Dayton Police Department

  • Agency: Dayton Police Department
  • Address: 514 6th Ave, Dayton, 41074 KY
  • Chief: Mark Brown (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859 261-1471
Fax: 859-261-0626

Dayton Police Department is located at 514 6th Ave, Dayton, 41074 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Brown. The Dayton Police Department phone number is 859 261-1471.

Dayton Police Department News

March, April & May 2018 CAD calls

Gil Lynn Park will be closed today 6/5/2018 for chemical treatments.

Thank you Protection4Paws, Inc! We are happy to announce that K9 Tesa of the Dayton Ky Police Department has been awarded Naloxone (Narcan) along with the new NarCase - Tac Life Systems LLC holder by Tac-Life. This kit was made possible as a result of a donation from the non-profit charity Protection4Paws, Inc. and sponsored by Linda Krivsky. Protection4Paws is a PA based charity whose mission is to supply Law Enforcement K9s with the items needed to protect them while they protect us. Naloxone is a fast-acting opioid antagonist that reverses the effects that using opioid drugs has on the brain, restoring breathing and reawakening the individual within a matter of only 2-5 minutes from being administered. Since these kits are the same as the human version we always recommend that the handler make an appointment with their Veterinarian to learn how to properly administer the drug to their K9. A licensed veterinarian can also provide the appropriate needles to convert the kits to an injectable instead of nasal. The donation to provide one Narcan kit is $100 and there are many more that are needed. If you would like to sponsor a kit and or make a donation to provide other needed items please visit our website at If you have questions we can be reached via email at or via phone 717-331-0231.

Special Siren Test A June monthly test of the outdoor warning sirens will be done on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 @ 2:00PM. This will be a full test of the outdoor warning sirens, we experienced some issues with some of the sirens after the growl test done on May 3, 2018.

Dayton's Finest racing Lincoln's finest! I think Officer Zebell won this one!

Memorial Day Parade Traffic Info The parade will begin at 1030am starting at 6th & Main Street and will proceed down 6th Avenue in Dayton continuing through Fairfield Avenue and end at Bellevue Vets. The following streets will be closed at 930am for parade setup. Main street from 4th Avenue to 7th Avenue, and 6th Avenue from Boone to Clay Street.

Bellevue-Dayton Memorial Day Parade - Ceremony Traffic Info A ceremony will take place at 10am at the Vetrans Memorial at 6th & Berry Streets (Dayton). Street closures will begin at 930am at the following locations, 600 block of 6th Avenue, partial closures at 500 and 600 blocks of Berry Streets, and a partial closure at 700 block of 6th Avenue (West of Hansman's entrance).

Click It or Ticket Campaign, May 21st through June 4th. Zero Tolerance for seatbelts!

This vehicle was involved in a hit and run auto accident yesterday evening around 8:20 pm at 6th & Ervin Terrace and has front end damage. If anyone has any information on the owner or location of this vehicle please contact the our office at 859-261-1471. Thank you.

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 12, 2018 POSSIBLE SIXTH AVENUE TRAFFIC DELAYS Dayton, KY – Starting on Monday April 16th and running indefinitely, we are expecting a higher than average influx of semi’s entering town brining in the concrete pre-cast garage forms for the Gateway development site at the base of Walnut Street. Due to the high volume of trucks there will likely be a flagger directing traffic, and in some cases, a possible re-route of traffic at the intersection of Sixth Avenue (Route 8) and Walnut Street. The City will also be posting “No Parking” signs in some areas to accommodate the turn radius for the trucks. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. City of Dayton

This ring was located in the 300 block of Main Street on 4/9/2018. It appears to be a Somerset High School class ring, class of 1986. If anyone has any information as to who it may belong too please contact our department at 859-261-1471. Thank you! The city moved from 48th to 24th place out of 75 cities over 5000 people or more. It was the 3rd best jump out of the 75 cities. Great job done by all!

I would like to thank the Dayton Eagle on their $2000 donation to the Dayton Police Department! The constant support of the Dayton Police Department from our community is essential in making our city a better place to live for all of us. Chief David Halfhill

Congratulations Chief Halfhill

Press Release For Immediate Release February 22, 2018 Floodgate - Road Closure Dayton, KY - In anticipation of heavy rains forecasted for the region over the next several days the City will begin to erect the floodgates at the intersection of 4th Avenue (Route 8) and Clark Street at 7AM on Friday February 23, 2018. While the water is currently not forecasted to reach the gates in the next five (5) days, the City feels it is in the best interest and safety of the public to be prepared should those predictions change. In doing so, the gate of entry/exit located at 4th Avenue (Route 8) and Clark Street will be closed effective 7AM on February 23, 2018 until further notice. The access road located east of the floodlevee between Route 8 and 5th Avenue will be open for emergency use only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. City of Dayton

Press Release School Complaint On February 18, 2018 around 10:50 p.m. Officers from the Dayton Police Department received several complaints about a student who supposedly said he was going to come in school and shoot it up. This statement was not posted on Facebook or any other social media site; this was all hear-say accusations. Officers did interview the alleged juvenile with his mother. The alleged juvenile stated that he did not make any statements to anyone in regards to any shooting and does not own any guns. The accusations against the alleged juvenile were part of a juvenile tiff between several parties which then came to improper accusations against the juvenile. The alleged juvenile is already suspended from school for other reasons. The Dayton Independent School Disrict is aware of the issue and the Dayton Police Department will have extra patrol in the area to keep our kids safe! Chief David Halfhill

Chief David Halfhill Press Release 1000 block of 5th Avenue Officers from Dayton Police and Bellevue Police responded to the 1000 block of 5th Avenue for a domestic involving a gun. At one point a male exited the residence and fired off a round into the air. Officers arrived at the scene and safely took the suspect into custody; he was taken to the hospital and treated. More importantly, great job to the responding officers that no one was injured during this event. Unfortunately, during the course or the incident another agency’s patrol rifle was accidently set down when the officers were going “hands on” with the suspect. Thank you to the neighbors for making this observance and bringing it to the officer’s attention. It is unfortunate that this accident happened, but we as police officers are human and do make mistakes. We hold our police officers to a higher standard and be assured that this mistake will be fully investigated.

We would like to say Thank You to 7 Hills Church for bringing our Officers this wonderful gift basket. We appreciate your thoughtfullness and prayers for our law enforecement officers and their families. THANK YOU!

We are attempting to locate any family members to Rosy Pink Workman. This tombstone was found in the 1000 block of Dayton Avenue and we would like to return it back to the family. If anyone has any information please contact the Dayton Police Department at 859-261-1471. Thank you

Thank You Hero K9 for your generosity!

The Dayton Police Department has partnered with @OfferUp and now has a designated #MeetUpSpot that gives an easier way to help keep our community safer when buying or selling products from the internet. The @OfferUp MeetUp Spots program will help eliminate the need for two strangers to exchange items at a home or residence. Having a designated public space to conduct a transaction can help deter criminal intent and activity. The #MeetUpSpot is located in the public City Parking Lot across from the Police and Fire Department.