Cynthiana Police Department

  • Agency: Cynthiana Police Department
  • Address: 420 E Pleasant St, Cynthiana, 41031 KY
  • Chief: Steve Muntz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859-234-7157
Fax: 859-234-7188

Cynthiana Police Department is located at 420 E Pleasant St, Cynthiana, 41031 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve Muntz. The Cynthiana Police Department phone number is 859-234-7157.

Cynthiana Police Department News

Please take a moment and read this article. Be sure and discuss it with your family so everyone is aware of the scams. Especially if you have grandparents or elderly who don’t use social media and might not get the information.

Don’t fall victim to these scams! Call the police or the Internal Revenue Service directly from their website

The Cynthiana Police Department as well as the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office will have officers in and about all Harrison County Schools throughout the rest of the school year. We are working hand in hand will school officials to make our schools safer for students and teachers alike. Chief Johnson and Sheriff Stephens will continue to work with school officials on future plans. As always we thank you for your support!

No School 2/22/2018 Due to flooding.

CAUTION! 2/22/2018 Many County Roads are flooded this morning. Pay close attention. DO NOT try crossing flooded roads or overpasses. Don’t Drown, Turn Around. Safe Travels!

On Thursday January 25th at approximately 10:11PM the Cynthiana Police Department received a report of a possible threat of violence to occur at the Harrison County High School on the following day, during school hours. The Cynthiana Police thoroughly investigated the threat that was reported and based upon the facts of the investigation have taken a subject into custody. This is an ongoing investigation involving juveniles and cannot be commented upon any further. The Cynthiana Police is asking anyone with information relating to threats involving the school, contact the police and not share the information otherwise.

Morning Commuters. Travel this morning with CAUTION. Most roads are covered. Crews are on their way out to clear the roads. With snow still falling and expected to continue to fall until later this morning, road conditions will remain dangerous. Remember to slow down and give yourself room to stop or slow. Stay safe out there!

Happy New Year from our families to yours! Stay safe!

Throughout the night We began to receive many calls reference to a careless driver operating a large red sleigh being pulled by 9 reindeer. Callers reported driving conduct such as weaving and improper parking on the roofs of houses in the downtown area. As Officers Moved into the area they observed a large white male with a snowy white beard, dressed in a red and white suit and cap, the one and only Santa Claus AKA Kris Kringle! Officers asked if there was anything they could do to help, only to receive a cheerful "HO HO HO, NO NO NO". Santa did however ask that the officers keep up the good work and have a "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! Officers watched as Santa slipped down the last chimney in the downtown area and waived as he flew away! An Officer on scene was able to catch a picture as Santa and his team flew over the courthouse! Merry Christmas from your Cynthiana Police Department! May your day be full of Holiday Cheer!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be safe out there through the holidays!

George Rowell and his son LeLand stopped by to drop off his signature Chili and Cornbread to all the on-duty officers. Officer Jones was definitely happy to see him! Thank you George and Family for the holiday cheer! Merry Christmas!

Chief Ray Johnson along with the Cynthiana Police Department would like to introduce to everyone, our new uniform patch! We’ve given it a little time for our officers to get them swapped out! The new patch is a more modern design implementing our U.S. Flag and the Kentucky State Flag with a little history displaying the Old Courthouse downtown. This patch was designed by our very own Sergeant Nathan Linville! (Photo top is the old patch being phased out, bottom is our new patch.)

Don’t answer if your number calls you.

Who will find it first? Hint: it's near a very safe building.....! Happy Hunting! #CynthainaRocksKY

Attention Cynthiana Residents: if you receive a call from KU (Kentucky Utilities) or any other service provider for that matter, telling you that you are absurdly overdue on your bill. Please contact the actual customer service number for that business. Never follow instructions such as loading a prepaid card to make a telephone payment to and unauthenticated business nor western union money for the same reasons. Thanks for your continued support.

The Cynthiana Police Department is participating in the drug take back day.

The Cynthiana/Harrison County E-911 center is currently experiencing issues with the 911 line. If you dial 911 and it does not work for whatever reason please hang up and dial (859)234-7100. Sorry for the inconvenience, technicians are currently working to resolve the issue!

Ms. Tracy Barnes invited Sgt. Nathan Linville, Officer Eddie Quinn and K-9 Officer Hano to visit with her pre-school classroom at HMH today! The children were full of questions and loved meeting/petting Hano! Thanks for the invite Ms. Barnes! Harrison Memorial Hospital