Harrodsburg Police Department

  • Agency: Harrodsburg Police Department
  • Address: 411 N Greenville St., Harrodsburg, 40330 KY
  • Chief: COL William "Billy" F. Whitenack (Chief of Police)
Phone: 859-734-3311
Fax: 859-734-5890

Harrodsburg Police Department is located at 411 N Greenville St., Harrodsburg, 40330 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is COL William "Billy" F. Whitenack. The Harrodsburg Police Department phone number is 859-734-3311.

Harrodsburg Police Department News

If anyone can identify the individual in this photo please contact Officer Ryan Evans at the Harrodsburg Police Department - the number is 859-734-3311 - you may call anonymously. You may also contact us by sending a private message.

Shout out to our brothers at Northpoint. Your job is every bit as important and dangerous as ours. You just aren't in the public view. Many of us have previously worked there as well.

If anyone can identify these individuals please contact Officer C. Baker. 859-734-3311

If anyone can identify the individuals or the vehicle in these photos please contact Corporal Richard Reilly at the Harrodsburg Police Department - the number is 859-734-3311 - you may call anonymously.

BLACK ICE AND FOG ALERT! Please reduce speed use extreme caution!!! Help us get the word out!

Congratulations to the Lady Titans!!!

Roads are very slick north of town by Anderson Dean! Please reduce speed! Some of our roads are freezing up as I write this. Please share to get the word out, and thank you.

Anyone with knowledge of the identity of this individual please conact Corporal Godbey at 859 734 3311

Anyone with information on the idenity of this individual please contact Corporal Godbey at 859 734 3311

UPDATE: Arrested on February 4, 2018, by Officer Aaron Miller. Early this morning James Avery Hurst ran from an officer who was attempting to serve an outstanding warrant on him. If anyone knows his whereabouts, please contact the department at 859-734-3311.

It's all starting up again . . this is a friendly reminder to the citizens of Harrodsburg . . please pass the word to everyone, especially the elderly.

We would like to let everyone in our area know, especially our businesses, that there are people passing fake “prop bills”. We have run in to two in as many days. Please let your employees know to take an extra moment to check the bill if they are going to accept a $100. The fakes are clearly marked on the front “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY”, and on the back “MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY”. If you have any question about a bill feel free to contact the police department. We would ask that you ‘like’ and share this post to increase awareness, Thank you!

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, please be safe as you travel the highways today.

Daylen Morris was sworn in as an officer with the Harrodsburg Police Department on December 14th . . welcome back!!

Sharing a message we received from one of our followers (with her permission, of course).

Congratulations Chris Booth and Richard Reilly!!!

Harrodsburg Police Department would like to welcome back Officer Daylen Morris to the force.

Congratulations to Officer TJ Godbey for being awarded the Governor's impaired driving enforcement award for making the most impaired driving arrests. The award was presented by the Kentucky Department for Highway Safety at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington. We appreciate his effort in helping keep the community safe.

Anyone with information as to the identity of this individual please contact Officer Perkins, we need to speak with him about an incident at Mr. Kwik/Apple Market.

Christmas Parade 2017!