Auburn Police Department

  • Agency: Auburn Police Department
  • Address: 103 East Main St, Auburn, 42206 KY
  • Chief: Scott Harmon (Chief of Police)
Phone: (270) 542-4149

Auburn Police Department is located at 103 East Main St, Auburn, 42206 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Scott Harmon. The Auburn Police Department phone number is (270) 542-4149.

Auburn Police Department News

Stay alert and safe!

Please do not get out on the roads tonight, unless it is completely necessary! Allow snow plows and salt trucks plenty of time to treat the roads before getting out tomorrow. Roads are snow covered, making driving difficult.

Use caution while driving in this impending winter weather. Allow extra space between vehicles, keep an emergency kit with blankets, flashlights, ice melt, water, and food in your car, keep your tank filled with gas, and make sure your battery is in good working condition. Most of all, use common sense when deciding whether to get out on the roads.

Just a quick reminder....there is a 2 hour time limit on all parking along Main St during peak business hours. This limit is to allow plenty of parking for customers/patients that patronize the businesses along Main St. Please be considerate and adhere to these parking regulations.

We have had some vandals at our park recently. They have been taking all of the toilet paper in our bathrooms and shoving it in the toilets and overflowing them. This costs the city and the tax payers money in repairs. Please, if you have a child that is old enough to wander through town on their own, talk with them about respect of other people and their property. Let them know that if they are caught, the child and the parents will be held accountable for the repairs that need to be done. Also, if you are aware of somebody vandalizing our beautiful park, please let City Hall, the Police Dept, or Park Attendants know. It takes a village! Thank you for you cooperation!

Auburn’s Christmas Parade is today! Main St from Amanda Gordon to Rector Ave will be closed to all traffic from @ 1:45 until the end of the parade. Please plan an alternate route to get to your destination.

A trailer similar to the picture below has been reported stolen from the Auburn area. We are seeking information pertaining to this theft. Please contact the Auburn Police Dept at 270-542-4149, ext 205 or 270-726-4911 with any information.

WRECC scam alert!

A kind citizen found a wallet today and turned it in to the Police Department. There are items inside. To claim it a description of the wallet, contents, and name will be required. Please share this post.

Many times feedback is negative. Thank you, Mr. Smallwood, for your kind words.

Our area is expecting some large amounts of rainfall over the next couple of days and has a Flash Flood Watch in effect. Use caution while driving this holiday weekend and watch for pooling water in the roadways. Remember..."Turn around, don't drown!"

In an effort to keep everyone safe on Monday, August 21, we are asking that anyone wanting to view the eclipse do so from a stopped position. Please make sure that you are not blocking roadways, driveways, intersections, or railroad crossings. Please make sure that you pull a safe distance off the road and do not go on private property without proper permission. This is an exciting experience for all of us in the area. We ask that everyone follow the law and as always, use common sense.

Main Street will be closed to through traffic from Caldwell Street to Lincoln Street during the festival. Please take alternate routes around the downtown area.

Don't forget...tomorrow is the first day of school! College St, Roosevelt St, and Hill St will be congested between 7:10 and 7:45. Please take an alternate route if you do not have to travel those areas. Also, be watchful for little ones walking and riding their bikes to school, keep your speed at 15 mph in the school zone and stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks. Drop your children off at designated doors at the school or at the crosswalk! DO NOT drop the children off on the street in front of the school.

A lost cell phone was turned in at City Hall. Accurate description must be provided before claiming.

From Fire Chief Jeff Gregory: The stop light is out at 103 and 68 at Auburn and from state officials it will be out till some time tomorrow so please treat it as a 4 way stop. Please feel free to share this to keep people safe.