Nicholasville Police Department

  • Agency: Nicholasville Police Department
  • Address: 510 N Main St, Nicholasville, 40356 KY
  • Chief: Barry Waldrop (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859 885-9468
Fax: 859-885-1766

Nicholasville Police Department is located at 510 N Main St, Nicholasville, 40356 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Barry Waldrop. The Nicholasville Police Department phone number is 859 885-9468.

Nicholasville Police Department News

We are still receiving numerous tips on this case! We love that citizens are doing their part to make sure our children are protected in our schools! We couldn't have solved this one without you! We need this image to go away, however, so we can focus on any new threats that might hit social media. Please share that this case was solved and arrests were made. THANK YOU!!

NPD welcomes Jeremy Balltrip as a newly sworn police officer!

Threat Update-After receiving numerous calls and messages in regards to the threats against Jessamine County Schools investigators worked throughout the night gathering information and evidence in the case. At 0521 hours Nicholasville Police arrested two individuals and charged them with Terroristic Threatening in the 2nd Degree. This was a situation where the public immediatly did what they should have when they recognized a post on SnapChat that was a threat against Jessamine County Schools. The post was shared not only with law enforcment but with many others across the city,county and state. The information was crucial in develping the evidence needed to make the arrests. As mentioned in my earlier post, we were fairly confident that Danny Cross was not involved in making the post but until we were able to make contact with him and other family members we could not come out and say that. All the evidence we have gathered indicates that he was not involved with the threats. As stated earlier, we immediatly took this threat as serious and worked throughout the night to find out who the individuals were who had placed this post on social media. This was a perfect example of how the public and police came together to gather the evidence needed to make an arrest in this case. Again, I would like to thank all of those that reached out to us when they started receiving information. We value the safety of all persons in Nicholasville and will work to keep our community safe. Ofc. Kevin Grimes

Update Information of recent threat-We are currently still investigating the threat that was seen on SnapChat. The individual mentioned in the post may not be involved. We are currently working with SnapChat to determine account information from where this post was sent from. I want to thank everyone who has been messaging and posting information in regards to this case. This is exactly what should have taken place in this situation when the threat was observed. If possible, I will continue to provide information in a timely manner to keep everyone aware of the situation. Ofc. Kevin Grimes

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of a recent post on SnapChat and are diligently working on the situation. Want to thank everyone for contacting us and providing all of the information. Ofc. Grimes

US 27 north bound at Etter Dr. Is now open. Traffic will be a little slow going so use caution. Kg

US 27 North Bound at Etter Dr. Is shut down currently due to a serious traffic collision. Please use caution and alternate route if possible. Kg

The Nicholasville Police Department is currently accepting applications for the up and coming Citizens Police Academy. The classes will start on March 8th and end May 10th. Anyone interested should contact Ofc. Kevin Grimes via email or come to the police department and pick up the application. The application is also online on the City of Nicholasville web site. Ofc. Grimes email is KG

US 27 is now open in both directions. Traffic collision scene is now cleared. Kg

Please be safe if you have to travel tonight. The road conditions are worsening.

Today, we welcome another new officer to our department. Zachary Lawson was sworn in with his family standing behind him.

Congratulations to Calep Clifford, Jermaine Jackson, Cody Smallwood, and Matthew Storch for graduating the Basic Law Enforcement Academy at the Department of Criminal Justice Training. They will begin their field training in a week, serving the citizens of Nicholasville. Also a shout out to our department's Honor Guard for the Presentation of Colors at the graduation.

We welcome Zachary Bowerbank and William Neujahr to our department as newly hired officers!

All lanes of traffic are now open on US 27. Kg

All lanes of US27 are back open at Catnip Hill at this time.

Police are working a serious traffic collision on US 27 North at Windmill Way. Use caution in the area. If able, use altenate route. Kg

Jeremy Daniel Mills has been located, and taken into custody by the Nicholasville Police Department. MM

North bound lanes on US 27 should be open in a short time. 2 seperate collisions between Main St and Howard caused a jam. Please use caution in the area. Kg

If you do not have to get out today please stay at home. The roads are still hazardous and the snow continues to fall. Temps are hovering around 10° and are not going to increase much if any. Kg

Happy New Year from the Nicholasville Police Department! We would like to take this time to announce that we have a new Chief of Police, Todd Justice! We thank Chief Barry Waldrop for his 22 years of leadership and vision which has made our department the best in the Commonwealth!

Merry Christmas from the Nicholasville Police Department. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday.

In July Kentucky passed a new law called the "Blue Light" law which basically said that with the exception of Law Enforcement no vehicle shall have installed on it any blue lighting whatsoever. It also specified what a vehicle could be equiped with. Facing forward the only colors allowed are clear and amber. Amber for turn signals and clear headlights. It further specified that only color for the rear is red and amber or white. We have seen numerous vehicles on the road with added accent lighting in various colors, some solid and some flashing. Under Kentucky Law all of this is illegal and the driver is subject to a citation and confiscation of the lighting. Please be aware of this as we will be issuing citations for these offenses as we see them. KG

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented and sent PM to us with information on the latest Hit and Run Post. After getting information and some investigation we believe we know who this individual is. If it were not from the help of social media we may not have found out the information needed. Thanks again. Ofc. Grimes

This subject is a suspect in a Hit and Run accident. If you can help us identify this subject, please contact JF

Main Street in Nicholasville is now open in both directions. Thank you for your patience. Kg