Hodgenville Police Department

  • Agency: Hodgenville Police Department
  • Address: 45 West High St, Hodgenville, 42748 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: (270) 358-3013
Fax: (270) 358-2215

Hodgenville Police Department is located at 45 West High St, Hodgenville, 42748 KY. The Hodgenville Police Department phone number is (270) 358-3013.

Hodgenville Police Department News

***UPDATE*** Mr Gray has been located. The Hodgenville Police Department is attempting to locate Timothy Gray. Mr Gray lived on College St in Hodgenville in 2007 and was born in 1963. We have property that belongs to him that needs to be returned and have exhausted efforts to contact him by his last known information. If you know Mr Gray, please have him contact us at 279-358-3013.

Even though we aren’t highlighted in the picture, we take part in this. Stop by 24/7. We DO NOT accept sharps. That includes any form of sharp, pointy metal! So no needles or finger sticks please!

Today marks 200 years of Hodgenville! Happy birthday to our small town and here is to 200 more!

If you or your kids are missing a bicycle let us know. We have several in found property and a couple seem to be brand new. They could have been Christmas gifts that came up missing.

The individual that made the threat was identified and the issue is being taken care of. The issue seems to be isolated to the one student and there is no reason to believe there is any further threat. The issue spread to surrounding counties and officials in at least one other county have been made aware and are involved in the process. If anything changes we will keep the community updated.

HPD has received many messages and phone calls in reference to a threat against students at the LCHS. Officials notified police late yesterday afternoon of a student that had made a threat and it is being addressed. There is no reason to fear sending your children to school this morning. The school is in contact with law enforcement and we will have officers in the area as a school starts this morning to help ease parents fears. We will have limited information to put out regarding the incident as it involves a juvenile. The LCHS and HPD take these threats very serious and will deal with the situation accordingly.

Thanks to our partners at the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety for their support of our public safety mission. Hodgenville is a small community and we have limited funds for extra duty details such as impaired driving enforcement, seat belt enforcement and various other traffic related duties. HPD receives a grant through the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety each year to help accomplish this mission. We use those funds to do the above mentioned details as well as our safety checkpoints. Today, KOHS law enforcement liaison Rob Ratliff stopped by with a gift. Rob gave the department a Stalker radar system valued in excess of $1,700. This system will be added to other radar units to give each of our officers the ability to operate mobile radar. We want to express a heart felt thanks to our partners at KOHS for assisting us in our mission! Kentucky Office of Highway Safety

Be careful on the roads this morning. There has been some light snow in areas. The temps are hovering at or just below freezing and some slick spots could develop. This is especially true for rural roads out in the county that don’t see much traffic. Also, the hill on Bardstown Road will likely be slick as it is always a problem area. Be safe.

Cole Meredith has an active bench warrant for his arrest. If you know Mr Merediths whereabouts, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Prayers go out to those involved in this situation.

Christopher Metcalf has an active bench warrant for his arrest. If you know Mr Metcalfs whereabouts, please contact your local law enforcement agency.