Hodgenville Police Department

  • Agency: Hodgenville Police Department
  • Address: 45 West High St, Hodgenville, 42748 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: (270) 358-3013
Fax: (270) 358-2215

Hodgenville Police Department is located at 45 West High St, Hodgenville, 42748 KY. The Hodgenville Police Department phone number is (270) 358-3013.

Hodgenville Police Department News

Eric Highbaugh has an active warrant for his arrest related to Making false statement to prevent reductions to benefits. If you know Mr Highbaugh whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement agency or HPD at 270-358-3013.

Ethan Alford has an active warrant for his arrest related to Poss of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. If you know Mr Alford’s whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement agency or HPD at 270-358-3013.

Joseph Sheldon has an active warrant for his arrest related to Poss of a controlled substance. If you know Mr Sheldon’s whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement agency or HPD at 270-358-3013.

Anthony Skaggs has an active warrant for his arrest related to TBUT (cold checks). If you know Mr Skaggs’ whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement agency or HPD at (270)358-3013.

Angela Gardiner has an active warrant for her arrest as well as a criminal summons that needs to be served, related to TBUT (cold checks). If you know Ms Gardiners whereabouts please contact your local law enforcement agency or HPD at (270)358-3013.

In the Army we had a saying, “Stay in your lane!”

HPD will be teaming up with other agencies across the state to participate in the Click it or Ticket campaign. We will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints in the area between now and July. These safety checkpoints will be on state and county roads such as 210, 470, 31E 61/Lincoln Parkway, 1618 and 84. We will be out between the hours of 4 pm and 3 am. Officers will also be out conducting extra traffic enforcement. We will be concentrating on seat belt usage, impaired driving and speeders. If you come across a checkpoint, please have your license, insurance and registration ready. We will post more about these events over the next few months.

This suspect turned himself in. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Mayor DeVore!

It’s National Police Week! Please remember those officers across the country, and here at home, that have given the ultimate sacrifice for their communities.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! We wouldn’t be here without you!!!

So we hear questions all the time about why we do things. For example, "Don't you have anything better to do. Go fight real crime." We get that often when we are called out to enforce city ordinances such as a business license. So, we thought we would share why it is important to us to do that. We recently worked a case where an elderly member of our community gave a man $700 to do work on her driveway. There was some question as to the mans legitimacy and whether or not he was scamming folks. After a week of searching, we contacted the man. He obtained a business license and entered into an agreement to do the driveway. If he had already obtained a business license several things would have happened. One, he would have been much easier to find in order to square away the issue, and two, we could have verified his legitimacy as a business operating within the city simply by going to city hall to inspect his license. That also provides revenue for the city and every $50 counts in small communities such as ours. We care about our community and I think we can all agree non of us want anyone taking advantage of the its members. Its easy to think that the police are hassling you over a $50 business license but there is much more to it than that. We just wanted to take a moment to better help you understand why we do things.

HPD is investigating a possible scam conducted on May 2-3, 2018. Persons going door to door reportedly offered to surface driveways and asked for money up front. At least one possible victim paid the suspect $700 to cover supplies for the work. If you have any information related to this type of activity please contact us via Facebook messenger or call 270-358-3013. We are actively seeking to speak to a person of interest, William Bartley (pictured) in connection to this investigation. If you know Mr Bartley whereabouts please contact HPD.

HPD worked a collision on 1618 in front of HES this afternoon. We were assisted by KSP, LCSO, LCEMS and local volunteer fire units. While EMS was busy triaging patients, a vehicle attempted to drive through the scene. The driver seemed oblivious to the fact he was endangering people’s safety by attempting to drive around emergency vehicles placed in the roadway to safeguard responders. Not only did this happen once, it happened multiple times. Each driver was upset they were made to go back and take an alternate route. Each driver also seemed upset that they were talked sternly too and the officers were short with them. We should also point out that there were hundreds of drivers that were delayed and would like to say thank you for understanding. We share this for two reasons. One, theses scenes are very chaotic and there are a lot of moving parts. When we have to tell you to go around, we actually take valuable time away from other duties. We shouldn’t have to tell you not to drive through an accident scene. We strive to be as professional as we can but there are times when you may get a stern no and told to move on because that’s all we have time for. It’s not personal, we just have more important things to do besides tell you not to drive around police cars and fire trucks and EMS popping in and out of cars trying to help people. Second, we have had several serious collisions in and around the city lately. People not paying attention and speeding have played major roles in this. HPD will be conducting extra traffic enforcement to remind folks to slow down and drive safe. We will be targeting speeders, folks not wearing seat belts and those that fail to slow down and move over for stopped emergency vehicles. We will also start citing those that try to drive around emergency vehicles at crash scenes. Please share this message and tell your friends to drive smart and avoid any issues.