Park Hills Police Department

  • Agency: Park Hills Police Department
  • Address: 1106 Amsterdam Rd, Park Hills, 41011 KY
  • Chief: Cody Stanley (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859 431-6172
Fax: (859) 431-5433

Park Hills Police Department is located at 1106 Amsterdam Rd, Park Hills, 41011 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Cody Stanley. The Park Hills Police Department phone number is 859 431-6172.

Park Hills Police Department News

Residents, Parts of the city is without power. Right now around the Jackson area up towards Emerson. Duke is on scene and is in the process of repair. This may take several hours due to the down poles and transformers and trees. If you see a down wire DO NOT TOUCH IT. Contact dispatch or DUKE.

Residents, Today I was advised of a coyote up by the golf course. I observed the coyote (in the blue circle) walk over to the wooded area across from the club house. It did not appear to have fear of humans. Please be careful when walking the paths and keep your animals on a leash. Be advised that unless the animal is vicious or poses a danger to humans it is best to leave them alone. Animal Control or the Police can be contacted to assess the situation. Lt. Webster

Residents, The Snow Emergency has been cancelled. You may park on the street

Residents, A SNOW EMERGENCY is being Cancelled .

Residents, Please be aware that even though the road looks clear there may be ice. It is sometimes called black ice. This morning while we were assisting another agency. A driver got caught in some ice and hit a police cruiser. The driver was not injured and the police unit is still in operation. Please be careful this evening with the roads freezing over this evening. Some more information on this post. This incident occurred on Rt 8/ River Rd. Park Hills and Villa Hills were dispatched to a vehicle off the road. We arrived and located the first vehicle approximately 100 ft off the road but not damaged. We were contacting a wrecker and attending to the driver of the first vehicle. I was out of my vehicle and getting items out of the first vehicle. I was returning to my vehicle when this accident occurred. In my opinion had they not hit my police unit, this vehicle could have hit the telephone pole or rolled down the embankment. The driver could have been seriously injured. So even though my unit is damaged and can be repaired there was thankfully NO physical injury to the driver. So if you see a police unit with its lights on please slow down and give them room because there is a reason they are there. I also would like to thank the stranger who gave money to the driver of the first vehicle to assist her with paying the tow truck driver. The stranger left before the driver of the first vehicle could say thank you. Lt. Webster

Residents, Due to the bad weather that is predicted for later today. Please remove your vehicles from the roadway so they can be treated. You may park in your yard for this event.

Residents, Please do not advertise what you have received for Christmas. Fold the boxes up and put into your garbage can. Your serial number for your items should be on a sticker on the outside of the box. You can take a picture or cut it off for your records Please do not leave presents in your vehicle unsecured as you go from house to house visiting family. The bad guy is always looking and lets not make it easy for them. Have a safe day.

Residents, We have had reports of package thefts from porches. Please contact DISPATCH at 859-356-3191 if you see anything. To combat this the Park Hills Police may take your package to headquarters. We will leave you a flyer letting you know. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicles because they also are targets of thieves.

Trick or Treat time is 6PM to 8PM. Please stop by the Fire Department for a treat.

Residents, Last night a subject was located on a stolen Mt. bike. From the investigation it was determined that he had also gone through several vehicles in the area. See attached photo of suspect. If you live in the Old State area and had items taken from your vehicle please contact us. We still have several items that still need to be identified by their owner. Call Dispatch at 859-356-3191 R. Webster

The Park Hills Police is trying to identify the subject in the video. He is a Suspect in a Burglary that occurred over the weekend. If you have any information please call 859-431-6172 and leave a message.

The Park Hills PD is attempting to identify the subject in the photos. He is a suspect in a Burglary case and may have been driving the pictured vehicle. If you have information you can call 859-431-6172 or 859-609-0884 and leave a message. You can also contact Crime Stoppers 513-352-3040

Have a safe day.

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