Owingsville Police Department

  • Agency: Owingsville Police Department
  • Address: 19 Goodpaster Ave, Owingsville, 40360 KY
  • Chief: Todd Tout (Chief of Police)
Phone: 606 674-2341
Fax: 606 674-9033

Owingsville Police Department is located at 19 Goodpaster Ave, Owingsville, 40360 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Todd Tout. The Owingsville Police Department phone number is 606 674-2341.

Owingsville Police Department News

On Saturday November 11 the annual Veterans Day service will be conducted in front of the Old Court House located in the center of Owingsville. The ceremony will start at 11:00 a.m. Please come out and show our support for our Veterans.

ATTENTION!!!! Trick or Treat has not been canceled in Bath County it is still form 6 pm to 8 pm. It was brought to our attention that there has been a post on Facebook that Trick or Treat has been canceled, if you look closer you will find that the post reads Bath Police Department City of Bath, Maine Trick or Treating is postponed until Friday November 3 rd. As you can see we are not Bath Police Department and we are not City of Bath, Maine. Trick or Treat is still on for tonight for BATH COUNTY KENTUCKY Oct. 31 form 6 – 8


Owingsville Police are seeking the where abouts of Tony Emmons as he is a wanted person. If you see this person or have any information on his where abouts, please drop us a tip on here or contact 606-674-2006. If you call in you do not have to leave your information as everything is kept confidential.

Owingsville Police have arrested the following yesterday. Donald Champ Maze (Not Pictured) Matthew Martin, Fernando Lopez, Megan Swartz, D.B Dailey, Teresa Dailey, Chenoa Barnett, Angela Hawkins. A undercover buy/sting operation was done on Mathew, Megan, Fernando which lead to their arrest. 12 grams of Methamphetamine where seized along with a significant amount of Marijuana. All 3 where arrested and charged with Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Methamphetamine) and Possession of Marijuana. Megan was also charged for Drug Paraphernalia. Another Undercover buy/sting was done on D.B and Teresa Daily which lead to their arrest. A search warrant was executed on the residence where officers found a large amount of crystal substance waiting to be identified, a significant ammount of Methamphetamine and Marijuana. Officers located several Marijuana plants growing on the property. Officers also located several Oxycodone pills and Marijuana joints. D.B and Teresa Daily are charged with Cultivating Marijuana, Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st degree (Methamphetamine) and Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st Degree Drug Unspecified. Chenoa Barnett was at the residence and officers found Drug Paraphernalia and Oxycodone on her person which lead to her arrest. Angela Hawkins was at the residence as well and she was arrested on a Outstanding Warrant. A traffic stop was conducted on Donald Champ Maze for driving recklessly. During the Traffic stop Champ Maze vehicle was searched after getting consent. An altercation took place after refusing officer commands. Officers then found several small pieces of a substance that are white in color scattered through the floor of the vehicle. The substance was believed to be Cocaine. The substance was tested with a Field Cocaine Test kit and it indicated a positive for Cocaine. Donald Champ Maze was arrested and is facing charges for Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Cocaine), Tampering with Physical Evidence, Menacing, Reckless Driving, and Failure to Wear Seatbelt. All cases are under investigation by Officer Justin Sutherland. If anyone has any information on any subjects please contact us on here or at 606-674-2006.

Owingsville Police have arrested Donald Wright of Owingsville. A search warrant was executed at his residence in Owingsvile. Officer Justin Sutherland received complaint at the residence that lead him to obtain a search warrant. During the execution of the search warrant at the residence, Officer Justin Sutherland and K9 Officer Bud Lyons found drug kits inside the home containing lots of Drug Paraphernalia and a signicant amount of Methamphetamine. K-9 Searcy assisted in the search to help further locate crucial evidence. Donald Wright will be facing charges for Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Methamphetamine) Possession of Marijuana, and Drug Paraphernalia. Case remans under investigation by Officer Justin Sutherland. If anyone has any information on Donald Wright please contact us at 606-674-2006.

CAUTION CAUTION ROAD WORK Saturday September 9th starting at 7 am to 7pm and continuing into next week, Main St., Suddith St. and High St. in Owingsville will be under construction. Workers will be milling and paving those streets all vehicles will need to be moved off the road during this time, vehicles that are not moved may be towed for the work to be done. Please help and have your vehicle moved from the roadway during this time. The work that will be done during next week will not be conducted before school nor will they be doing construction when school is letting out.

Owingsville Police Departmant is currenty looking for Ricky Maze. If you have any information please call 606-674-2006.

Owingsville Police Department, Kentucky State Police, and Bath County Sheriffs Department made a major bust in the community on September 1st. During the bust Meth and Heroin were seized. One of the subjects involved is now facing their FOURTH charge for trafficking.


The Owingsville Police Department is trying to locate 2 saddles that were recently stolen. These items have sentimental value to the owner if you have any information please contact Bath County Dispatch 606-674-2006.

The Owingsville Police Department have seen a rise in break-ins and theft over the past several weeks. Please take precaution and lock you vehicles and ensure that you remove valuables from your vehicles and/or out of sight. If you see anything suspicious please call Bath County Dispatch at 606-674-2006.

Tomorrow will be the first day of school for Bath County we at the OPD would like you to slow down and watch for the Yellow buses. Remember to stop for the pedestrian at the crosswalks.

August 10, 2017 is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and we at the Owingsville Police Department would like to make the first and every day of the school year a safe one. Please remember to slow down follow the speed limit and pay attention to your surroundings. The first few weeks will be hectic, pay close attention to the two crosswalks on Main St, the one at the Stop light in front of the Middle School the one located between Cecil Ave. and Mandy Ave. and the one located on the west side of Owingsville Elementary School, STATE LAW REQUIRES YOU TO STOP FOR ALL PEDESTRIANS that are in a cross walk except if you are at an intersection that has a stop light then all traffic and pedestrians must follow the traffic light. Parents that are new to the school traffic in Owingsville, if your child needs to be dropped off at the Middle School please follow the Middle School request in dropping off and picking up your child at the designated area on Sherman Ct. DO NOT let your child out at the stop light in front of the Middle School. I hope this little reminder will make your first day a safe one. Remember the passenger that you are bringing to school are precious and like you we wouldn't want anything to happen to them.

Here is the bike we are looking for,this bike belongs to a child if you bought it today please return it or call 606-674-2006

If anyone has any information on the bicycle that was sold today at Martha's Kitchen please contact Bath County Dispatch (606-674-2006). The bicycle has been confirmed stolen.

Are there anyone missing any bicycles in the Owingsville area? I have 3 that might have been stolen.

Bath Co E-911 has been notified by Columbia Gas that they will be doing routine maintenance on the pipeline at 283 Columbia Rd in Salt Lick starting around 10:00 am and lasting a couple of hours. They will be letting pressure off of the line and you could possibly hear a loud boom and smell Gas

There has been some questions pertaining to the Click it or Ticket program. Below is the document explaining what the program is and may be able to answer any questions that you have. Be safe on the roads this holiday. http://transportation.ky.gov/Highway-Safety/Documents/KY_FY2017_HSP.pdf

Owingsville Police is participating in the Governors Highway Safety program "Click it or Ticket" to keep the roadways a safe place to travel. The "Click it or Ticket" Campaign is a Federal Grant that several agencys across the state are participating in. We will be out in various parts of the County "Target Areas" especially during the holidays conducting traffic stops. We ask everyone to please watch their speed, wear your seatbelt, and dont drink and drive.

Large amount of meth found in the Sour Springs area, if it belongs to you call Owingsville police department 606-674-2006