Hopkinsville Police Department

  • Agency: Hopkinsville Police Department
  • Address: 101 North Main Street, Hopkinsville, 42240 KY
  • Chief: Colonel Guy Howie (Chief of Police)
Phone: (270) 890-1500
Fax: (270) 890-1513

Hopkinsville Police Department is located at 101 North Main Street, Hopkinsville, 42240 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Colonel Guy Howie. The Hopkinsville Police Department phone number is (270) 890-1500.

Hopkinsville Police Department News

If you know where either of these two are call Crime Stoppers at 270-887-TIPS.

McDonald’s on Fort Campbell Blvd donated a portion of there proceeds from the “Breakfast with Blue” event to the Christmas Morning Miracle program. We want to thank them for their generosity in helping us make Christmas morning special for lots of boys and girls in Hopkinsville/Christian County.

The Hopkinsville Police Department will be conducting its Citizen’s Police Academy starting May 10th, 2018. The 8 week long program highlights the activities of the department and gives the public a chance to see what the department does on a daily basis. Academy participants will be placed in mock police exercises and scenarios to include driving a patrol car, handling weapons, interacting with canines, and wearing police gear. The classes are taught by members of our department, giving participants a chance to meet us and ride-along during a regular patrol shift. Topics covered will include Patrol, Investigations, K-9 Demonstrations, Crime Scenes, Firearms Training, Dispatching, and Crime Stoppers just to name a few. Each class participant may also attend a Saturday live fire exercise at our firearms range. The class culminates with a graduation ceremony and dinner, with certificates awarded to all that complete the course. If anyone is interested in being a member of this class, applications can be picked up at the Hopkinsville Police Department on North Main Street or on the City of Hopkinsville website. Applications will be accepted at the police department until May 2, 2018. A brief background check will be conducted on each applicant and each class member will be notified of his/her selection. All participants must be 18 years of age or older. The class meets one day a week for 8 weeks at 5:30 pm and each class lasts approximately 2 hours. Click on the link below to print out a copy of the application. http://www.hopkinsvilleky.us/cpa

We want to thank Tyler Jones, Myra Shultz, Robbie Sipes and Holly Bivins with our local Edward Jones offices for bringing lunch to our officers today. We really appreciate your kindness.

Well, we’ve established that the way to our hearts is through our belly. We had a great time this morning eating breakfast with everyone at McDonalds on Ft. Campbell Blvd. Proceeds from this event went to Toys for Tots. Thank you to the McDonalds staff for everything you do for our community. On a side note... when will the McRib be back? Asking for a friend! 😬 @ McDonald's

We were honored today to attend the Pennyrile Children’s Advocacy Center breakfast and were humbled to receive the Community Partner Award. This organization is a great service to our community and we are very grateful to play a small part in the services they are able to provide.

We had a great time inspecting child seats at Chic-Fil-A Saturday. We met a lot of kids and were able to make sure these children were safe in the seats they have. We even had a special visit from “McGruff” the Crime Dog!! Thanks to all that came out and spent time with us.

We had a great time yesterday at HCC’s Spring Fest. We met some fantastic kids and even talked to some parents about joining our HPD work family. We are always looking for men and women that want to make a difference in our great city. Thanks to all that came out yesterday. We truly had a blast.

We want to congratulate Officer Paul Ray and Officer Franklin Pollard as they retire from the Hopkinsville Police Department. We celebrated their many years of service today as we thanked them for their dedication to our department and our city. While they will not be working here in the years to come they will always be apart of our family. Congratulations to you both.

POLICE OFFICER (LATERAL) 0-2 years experience $40,833 + $4,000 State Incentive 2 years experience $42,746 + $4000 State Incentive 5 years experience $45,179 + $4000 State Incentives We are accepting applications for the position of Police Officer (Lateral). We are looking for highly motivated officers that want to be a part of our team, a part of our family and a part of this great city. We offer the opportunity for career growth and development in supervisory and specialized positions. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our citizens. We work to build partnerships with citizens, businesses and other government agencies. We will aggressively and fairly enforce the laws. We are a team... We are a family... We are the Hopkinsville Police Department.... Must be a KY certified Police Officer OR approved by the Department of Criminal Justice for transferrable out-of-state police certification credentials. An extensive background investigation will be performed. Additional information/documents/testing may be required as successful applicants continue thru the recruitment process. Applications are available online at www.hopkinsvilleky.us and must be returned no later than 4:00pm, Friday, April 27, 2018. The City of Hopkinsville is an Equal Opportunity Employer Click on the link below for more information on what Hopkinsville has to offer for you and your family. Hopkinsville Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Police are needing your help in identifying the suspect seen in this video. The suspect is wanted for a theft on West 15th Street, Hopkinsville. If you have any information about the identity of the suspect please contact Officer N. Wright at (270)890-1300.

What is a 911 Dispatcher? They are the calm voice on the other end of the line. Even with the stress they have to remain poised, get everyone everywhere in a matter of seconds and are often "left hanging" at the end of a phone call with no closure like we as officers get. However, they walk right beside us everyday and work hard to provide our city a great service. This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week and we would like to thank all the dispatchers for their dedication each and every day.

By now, everyone has heard about the tragic events that struck our community on March 29, 2018. This community has not experienced an in the line of duty death of a police officer in decades. However, on this date, Hopkinsville Police Officer Phillip Meacham, a husband, father, son, and a true servant to his community was killed in the line of duty. As I reflect back on that day and the days that followed, I realized something. I realized that even during a time of such heartache and during a time of such tragedy, I also was witnessing some of the most beautiful acts of mankind. Even today as I am writing this, it is hard to put into words all of the wonderful and supportive acts that I saw. Hundreds of people reaching out to offer their condolences and to show their support. Also, ready to step up and help in any way they could. The crowds of people that would show up and leave flowers, cards, etc. at the memorial in front of the police department or all the people who came to the candlelight vigil. From all the food that citizens and businesses brought to the police department and all the churches stepping in to provide meals for the family and all first responders. To seeing people standing on the side of the roads in the city and all the way out into the county just to show their respect and support for a fallen hero! As the days passed and the support continued to present itself in many different forms, I realized that throughout the chaos I simply forgot to make note of everyone who was there to show their support for the Meacham family and his law enforcement family. So I humbly ask that everyone please accept this as my official THANK YOU! I thank you as a citizen of Hopkinsville, as a member of law enforcement, and as your police chief from the bottom of my heart! We could not have made it without your support. For it is because of citizens like you, that we will always be ready to protect and serve you, no matter the cost! THANK YOU!!! Sincerely, Clayton Sumner, Chief

We are thankful for the partnership between News Channel 2 WKRN (Nashville) and the Hopkinsville Walmart Supercenter who are having a fundraiser today. All the money raised today will go to benefit the Meacham Family. We are very thankful for all the support our community has shown to his family.

These first picture below shows the route we will be taking for Officer Meacham's funeral tomorrow. We are encouraging anyone that may want to display signs of support, along the route, to primarily utilize the area of North Main Street. Also be aware that many of the side streets will be blocked off with no access to North Main. The second picture is the area around the cemetery that will be blocked off during the services there. All blocked roads and detours will be clearly marked. Expect delays in these areas should you need to pass through.

The candle light vigil will proceed tonight at the Hopkinsville Police Department Memorial Park at 7:30. Candles will be provided however the public is encouraged to bring their own if they have them.

A message from Chief Sumner: As we continue to remember Officer Philip Meacham, I ask that everyone continue to show their support for his family as well as our law enforcement officers. I have been asked hundreds of times throughout my career and especially this week, “why in the world would anyone become a police officer or want to be a police officer these days”? Each time I am asked that question I pause for a moment. I begin to think about the emotional, physical and mental stress that an officer as well as their family deal with daily. The realization of knowing that at any moment of everyday the next call for service you receive could very well be your last. Added to that is the fact that you never truly have an “off duty” day. So why…..? For myself and many of us in the law enforcement community, we do it because someone has to be there for those who cannot or who are not able to help themselves and that is worth every risk we take! As we learn from scripture “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” and when someone becomes a law enforcement officer and takes the oath to Protect and Serve, that “friend” also refers to the citizen in the community that officer serves. That is why law enforcement runs toward gun fire and not away from it, because those needing help, often times strangers, cannot or are not able to help themselves at that moment. So a law enforcement officer runs to save their “friend” even at the risk of laying down their own life. The last several days have been absolutely overwhelming to say the least. I realize that the next several days will be challenging as well. So many times I have felt like I am ready to simply break down but then I look at the family Officer Meacham has left behind and see how strong they are during this time. I see all the love and appreciation being shown towards his family and law enforcement from all across the country and that helps fuel me to keep pushing on. That is what we will do, we will push forward! We will continue to be there for Officer Meacham’s family, for each other, and for the citizens we have sworn to protect and serve, no matter the cost! Thank you, each and everyone one of you, for the support you are showing to the world for Officer Phillip Meacham’s family and law enforcement. Sincerely Clayton Sumner, Chief Hopkinsville Police Department

Services for our fallen brother are as follows: Public visitation will be held Tuesday, April 3 from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. at Christian County High School gym, 220 Glass Avenue, Hopkinsville, KY. The public memorial service will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 4 at Christian County High School gym. Burial will follow in Ebenezer Cemetery. For the continued needs of Officer Meacham’s loved ones, donations may be made directly to the family by: 1. Going to any Planters Bank location and telling the teller you wish to make a donation to Officer Phillip Meacham’s Memorial Fund or 2. Mailing donations to: Planters Bank Officer Phillip Meacham Memorial Fund P.O. Box 1570 Hopkinsville, KY 42241-1570

There will be a candle light vigil Saturday March 31 at 7:30 p.m. at the Hopkinsville Police Department in Memorial Park (between the police department and the fire department). We will be honoring Officer Phillip Meacham as we come together to heal as a community. In case of rain it will be moved to First Baptist Church.

There will be a candle light vigil Saturday March 31 at 7:30 p.m. at the Hopkinsville Police Department in Memorial Park (between the police department and the fire department). We will be honoring Officer Phillip Meacham as we come together to heal as a community. In case of rain it will be moved to First Baptist Church.

The procession for Officer Meacham is scheduled to come in front of the police department around 1:45 p.m.

The escort for Officer Phillip Meacham will be coming into town in about 30 minutes.