Ludlow Police Department

  • Agency: Ludlow Police Department
  • Address: 51 Elm Street, Ludlow, 41016 KY
  • Chief: Raymond Murphy (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859 261-8186
Fax: 859 392-2874

Ludlow Police Department is located at 51 Elm Street, Ludlow, 41016 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Raymond Murphy. The Ludlow Police Department phone number is 859 261-8186.

Ludlow Police Department News

National Take-Back Initiative April 28, 2018 10:00 am – 2:00 pm At the Ludlow Police Department The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Ludlow Police would like to invite you to participate in the 15th National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. On this date, DEA and Ludlow Police will again be collecting potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs at sites nationwide.

Another hit close to home. Two KY officers killed in the line of duty in the past 30 days. This one, violently. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pike County today. We know several officers from Pike personally.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Officer Scotty Hamilton of the Pikeville, KY Police Department, as well as the citizens of Pikeville, KY!! REST IN PEACE!!!!

Sharing for our brothers and sisters at Wyoming Police Dept, Ohio!!

We were asked to pass this along... We don't typically advertise for non City sanctioned events but making a rare exception for this Addiction Services Council fund raiser

ROADS ARE AGAIN OPEN Our Public Works did a great job getting all of the roads open after the flash flooding. The only roadway that remains closed is Elm St into Bromley. That will remain closed until the river drops a couple feet.

River Road (under the rail road tracks) does have water covering the roadway, but it is passable- use cation as it is one lane

Sleepy Hollow is now open

UPDATED TRAFFIC The only way in or out of Ludlow is Oak St, through Bromley, to Highwater. Follow Highwater to Collins Rd in Villa Hills, and then turn left onto Buttermilk. That will take you to I-75

TRAFFIC ADVISORY! Elm Street has standing water; drive with cation. Most intersections are hazardous. The Rail Underpass is also flooded, do not attempt to drive through

Saying a prayer for Covington Police... they had an officer shot this morning. No official word on officer or suspect. State Police is on scene and investigating. Please keep our neighbors to our immeasurable east in your prayers this weekend!!

ROAD CLOSED 800 blk of Elm Street is closed due to high water

Always like to remind people of this law- as few follow it. It really is safer to pass on the left, for among other reasons the location of the mirrors, blind spots (or lack there of).

This morning Kenton County Regional SWAT participated in a charity event at The Tracks; a cross fit gym in Erlanger. Lt. Eric Nelson (Kenton County Sheriff’s Office), Dr. Micheal Stava (team doctor), Officer Julie Marzheuser (Edgewood PD), Officer Jessie Wenning (Elsmere PD) and Lt Beck all did burpees to help support a Boone County Deputy and mother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The goal for first responders was to do 1,000 burpees. KCRS had help from Erlanger Fire and Probation & Parol. Great job everyone!

Sgt. Eastham and Lt Beck represented The City of Ludlow today, honoring the fallen Westerville Officers during their funeral service.

And again...