Louisville Metro Police Department

  • Agency: Louisville Metro Police Department
  • Address: 633 W. Jefferson Street, Louisville, 40202 KY
  • Chief: Robert C White (Chief of Police)
Phone: (502) 574-7060

Louisville Metro Police Department is located at 633 W. Jefferson Street, Louisville, 40202 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert C White. The Louisville Metro Police Department phone number is (502) 574-7060.

Louisville Metro Police Department News

H O L Y M O L Y! What a huge bust! Yesterday, our Major Case Unit in Narcotics conducted a traffic stop around Preston and Indian Trail for a minor traffic infraction. With the help of K9 Marco, detectives seized 16.5 POUNDS of suspected crystal methamphetamine! You read that correctly, 16.5 POUNDS! Street value well exceeds $100,000. Major Case dont play! Two arrests were made. #LMPD #Narcotics #MajorCase #TeamNoSleep #ThatsMethedUp #Crystalissues #BruhYouAintWalterWhiteStopPlayin #BreakingDumb #Pounds #IceIceBaby #MethProbs #StopSellingDopeFools #WhatHappensWhenYouSpillMethInCakeMix #___BakingBad #illSeeMyselfOut #DaDumTiss #DrugDealerProbs #WhereMuhDealersAt #YoureNextFam #MealPrep

Yesterday, our 4th Division Impact officers were working a tip in the 1300 Blk of Ouerbacker ct. They attempted to make contact with the subject of the tip and dude fled on foot from police. He was captured shortly after a foot chase. After a thorough investigation, a search warrant was obtained and detectives recovered 4 firearms inside the residence of the subject, who is a convicted felon. 3 out of the 4 firearms were stolen. The subject was arrested and was charged. Great work, Impact! #LMPD #4thDivision #Impact #YourPewsAreNowOurPews #ConvictedFelonsShouldntHavePews #HeInJail #WhyYouRunnin #MoreGatsSeized #PoliceDoingWork #ImpactMakingAnImpact #DatGasMaskTho

On June 7, during the 8th Division's Shoplifting Blitz at Oxmoor Center, this guy not only fled from Von Maur Loss Prevention and us, but also bit a large chunk of flesh off one of the Loss Prevention staff causing a nasty gash. He fled in what we believe to be a 2000's BMW 3 series. Anyone with information is encouraged to call us at 502-574-LMPD (5673). Help us get this guy quickly behind bars!

LMPD needs assistance in identifying a homicide victim who was located on June 14, 2018 at approximately 7:15pm in the 7400 block of Moorman Road (Farnsley-Moorman Landing Park) in Southwest Jefferson County. If you have any idea who this victim may be please call 574-LMPD(5673). Additionally, if you were in this park the afternoon on June 14th, 2018 and saw anything out of the ordinary or anyone matching this description, please speak up. Thanks in advance for your help! W/M Approx. Late 40’s or 50’s Gray hair, short buzz cut Brown Eyes Blue tee shirt/Khaki cargo shorts/Black Nike Tennis Shoes 70 inches tall (5’8-5’9) 204 pounds Top and bottom dentures No tattoos

Earlier this week the LMPD Dive Team assisted the Kentucky State Police with a search of a pond. The Dive Team is comprised of officers, detectives and sergeants that hold positions throughout LMPD and serve on an on-call basis for the team. We appreciate you, Dive! #LMPD #DiveTeam #Dive #GreenPondProbs #Algae4days #NavyDiver #IwantMy12StepsCookie #ScubaSteve

Thanks to all the #SafeRiders that joined us at Texas Roadhouse yesterday for our final night for this year's Motorcycle Safety Raffle. And thanks to our Traffic Unit for putting on this great initiative! Remember, helmets save lives! Wear them please! #LMPD #Cruisin #NoBetterFeeling #SafetyFirst

Our Narcotics Complaint Response Unit (CRU) executed a search warrant in the 6th division yesterday. They recovered 3 rifles with high-cap mags, a pump-action shotty, a handgun, suspected crack, pills and weed all packaged to sell as well as scales. K9 Franklin misses NOTHING! Look at that PROUD BOY! #LMPD #CRU #Narcotics #K9 #K9Franklin #K9FranklinFTW #NarcDog #FranklinTheTanklin #BlurryTailPic #Canine #DontCallMagsClips #GrandpasRifle #NoPeople_YouCantHaveTheGunsWeSeize #SammichBags #WhereYaPewAtFam #ItsInOurPropertyRoomAsEvidenceFam

Recently, our Street Enforcement Squad (SES3) in Narcotics executed a search warrant in the 3rd Division. Detectives seized 21 guns during the course of their investigation. An arrest was made. Great work, Detectives! Edit: Drugs were seized too. #BadCombo #LMPD #SES3 #PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew #Thats_Pew_21Times #21PewSalute #PewProbs

Recently, Metro Academy Class 41 finished taking a PT test at South Central Park in our 4th Division. Our recruits had a few minutes of time and joined up with some youth in the community. Let's just say the recruits joined the correct line of work because their ball skills were struggling. Nevertheless, we're proud of their sense of community!!! #LMPD #MAC41 #Community #BallisLife #FluGame

Our “People we’d like to have a chat with” list is getting quite full! Because of this, we are starting our “People with fancy hats” list. And we’d like to make this dude the honorary first member. Help us out #ourLouisville ! On May 31, 2018 around 3:30 pm, this suspect entered the BB&T Bank at 330 Whittington Parkway and demanded the business currency. He told the teller he was armed with an explosive device. No one was injured during this robbery. He’s a white male, 6’1-6’3”, 155-165 lbs., and 35-40 years old. If you recognize him or have any info, please call us at 502-574-LMPD (5673). We appreciate you all! #LMPD #TeamWork #MoreHashTagsOnceHesCaught

Check out our quick PSA on locking your car doors. #LMPD #LockYourDoors #PutYoJunkInYoTrunk #FirearmsSafety #ProtectYourPewPew #CriminalsLikeEASYtargets

For those members of #ourLouisville that were impacted by the new parking plan put in place for Derby 2018, please join us tonight at Most Blessed Sacrament for a Post Derby Parking Meeting. Check out the flyer for more info. Thanks for the post Lucky Horseshoe Neighborhood Association #ourLouisville #DerbyTime #Feedback

Ever think that calling in a tip won’t matter? Well, think again. On June 10, while most of us were sound asleep, 4th Division Officers Tyler Blissett and Jay Dolak investigated an anonymous tip on Craig Ave. The result… 6.5 ounces of meth, 1.2 ounces of heroin, 69 Lortab pills, some weed, two stolen handguns, and a bunch of cash. This stuff needs to stop #ourLouisville Please continue to help us get this garbage off the streets. No tip is too small! 502-574-LMPD (5673) #TeamWork #4thDivisionPride #TippinAintSnitchin #YouMadBro #TipDrill #WillWorkForTips #574LMPD #ThatsMethedUp #GimmeThoseGats #GatLife #YourPewIsNowMyPew #PewPewProbs

A message from 5th Division Major Aubrey Gregory. Help us catch these crooks! #WheresMyGnome #YardThief #StolenYardStuff #LMPD

CANCEL. Mr. Harvey was located this evening by Ofc. Thomas in the 6th Division. Thanks for all your help #OurLouisville

Congrats to all the new EMS command! Solid work! #EMS #FirstResponderFamily

Some officers call it quits after 20 years of service. Others like William Waters, John Diebold, Ken Christian, Tony Grant, and Scott Perry can’t get enough! Welcome back brothers! We appreciate you! #LMPD #CourageAndCommitment #ReHire #BlueFamily

The 4th Division has been quite busy lately influencing #ourLouisville. Officers Brittany Rausch and Jessica Morrison held an Elderly Crime and Prevention Course at Carlisle Avenue Baptist Church where they went over crime in the area, trends, safety and awareness, senior scams/fraud, suspicious persons, and roles of police in the communities. Then, off to Jefferson County Public Schools Jacob Elementary for The Gentlemen's Academy Club. These 4th and 5th graders graduated and received their awesome ties from the Louisville Metro Police Foundation Finally, the last two Coffee with a Cop events at St. Vincent de Paul Louisville and YouthBuild Louisville had great turnouts. We had great questions and met members who are actively trying to better their neighborhoods. We appreciate you! #ourLouisville #trust #TeamWork #GrowingTogether

Meet Tyler Carach. This wonderful young man travels the country visiting police departments saying “thanks” to those who protect and serve. He’s been to 31 states already! Today, he brought us our fav, 🍩!!!!!! Thanks, Tyler! We see you! #LMPD #DonutsAreLife #DonutBoy #TylerRules #OMGdonuts #ThankaCop #IDONUTneedAreasonToThankAcop

We hear you loud and clear 4th Division community members! So what happens when you all request to see officers out of their cars? Our creative gears start turning, and the 4th Division Impact Unit becomes a thing. Nothing sneaky as you can see by the photo of our crew. Just solid police work! Officers are out on bikes, ATVs, and walking the streets in hot spots responding to your tips. By providing high visibility, community focused policing; these officers are making a difference! Monday, they were in Wilder Park and saw a deal go down at 3rd and Evelyn. That led to a search warrant on 2nd Street in Old Louisville where they came out with what you see here. Not a bad way to start off! And yesterday, one of the most notorious drug houses in Oakdale went down at the hands of this crew! Stay tuned #ourLouisville. This is only the start! #LMPD #2in2Days #ATVLife #NeverSawUsComing #StayOutOfThe4th

Speed and seat belts are the two biggest factors in traffic fatalities. Two of the most controllable things, yet two of the issues that seem to never get better! Yesterday, in two hours, 7 officers from our Traffic Unit wrote 45 citations for speeding on the Watterson. The fastest recorded was 88 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Slow down and buckle up everyone! Your family needs you! Getting there safe is what matters. (And for the record, Larry's Movers Inc. was doing the speed limit. Just took advantage of the photo op 😁)

On 5/12/2018, around 2:00 am, this dude stole a 2012 black BMW X6 packed for a Mother’s Day trip at the intersection of 4th/Hill St. Sneaky…sneaky… What wasn’t sneaky was using the victim’s credit card right in front of a camera. We’d like to add this guy to our “People we’d like to chat with” list. If you recognize him, please call us at 502-574-LMPD (5673). We appreciate you! #LMPD #TeamWork #NotCool

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Jeffersonville Police Department. Rest easy, puppy.

Need a smile? Check this out. Radar and Lance, along with Sgt. Ruby Ellison and Ofc. Justin Hardy, were out patrolling the Highlands over the weekend. These kids got a wonderful surprise! And those smiles say it all. Everyone loves our horses! #LMPD #MountedPatrol #SmilesAreFree

Officers Rachel Phillips and her daughter and Brad Woolridge with his sons ran 6.4 miles on Friday to run the flame in the Kentucky Law Enforcement Torch Run for the opening ceremony of Special Olympics Summer Games 2018 Special Olympics Kentucky in Richmond. Thanks for being a great representation of who and what #LouisvillesFinest represent. We appreciate you! #CourageandCommitment #SpecialOlympics #LMPD