Bellevue Police Department

  • Agency: Bellevue Police Department
  • Address: 616 Poplar Street, Bellevue, 41073 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: (859)261–1122
Fax: (859) 261–0436

Bellevue Police Department is located at 616 Poplar Street, Bellevue, 41073 KY. The Bellevue Police Department phone number is (859)261–1122.

Bellevue Police Department News

On 4/19 Bellevue Police recieved a tip on the suspect involved in the recent patio furniture thefts. In a joint investigation with Newport Police, a search warrant was executed on a residence in Newport. Ultimately the suspect confessed and all the stolen property from Bellevue was recovered and returned to the owners. Newport detectives also recovered stolen property from a dozen different thefts from Newport. The suspect has been charged with numerous felony and misdemeanors. Special thanks to the individual who contacted us and helped solve this case. Tip: Take the time to photograph your belongings. This case was solved because pictures of the stolen property were available.

This Cell Phone was found recently at Beach Park. Model is a BLU, with a white in color. If you can prove ownership, contact property officer Scott Nealy at 292-4237.

Please be on the lookout for this patio set for sale on social media. Stolen this week from 225 Poplar. Any information please contact Det. Nealy at 292-4237.

Bellevue Police is now on Twitter and Instagram. Please follow for instant updates and help us keep the community safe.

This set was stolen from Twice as Nice located at 318 Fairfield Ave on Sun or Mon night. Any information please contact Det. Nealy at 292-4237.

Congratulations to Alanna Bass on her promotion to Sergeant on March 14th. Sgt. Bass has served with the department since October of 2014. We are excited to work with Sgt. Bass in her new role.

Congratulations to Sergeant Jon McClain on his completion of the Criminal Justice Executive Development course at the Department of Criminal Justice Training. Sgt. McClain graduated on March 16th after completing 4 weeks of in house training combined with several hours of out of class assignments.

Officer Bonar and Sgt. McClain teach local Girl Scouts about finger prints. They learned classification of prints, how we finger print people, and how we dust and lift prints. The girls got to learn about what kind of finger prints they have.

**Press Release** On January 24, 2018 at approximately 1:37pm, Bellevue Police Officers responded to assist Dayton Police with a Physical Domestic involving possible shots fired. While on scene, a Bellevue Officer was able to make contact with the father, who was in cell phone communication with his son. The son was in possession of multiple firearms inside the residence and refused to come out. The Bellevue officer established rapport with the son via cell phone and was able to talk the son out of the residence. At this time, the Bellevue officer had his department issued rifle and was behind cover. The son agreed to meet with the Bellevue officer, outside of the residence, if he would get rid of his patrol rifle. To establish a rapport, and end this situation peacefully, the Bellevue Officer handed his patrol rifle to a Dayton Police officer for safekeeping. Ultimately, the son surrendered to police and was taken into custody. Unfortunately, the Bellevue officer was unaware that his patrol rifle was left unattended. After the incident concluded, a concerned citizen then notified police on the scene about the rifle left leaning against a vehicle. An internal investigation conducted by the Bellevue Police Department concluded a Bellevue Police officer did not leave the rifle unattended. The body camera video from the Bellevue officer has been released to local news agencies in an effort to show transparency of the facts. The footage clearly shows that no Bellevue officer left a patrol rifle unattended.

Congratulations to Sergeant Michael Taylor on his completion of the Criminal Justice Executive Development course at the Department of Criminal Justice Training. Sgt. Taylor graduated on December 15th after completing 4 weeks of in house training combined with several hours of out of class assignments.

It's almost Polar Plunge time in Bellevue once again! The Plunge is scheduled for February 17th at 11:30am. The Polar Plunge is a unique Special Olympics fundraiser that brings together two great neighbors to benefit Special Olympics athletes in both Kentucky and Ohio! The Plunge includes a fun, festive atmosphere with food and great prizes. Register here:

Police just responded to the 200 block of Cleveland for a burglar alarm. Forced entry was made into the home but it doesn’t appear that anything was taken. We believe the alarm system most likely scared them off. A resident did see someone at the front door of the home, but they believed it was the home owner. The suspect scene at the house was a white male, about 6 foot tall, wearing a black hoodie. Please keep an eye out on your house, as well as your neighbors and report suspicious behavior.

We would like to let every know that the shepherd statue was returned to the church this morning. We are unsure who took it, but it was returned by someone overnight.

Sometime between 3pm on 12-16-17 and 9:30pm on 12-17-17 the Shepherd Statue from the Nativity Scene at Divine Mercy Was stolen. Please contact Bellevue Police with any information you may have that could assist in the investigation.

The coming of the Christmas season can also mean the coming of theft from vehicles. Please remember to remove all valuables from your vehicle, and please remember to lock them. A majority of thefts can be prevented by properly securing valuables. We also see a rise in package thefts from porches and front doors this time of year. While it’s hard to know exactly when a package will be delivered we recommend that you ensure someone will be home, or ask a neighbor to keep and eye out for your delivery. We also encourage residents to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and report it to police. We also recommend that people invest in home surveillance cameras. This can be found on amazon and at Harbor Freight for under 200 dollars.

Friday Chief Wayne Turner retired from the Bellevue Police Department. Chief Turner served with us from February 14th 2012, to November 3rd 2017. Chief Turner was instrumental in getting the police departments state accreditation through the Kentucky Police Chiefs Association. Chief Turner has been an incredible voice for law enforcement in Frankfort. We wish Chief Turner the best of luck on his future endeavors.

Detective Bass talks to students at Grandview Elementary about stranger danger.

Officer Brown speaks with cub scouts and students from Grandview Elementary about Halloween safety. The students from Grandview also got to visit the police station and learn more about what we do as police officers.

Congratulations to Officer Trevor Bonar who graduated from basic recruit class today at the Department of Criminal Justice Training. Officer Bonar will now begin field training with other Bellevue officers. We are happy to have Officer Bonar back, and we look forward to working with him.

Congratulations to Lt. Col. Lee Estepp for 30 year of service to the City of Bellevue. Lt. Col. Estepp had been with Bellevue Police Department since 1987. He thank him for his years of dedicated service, and his many more years to come.

We don't have any further information on the suspected arson fire at 149 Lafayette. Please see the juvenile description in the previous post. At the same time this fire was reported a trash can fire was also reported in the 200 block alley between Foote and Washington. We are not sure if these two incidents are related, but we believe they may be. We also had a trashcan fire reported to us a few days ago. If you see suspicious activity around your home, in the alley, or around vacant houses please contact Dispatch to have officers sent to check. The number for Dispatch is 859-292-3622, or dial 911.

We need help looking for 3 heaving set white males between 9-11 who were seen fleeing the scene of an arson fire around 7:30pm this date at Eden and LaFayette. Witness stated the boys had short hair, 1 had black hair, 2 had blonde. Witness stated the 3 boys rode to the house all 3 on a bright yellow/green mountain bike. Any info please call 911 and advise dispatch

Congratulations to Officer Ian Kirst who graduated from basic recruit class 684 today at the Department of Criminal Justice Training. Officer Kirst will now begin field training with other Bellevue officers. We are happy to have Officer Kirst back, and we look forward to working with him.

The 3 juveniles from the playground fire have been located and taken into custody. Thanks for all the help from the community.