike KC. They repair the bikes and donate them to members of the community. Officer Toms is always coming up with great things!!

Please help us identify this individual. He was caught on camera taking a package from a porch near 35th and Woodend Ave. and is believed to be with the female in the second picture. Please call 911 if you see the individuals or 913-596-3000 if you can identify them.

COPPS Officer were out for a 10 mile bike ride… https://t.co/kxUkdJwqJe

We do not do phone solicitations in order to raise money! Do not give if you are called!!! https://t.co/2zXnUCyG4x

Officers working a rolling gun fight in the area of 15th & Richmond. 1 house hit, no injuries, limited suspect info. Call police with any info on suspects!

Skradski Funeral Home had a lunch BBQ in honor of National Police Week. Quite a few of our officers were able to stop by for a quick lunch before getting back to work. Thank you Skradski!!

It is hard to control stupid! We can issue tickets & people can choose to ignore them...it gets frustrating for us too. https://t.co/YYlcZG39Dh