Harrodsburg Police Department

  • Agency: Harrodsburg Police Department
  • Address: 411 N Greenville St., Harrodsburg, 40330 KY
  • Chief: COL William "Billy" F. Whitenack (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859-734-3311
Fax: 859-734-5890

Harrodsburg Police Department is located at 411 N Greenville St., Harrodsburg, 40330 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is COL William "Billy" F. Whitenack. The Harrodsburg Police Department phone number is 859-734-3311.

Harrodsburg Police Department News

All guns are recovered and an arrest has been made in connection with this Burglary. On October 16, 2017, Officer Aaron Steele served an Indictment on Mr. Robin S. Huffman, age 54, of Harrodsburg. The charges are (1) Burglary-1st Degree, and (2) Theft by Unlawful Taking - $10,000 or more but under $1,000,000. Huffman is lodged at the Boyle County Detention Center on a $30,000 bond. Original Press Release - posted in August: A Harrodsburg resident reported several burglaries that occurred at his residence while he was away for an extended period of time. An investigation into these burglaries led to the recovery of 13 long guns (rifles and shotguns), some of them being antiques (including one civil war era pistol). The estimated value of the recovered items is $18,285.00. Investigating officer is Officer David Patterson.

We would like to say congratulations to the following employees and elected officials for their recent accomplishment: City Clerk Kim Stinnett, Police Commissioner Scott Moseley, and Chief Billy Whitenack. NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 9, 2017 FOR MORE INFORMATION – 859.977.3761, KLC Training CITY OFFICIALS RECEIVE TRAINING AWARDS COVINGTON, KY – Nearly 200 city officials from across the state were recognized for their educational achievement during the City Officials Training Center (COTC) Awards Program at the 2017 KLC Conference & Expo on October 4, 2017. The annual conference drew in nearly 500 city officials and leaders from across the commonwealth. The City Officials Training Center is a voluntary education program administered by the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC). City officials can complete education levels by attending KLC events and by submitting outside training credit from other municipal training. There are three levels of achievement: Level I - Achievement in City Governance, Level II - Excellence in City Governance and Level III - Master of City Governance. To maintain the masters an additional 15 hours of courses must be completed annually. “The COTC program provides a variety of training that better equips our city leaders across the state to serve their local communities. With this achievement and the amount of training it represents, citizens are the real winners because our communities are reaping the benefits of better informed leaders,” said J.D. Chaney, KLC deputy executive director. “This is an impressive feat and a testament to the dedication of these city officials.” This year 34 officials received the highest training achievement offered by COTC, the Level III - Master of City Governance award. This honor requires the city official to attend 90 hours of approved training with three hours of ethics training. 2017 COTC AWARDS Level III- Master of City Governance 1. Jana Adams, Councilmember, City of Mayfield 2. Debbie Batliner, City Clerk, City of Munfordville 3. Daniel Beavers, Mayor, City of Princeton 4. Robert Blythe, Commissioner, City of Richmond 5. Toni Burton, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Hodgenville 6. Rick Cochrane, Public Safety Director, City of London 7. Kenny Devore, Mayor, City of Hodgenville 8. Sindicat Dunn, Councilmember, City of Burgin 9. David Eaton, City Administrator, City of Simpsonville 10. Karen Gathof, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Hillview 11. Robert Goodlett, Mayor, City of Lawrenceburg 12. Deanne Hensley, P & Z Member, City of Manchester Planning Commission 13. Sara Hicks, Councilmember, City of Midway 14. Robbie Hume, City Clerk, City of Lawrenceburg 15. Tamie Johnson, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Mayfield 16. Daron Jordan, City Manager, City of Paris 17. Dawn Kelsey, City Attorney, City of Henderson 18. Scott Moseley, Commissioner, City of Harrodsburg 19. Robert Myles, City Attorney, City of Lawrenceburg 20. Danny Phelps, Councilmember, City of London 21. Owen Roberts, Councilmember, City of Versailles 22. Troy Rudder, Mayor, City of London 23. Mary Scott, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Bellevue 24. Russell Sights, City Manager, City of Henderson 25. Kathleen Sisco, Councilmember, City of Vine Grove 26. Robert Smith, Public Works Director, City of Cave City 27. Bruce Southworth, Councilmember, City of Midway 28. Kim Stinnett, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Harrodsburg 29. Bob Stonum, Commissioner, City of Worthington Hills 30. Brian Traugott, Mayor, City of Versailles 31. Scotty Turner, Mayor, City of Tompkinsville 32. Kathy Walker, Assistant City Clerk, City of Nicholasville 33. Billy Whitenack, Police Chief, City of Harrodsburg 34. Frank Wichmann, Council Attorney, City of Erlanger

This morning dispatch received a total of 19 reports of vehicle break-ins throughout the county. The thefts occurred overnight, but the first one was discovered and reported at 6:30 am. CRIME STOPPERS is offering up to a $1000.00 reward for information - investigating officer is Captain Scott Elder of the Mercer County Sheriff's Department at 859-734-4221 or you may contact him via Harrodsburg Dispatch at 859-734-3311. Thefts in progress should be reported by calling 911. Some of the areas reported are as follows: - La Colline, Spring Lake Drive, and Fontaine Trace (Fountain View subdivision off of 390 aka Bohon Road) - Bohon Road in the vicinity of the railroad tracks - McCrosky Pike - Secretariat Drive & Man-O-War Drive (off of 1160 aka Talmage-Mayo Road) - K Leigh Drive (Lee Oaks subdivision off of Warwick Road) Most of the vehicle break-ins involved include busted vehicle windows (aka Smash -n- Grab). 3 firearms have been reported as stolen, which means the suspects should be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS. 2 vehicles have been reported as stolen: - Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck with license plate 1523CZ - with Shawnee Run Farms in green lettering on the doors (this truck was located abandoned on Bohon Road) - Silver Kia Sportage SUV with license plate 977RJY (this vehicle was used by the suspects when committing some of the other thefts)

Just a reminder this is a class B misdemeanor and not a traffic violation.

We also have to thank the trainers who taught Jade how to do her new job. Thanks to Jason and Heather Suedkamp with Dark K-9 of Harrodsburg. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to our newest officer!

Congratulations Corporal Derek Patterson and K-9 Jade! Corporal Patterson took Jade as a puppy, and has spent countless hours getting her ready for her big day! We're so proud of both of you!! Thanks so much to Jim and Jennifer Reed for donating Jade to us. She couldn't have done it without you guys!

The Harrodsburg Police Department along with the Lawrenceburg Police Department, Washington County Sheriff's Office, and the Marion County Sheriff's Office conducted an investigation regarding two trailers that were stolen from Harrodsburg. The investigation resulted in the arrest of Jeremy Coy of Harrodsburg. Both trailers were recovered.

We welcome Taylor Smith to the force.

Thanks to everyone who sent treats to the police department today - - we really appreciate it!!

Date: September 6 Location: Belmont Street • Zachary W. Thomas, age 18, of Harrodsburg - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Heroin) - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Meth) - Possession of Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Cocaine) • Travis E. Heath, age 22, of Harrodsburg - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Heroin) - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Meth) • Glenna Rice, age 20, of Harrodsburg - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Heroin) - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Meth) • Angela Sue Garcia, age 44, of Harrodsburg - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Heroin) - Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Meth) - Possession of Marijuana - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Arresting Officer: Ryan Evans of the Harrodsburg Police Department Additional Info: A recent investigation by the Harrodsburg Police Department resulted in the above arrests/charges. All were lodged at the Boyle County Detention Center.

If anyone can identify the individual or the vehicle in these photos, please contact Corporal Chris Booth at the Harrodsburg Police Department at 859-734-3311. This individual was wearing a white t-shirt with a dark cap and when he returned moments later he was wearing a UK hoodie and a white hat. Photo number #5 has a good shot of his tattoos that may help identify him.

Friendly Reminder: The IRS will not call with threats of a warrant and/or arrest on unpaid taxes. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a representative of the IRS, follow these tips: - - Resist the pressure to act quickly. - - Report the contact to TIGTA at http://www.treasury.gov/tigta by clicking on the red button, “IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting.” - - Use caution when asked to use a specific payment method. The IRS would not require a specific payment method such as a MoneyPak card or wire transfer. - - If you feel threatened, contact the police department.

This item was recently found, anyone with information as to who it belongs to please contact Officer Lay.

In the past few days, drug related arrests were made on Jimmy Charles Richardson and Nicholas Cole Rossoll - details are as follows: Date: 08/27/17 @ 4:30 pm Location: Marimon Avenue Offender: Jimmy Charles Richardson, age 27, of Harrodsburg Charges: • Tampering with Physical Evidence • Fleeing or Evading Police-2nd Degree (on foot) • Possession of Controlled Substance-1st Degree-2nd Offense (Methamphetamine) • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia • Trafficking in Controlled Substance-1st Degree-2nd of > Offense (Methamphetamine) Arresting Officer: Chris Perkins Additional Info: A recent investigation led officers to Richardson’s residence and subsequent arrest on the above charges . . Richardson was lodged at the Boyle County Detention Center. ---------------------------------------------------------- Date: 08/31/17 @ 9:00 am Location: Sunset Lane Offender: Nicholas Cole Rossoll, age 28, of Harrodsburg Charges: • Failure to Wear Seat Belt • Failure to Notify DOB of Address Change • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia • Possession of Controlled Substance-1st Degree-2nd Offense (Methamphetamine) • Possession of Controlled Substance-1st Degree-1st Offense (Heroin) Arresting Officer: Chris Perkins Additional Info: Traffic stop & subsequent investigation resulted in the above arrest . . Rossoll was lodged at the Boyle County Detention Center.

The Harrodsburg Police Department is attempting to identify the female on the left side (the foreground) of this photo. Anyone with information regarding the identity of this person can contact us through this page, or call the Department to pass along your information.

It's always great to receive feedback from the public. Great job Michael Ryan Evans!

UPDATE- truck has been found. Thanks for your assistance!

Early this morning Officer TJ Godbey observed a speeding vehicle in the 35 mph zone. Upon conducting a traffic stop and further investigation Julian Tecpile was arrested and charged with the following: Speeding 18 over the limit No drivers license Driving under the influence Poss of Marijuana Possession of cocaine 21 grams Trafficking in cocaine He was assisted by Officers Booth, Steele, and Lay.

This afternoon Officer Derek Patterson conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for registration plates being cancelled by the dept of transportion. Upon further investigation arrested was Mark Paulley of Louisville, he was charged with the following: No registration plates Possession of controlled substance 1st degree Failure to produce insurance card Trafficking in controlled substance 1st degree 1st offense(methamphetamine) He was assisted by Officer Chad Baker and Corporal Tony Godbey

Offender: Jimmy C. Richardson, age 26, of Harrodsburg Patrolman Chris Perkins conducted a traffic stop on Beaumont Avenue on a vehicle driven by Richardson; the reason for the traffic stop was for no tail lights. After the traffic stop, drug contraband was visually observed inside the vehicle along with a firearm. Richardson was also in possession of an EBT card that did not belong to him. Richardson was lodged at the Boyle County Detention Center on the following charges: • No Tail Lamps • Operating Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs/etc. • Trafficking Controlled Substance- Methamphetamine • Trafficking Controlled Substance- Drug Unspecified • Drug Paraphernalia-Buy/Possess • Drug Paraphernalia-Deliver/Manufacture • Possession of Marijuana • Intent Defraud to Obtain Benefits >$10,000

On 5-13-17 Corporal T. Godbey was dispatched to a residence on Beaumont Avenue to investigate a burglary that had occurred and several items taken. Upon investigation arrested was Earl Treadway Jr. And charged with Burglary 3rd Theft by unlawful taking over 500.00 Criminal mischief. Also an outstanding warrant out of Lincoln County was served on him. He was transported to the Boyle County Detention Center

On 5-9-17 Officer Chad Baker was dispatched to McDonald's for a male and female that appeared to be under the influence. After a brief investigation both individuals were placed under arrest. Matthew Gibbons Barbara Skidmore, both from Harlan, Ky. They were charges with possession of a controlled substance(meth) and drug paraphernalia. He was assisted by Officer Steele.