Falmouth Police Department

  • Agency: Falmouth Police Department
  • Address: 212 Main Street, Falmouth, 41040 KY
  • Chief:
Phone: 859 654-5555
Fax: 859 654-4460

Falmouth Police Department is located at 212 Main Street, Falmouth, 41040 KY. The Falmouth Police Department phone number is 859 654-5555.

Falmouth Police Department News

Happy Memorial Day to all! Thanks to all who are, or have served in our military.

Today we are celebrating all of the men and women who serve in the United States military. Happy #ArmedForcesDay, and thank you for your service.

Chief Spaulding (right) and Asst. Chief Clem (left) attending the Senior Bash! 05/08/2018

Good Luck to Officer Heather Jolley, she leaves today to begin 23 weeks of training at @KYDOCJT

Hey Chief Spaulding, I heard from a reliable source that Ms. Miley Smith is planning on applying for your job in 13 years!

We try to avoid politics but we would like to offer our condolences to the Bush family on the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush #GoldBless

Today begins Public Safety Telecommunicator Week. We want to publicly thank everyone at Pendleton County Dispatch for their dedication and hard work. #thankyou

Justice T. On duty last night, doing the Public Relations thing. She made Sure Mrs. Jessie Rice of the CDW’s office, felt right at home. (Photo provided by Mrs. Jessie Fulton Rice)

Falmouth at sunset, after the recent snow fall!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women of the Pikeville, KY Police Department. 12 year veteran Police Officer Scotty Hamilton was shot and killed in the line of duty late Tuesday. #EOW 03/13/2018

This is a list of Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty since January 1, 2018. Please keep them, their families and friends, and co-workers in your prayers! #ThinBlueLine

Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women of the Hickman, Kentucky Police Department. The body of Police Officer Rodney S. Smith was recovered this morning in a flooded field in Hickman.

The incident yesterday afternoon in Falmouth and Pendleton County is a reminder to all that we strive to protect all the citizens of our community everyday! Chief Greg Spaulding and Officers Linkugel and Jolley assisted the Pendleton County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department is still investigating this matter.

Congratulations and welcome to the Falmouth Police Department, Police Officer Heather Jolley #111

Let me be completely clear, violent threats toward any school is not tolerated & will be fully investigated! It's not a joke... Posting a violent school threat anywhere, including #SocialMedia is a #Felony & when caught, it will affect the rest of your life. #ThinkBeforeYouPost

It's Saturday and Officer Justice is tired after her first week of training! Dealing with training Officer's and naps can be exhausting.

Officer Justice had a rough first day. She was given her Policy and Procedure Manual but preferred napping.😀

The Polls are closed and with 30 out of 116 votes, We are pleased to introduce Ms. Justice T Falmouth.


Soon she’ll have a name! The polls close Monday so keep the suggestions coming.

Don’t look now, but our lil girl has made the news! http://m.fox19.com/story/37462364/this-kentucky-police-department-wants-you-to-help-name-its-new-mascot

Meet the Falmouth Police Departments newest mascot and pet. Can you guys help us name her? We’ll pick the name most suggested!

A look down Main Street after the ice storm on 2/7/2018

Thank you Ms. Sanders and her Preschool Class.