Hodgenville Police Department

  • Agency: Hodgenville Police Department
  • Address: 45 West High St, Hodgenville, 42748 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: (270) 358-3013
Fax: (270) 358-2215

Hodgenville Police Department is located at 45 West High St, Hodgenville, 42748 KY. The Hodgenville Police Department phone number is (270) 358-3013.

Hodgenville Police Department News

HPD wants to wish our military, past and present, a happy Veterans Day! We would also like to thank our city employees that served: Sgt Richardson (Army), Off Talley (Army), Arley DeSpain (Army), and Mayor Devore (Navy). Everyone enjoy your weekend!

HPD is currently investigating a case from November 2nd. At approximately 11:30 am two females exited a dark colored passenger car parked near the water plant on E. Water St. The suspects attempted to provided contraband to the inmates that were in the area on a work detail. If you have any information related to this investigation please contact us. If you would like to remain anonymous please message us on our Facebook page. The attached photo is a person of interest; we need help with identifying her.

The Hodgenville Police Department is attempting to locate this vehicle. It was involved in a theft. If you are familiar with this vehicle, please contact us at 270-358-3013.

Larue County District Court has issued a bench warrant for Haylea Allen. If you know Ms Allen’s whereabouts please notify your local law enforcement agency.

Shawn Turpin has an active bench warrant through Larue County related to traffic charges. If you know Mr Turpin whereabouts, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

HPD had the honor of participating in last nights Domestic Violence Awareness Program sponsored by the City of Hodgenville. It was a great opportunity to learn about the problem faced by those affected by domestic violence. Hopefully, these types of programs will continue to be offered to the community. We also hope that the community will become more involved and participate in these types of events. Thanks for allowing HPD to be a part of the event!

Congrats to these kids! Good luck tonight!

Don’t forget to stop by Monday night for this community event.

Thanks to #Arrowhead Archery & BBQ for lunch! Of all the things the county lacks, good chow isn’t one of them! We appreciate it guys! From us and the hungry dispatcher you fed at lunch today!!!

Christopher Jackson has two active warrants for his arrest through Hart County related to theft, tampering with evidence and bail jumping. If you know the whereabouts of Mr Jackson please contact your local law enforcement agency.

We have just received notification that Haylea Allen, the young lady that has the active warrant through Warren County, has called into question several things. One, HPD doesn’t know how to do our jobs because she failed to pay a fine, not failed to appear. Second, she thinks she has insulted one of our officers. So we thought we would address this. First, attached you will find a copy of the official warrant sent electronically from Warren County. When you have an active warrant in Kentucky, it is sent to the county they show you live in. Then that county attempts to serve the warrant. HPD periodically posts those that don’t get served for whatever reason. Since hers had been out for a few weeks, it was posted. Pay particular attention to the section of the warrant that says she failed to pay or failed to appear. That usually means that the person failed to pay the fine or show up to tell the judge why. She can take that up with the court in Warren County. (And public intoxication is a jailable offense, just FYI.) Second,SGT Richardson appreciates her concerns on his weight and physique. Although his feelings are crushed, he says he has a good support system and will make it through these hard times. Moral of the story is this, call names, post mean statements, but remember: this is your fault, not ours. We do our jobs and are proud of the job we do. If Warren County says it is ok for her not to go to jail, then she should ask them nicely to rescind the warrant. Until they do, the warrant is active and will be served when she is located.

Blake Gusler has an active warrant for Wanton Endangerment and Assault 4(Domestic). If you know the whereabouts of Mr Gusler please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Haylea Allen has an active warrant for her arrest through Warren County for FTA. If you know Ms Allen’s whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Tristen Bowen has an active warrant for his arrest through Hardin County for FTA. If you know Mr Bowen’s whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Starting Monday, October 30th, HPD will be using the online collision reporting system, Buycrash. This system will enable individuals involved in collisions to go online and request a report rather than come to City Hall and pick it up in person. This will help those that are from out of town and those that cant find time during normal duty hours to pick up a report. If you go online, they will charge you $10; you may still come in and pick up a copy at City Hall for $5. If you are involved in a collision that HPD works, we will provide you with a card that has the officers info and report number to reference in the system. The instructions are on the card and they are easy to follow. We hope this service will benefit the community and look forward to its implementation next week.

We have located a lost dog. If you recognize it please contact us.

HPD is currently searching for this individual. The suspect is wants for questioning related to an incident at LCHS. If you know this person please contact us at 270-358-3013 or message us on Facebook. You can remain anonymous.

Please help get the word out!

Earlier this afternoon HPD responded to a medical assist with Larue County EMS. While on scene, the HPD unit was struck by a tractor causing significant damage. The operator of the tractor was not injured and the officer later went to HMH with back pain. The investigation into the collision is being handled by KSP Post 4.

Mr Butler turned himself in to authorities