Owingsville Police Department

  • Agency: Owingsville Police Department
  • Address: 19 Goodpaster Ave, Owingsville, 40360 KY
  • Chief: Todd Tout (Chief of Police)
Phone: 606 674-2341
Fax: 606 674-9033

Owingsville Police Department is located at 19 Goodpaster Ave, Owingsville, 40360 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Todd Tout. The Owingsville Police Department phone number is 606 674-2341.

Owingsville Police Department News

The Owingsville Police Department would like to thank Andrew Owens and the staff at Michael R. Gray Funeral Home for providing us with this wonderful lunch today, we really do appreciate it.

****WANTED PERSON**** Owingsville Police are in search of Brad Ingram of Powell County. Brad Ingram also goes as Brandon Scott Conkright and is believed to be in the Clay City area. If seen PLEASE contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY!!! Brad Ingram is wanted for a string of recent vehicle/property thefts in Bath, Meniffe, and Powell Counties. PLEASE SHARE!!!

****UPDATE THE CAR HAS BEEN RECOVERED **** Vehicle was stolen out of Powell County. Thanks everyone for the help in locating the stolen vehicle. Owingsville Police is searching for a late 2000 model Pontiac G6 (pictured below) that is possibly stolen out of Powell County. The vehicle pictured below is partially flat/matte black, has 5 spoke wheels, and a hood scoop. This vehicle has been used in a recent vehicle theft at T&C Food Mart in Owingsville and has possibly been used in numerous other thefts. If you see this vehicle and anyone in it please contact your local Law Enforcement immediately. Please Share this status! ****update vehicle has been located****

***Media Release*** Owingsville Police received a complaint around 7:25am that a white Ford Pickup had been stolen from the Owingsville Town & Country Food Mart. Officer Justin Sutherland responded and was advised the vehicle was heading East on KY 36 towards Olympia and was gave and breif description of the male subject. Officer Justin Sutherland attempted the locate the vehicle on KY 36 East. Officer Sutherland was advised the vehicle was still on KY 36 East heading towards Menifee County. Officer Sutherland was flagged down on the roadway and advised the vehicle turned down Pine Grove Rd. Officer Sutherland located the vehicle on Pistol Rd behind a residence. Officer Sutherland then observed the male subject fitting the description that had stolen the vheicle take off running into the woods. The male subject was identified as Taylor Smith of Powell County. Officer Sutherland pursued the male subject in the woods. Officer Sutherland chased Smith about 2 miles in the woods. K-9 Officer Bud Lyons and K-9 Searcy arrived on scene at that time and gave assitance to Officer Sutherland. Bath County Sheriffs office and Kentucky State Police also was in the area as officers where still in foot pusuit. Officers continued foot pursuit for around another 2 more miles down the Pipeline by Old State Rd. At one brief point officers lost sight of Smith. K-9 Searcy helped track down smith to where officers could see him. Officer Sutherland then pursued Smith through a residence he entered off of KY 36 trying to avoid officers. Smith then ran across KY 36 East towards Mudlick Rd and attempted to steal 2 vehicles. After Taylor Smith's failed attempt to steal those vehicles Owingsville Police, Kentucky State Police, and Bath County Sheriffs Office finally caught the subject. Taylor Smith then assaulted officers as he was trying to be restrained. Officers received minor injury as a result of the entire incident. Smith was believed to be under the influence of Methamphetamine during the incident. Smith is currently Facing numerous Felony Charges. Case remains under investigation by Officer Justin sutherland.

This week is Public Safety Telecommunication Week April 8th - 14th 2018 The Owingsville Police Dept. would like to think all the Dispatchers at the Bath County E9-1-1. You all know how to tell all of us where to go and you have got our backs, we think you from the bottom of or hearts.

While investigating a guy passed out in his vehicle in front of Hometown Pharmacy a large amount of Crystal meth 11 grams was found in possession along with drug paraphernalia scales and over $400 dollars in cash. Bobby Ray Slone 40 yrs old of Salt Lick was arrested and charged with trafficking over 2 grams ,PI ,and possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended OL.Also Ginger Grogan of Salt Lick was charge with possession of Meth and drug paraphernalia.

We would like to remind everyone that the speed limit for all of Slate Ave is currently 35MPH because of road construction. We will be stepping up enforcement on speeding, stop sign, and seat belt violators in target areas due to the numerous complaints and concerns we have been receiving from the public. If you have a saftey concern in your area please feel free to drop a comment or send us a message. Please stay aware and drive safely.

Owingsville Police along with other police agencies are currently looking for Steven Carpenter. He is wanted for parole violations stemming from not going to meet with his probation officer He also has two other felony warrants one stemming from drug charges the other from thefts anyone with any information please call 606-674-2006.

Justice reform bill is threat to safety Guest column Jenny Oldham and Shane Young Feb 25, 2018 Updated Feb 25, 2018 Amid all of the noise of this legislative session about pensions and the budget, there is an extremely important piece of legislation moving along with very little attention. If passed, it will remove the ability of the criminal justice system in Kentucky to hold anyone accountable and it will devastate all of our communities. HB 396 is being called “criminal justice reform.” Here are some of the provisions of this bill that we want the public to be aware of: • It reduces the penalty for possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and all other Schedule I and II drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor. Not just for the first offense. A repeat offense also would be a misdemeanor. • Reduces penalties on many crimes including thefts by requiring that someone steal something valued at $2,000 or more in order to be charged with a felony. • Reqiores all prosecutors in every case allow what is called “deferred prosecution” for drug offenses. This means actually withholding prosecution, conviction and penalty for these offenses, after downgrading them to a misdemeanor. If a prosecutor denies a request by a defendant charged with one of a drug-related crimes to have prosecution deferred, the prosecutor must prove and make a record of “compelling reasons why a criminal conviction is necessary.” • For those being supervised on probation who do not show up or respond to probation supervision, the probation officer must wait at least 30 days and must document at least four attempts to locate the person before reporting the violation. Once reported for absconding from probation, the probation department would be required to still allow continued probation supervision instead of incarceration for the first violation in most cases and is encouraged to allow probation even after the second violation. • Once it is determined someone can be returned to prison for violating probation, it is encouraged that the person be summoned rather than arrested. • The parole board, without court approval, will be required to release all inmates in prison for conviction of a class C and D felony at their earliest eligibility date without a hearing. • Those convicted of crimes who are on probation will be given credit toward their sentence for every month they are “substantially compliant” with their probation. If they violate probation and are incarcerated, their sentence already will be reduced before they ever walk in. • Once an inmate reaches age 65 and has completed 15 percent of his/her sentence or (not and) if the inmate has a chronic medical condition, the inmate automatically will be released from prison unless he/she is sentenced to death or is determined a violent or sexual offender. • Bail and release will be determined by a computerized risk assessment rather than a judge and even in cases of a felony and violent and sexual offenses, a large number of inmates will be required to be released immediately after the are arrested. A defendant who is released may refuse to participate in drug screening while released pending their court appearances. If this law is passed it will tie the hands of law enforcement please call your legislators and tell no to this bill!!!

Owingsville Police are searching for Donny Michael Carroll as he is a wanted person. If anyone sees or knows of his current location please drop us a tip on here, or contact 606-674-2006 anytime. Your information is kept confidential.

The roads in the city are still snow covered and very slick.Snow is still coming down a good pace and with temperatures falling there only going to get worse stay home if you can.

On December 22nd K9 Searcy was requested to help another agency on a drug investigation upon that investigation K9 Searcy located 4 pounds of marijuana and nearly $5000 in cash located in a suv.

OPD was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle parked behind the office at Bernard Heights. Upon arrival 2 individuals were found in the vehicle. The passenger was placed in custody on outstanding warrants and upon inspection was able to find the below items at the subjects feet.

Thanks for the tips Mr. Treadway is now in custody. Sex offender is wanted for non compliance with sex offender registry along with other warrants. Call 911

Owingsville Police Department would like to send out a huge thank you to Mike Gray and Andrew Owens of the Gray funeral home for the gift cards.

Owingsville Police and the Kentucky State Police have returned an Indictment on Donald "Champ" Maze via Bath County Grand Jury yesterday. Owingsville Police returned an indictment for Possession of Methamphetamine (Class D Felony) following the events that took place back on 09/18/17. The Kentucky State Police returned an Indictment (on a separate incident) for the following charges: Trafficking a Controlled Substance Heroin 1st Degree (Class D Felony), 5 counts of Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st Degree Drug Unspecified Under 10 Dosage Units (Class D Felony), and Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st Degree over 10 Dosage Units (Class C Felony). On 11/10/17 Donald "Champ" Maze turned himself in to the Bath County Sheriffs Office at the Bath Circuit Clerks Office around 8pm and both Indictments where served. Donald "Champ" Maze bond was set at $10,000 cash combined from both Indictments. $1,000 on one Indictment and $9,000 on the second Indictment. Donald "Champ" Maze posted the full $10,000 in cash bond at the Bath Circuit Clerks Office and was released from there. (Picture used from Donald Maze arrest back on 09/18/17 via Clark County Detention Center)


Owingsville Police are seeking the where abouts of Tony Emmons as he is a wanted person. If you see this person or have any information on his where abouts, please drop us a tip on here or contact 606-674-2006. If you call in you do not have to leave your information as everything is kept confidential.

Owingsville Police have arrested the following yesterday. Donald Champ Maze (Not Pictured) Matthew Martin, Fernando Lopez, Megan Swartz, D.B Dailey, Teresa Dailey, Chenoa Barnett, Angela Hawkins. A undercover buy/sting operation was done on Mathew, Megan, Fernando which lead to their arrest. 12 grams of Methamphetamine where seized along with a significant amount of Marijuana. All 3 where arrested and charged with Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Methamphetamine) and Possession of Marijuana. Megan was also charged for Drug Paraphernalia. Another Undercover buy/sting was done on D.B and Teresa Daily which lead to their arrest. A search warrant was executed on the residence where officers found a large amount of crystal substance waiting to be identified, a significant ammount of Methamphetamine and Marijuana. Officers located several Marijuana plants growing on the property. Officers also located several Oxycodone pills and Marijuana joints. D.B and Teresa Daily are charged with Cultivating Marijuana, Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st degree (Methamphetamine) and Trafficking a Controlled Substance 1st Degree Drug Unspecified. Chenoa Barnett was at the residence and officers found Drug Paraphernalia and Oxycodone on her person which lead to her arrest. Angela Hawkins was at the residence as well and she was arrested on a Outstanding Warrant. A traffic stop was conducted on Donald Champ Maze for driving recklessly. During the Traffic stop Champ Maze vehicle was searched after getting consent. An altercation took place after refusing officer commands. Officers then found several small pieces of a substance that are white in color scattered through the floor of the vehicle. The substance was believed to be Cocaine. The substance was tested with a Field Cocaine Test kit and it indicated a positive for Cocaine. Donald Champ Maze was arrested and is facing charges for Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Cocaine), Tampering with Physical Evidence, Menacing, Reckless Driving, and Failure to Wear Seatbelt. All cases are under investigation by Officer Justin Sutherland. If anyone has any information on any subjects please contact us on here or at 606-674-2006.