Elkhorn City Police Department

  • Agency: Elkhorn City Police Department
  • Address: 395 Patty Loveless Dr, Elkhorn City, 41522 KY
  • Chief: Todd Mattingly (Chief of Police)
Phone: 606-754-4030
Fax: (606)754-8588

Elkhorn City Police Department is located at 395 Patty Loveless Dr, Elkhorn City, 41522 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Todd Mattingly. The Elkhorn City Police Department phone number is 606-754-4030.

Elkhorn City Police Department News


"LEAVE AN IMPRESSION". I am your Chief Of Police, As sit here today looking around at the beauty of fall.I easily see why it was my father's favorite time of the year. It also was a time that made his sickness more tolerable. My children are here today, laughing, playing in my back yard jumping in leaves, I know they feel safe although they may not consciously know they are being kept safe . I write this because of much controversy lately. I hold no ill feeling toward anyone. Many want myself fired, or choose to use social Media as a whipping post or a place to vent. I simply pray for those that hate me and wish you no wrong. Thank you Citezens of Elkhorn City and surrounding community for your support . If today was my last day i feel 💯% with what i have done to help you feel safer than you have in the past. I have no regrets. I was left with a hard task of regaining the trust and respect of surrounding departments and the community. The Mayor and I want the best for this community. Change is hard to handle at times but change will happen regardless of adversity through complaints or Social media. It may take some time for you to see it but as long as I am Chief as short or as long as it may be Your safety is my greatest goal.I will not back down from my core beliefs!! When I leave" I WILL LEAVE AN IMPRESSION" Elkhorn is my back yard and we want you to have some where to feel safe and have some peace of mind. God bless every one.

Thank you Jesus!! For this opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself. These men gave back to the Women who fight the Good fight. It was our honor to serve dinner to these wonderful women. To Police is to Serve the community not just Protect.

A backpack was left at the Elkhorn Community Center if anyone knows who this belongs to please contact our office.

Elkhorn City Police Department stands for America and All those who have served in any branch of the Armed Forces. Thank you all for your service! Thank you Chief Bobby Sexton which served 7 years between Ky and Va. National Gaurd and Officer Devin Slone which currently serves in the Ky National Gaurd. One Nation Under GOD!!!!

Thanks to the tips, and community another bust was made in Elkhorn City. Nearly 80 arrest have been made this past year!!! Drug related !, D.U.I and simple traffic related Charges leading to Drug arrest. 30% of arrest from Warrants, leading to Drug related arrest.

I would like to give praise to God!!! WE are not the traditional Police Department and I thank God for our diversity!! I express to my officers that just because we may not fit the status quo of other departments. Never forget that no man regardless of what he may think of himself is more valuable than another. Trust is what we promote, not looking the part. So bring your past, bring your tattoos, bring your imperfections. God has made worse better. The law we enforce began with God not Man. God cleans from the inside out. I post this to hopefully give understanding to those who have been mislead on your worth, good or bad. Forgive us Jesus for our mistakes and help us to do the best we can do in our duties.

To help with all complaints regaurding THEFT: To help your case and the Elkhorn City Police Dept. Everyone that reads this please advise as many people as you can. TO PROVE YOU OWN SOMETHING THAT WAS STOLEN!!! Everything that you buy, Keep your receipts!!!! Everything you currently own, Take pictures of everything you value. Record every VIN # or Serial # to everything that contains an identification #. Guns, ATV,s, Lawn Care Equipment. IF something you value doesn't have an identification # scratch your initials somewhere on that item in a place only you would know. Set up Cameras on your property. Set up motion lights. If you are leaving for the day or weekend, Have someone to house sit for you.

FOR THE COMMUNITIES SAFETY AND AWARENESS. ____________________________ 2 names where found within 3 miles of Elkhorn City on the Sex Registry. Please keep yourselves informed . Check the Kentucky State Police Sex Offenders Registry for Sex Offenders in your area.

We would like to give a reminder of the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign "ELKHORN CITY POLICE DEPT will be conducting on the dates listed above. Please be aware of your surroundings, including traffic control devices and speed limits which will strictly be enforced during the dates listed.If you are planning on drinking ,We Strongly recommend you have a sober driver. Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. Saftery Check Points will be conducted as our site advises. The date listed above has a correction that need to be mentioned. The ending date will be September 3rd instead of August 31st. We wish you a blessed day and be safe out there!

Please pray for the motorcycle accident victims and their families that occurred in front of the Snack Shack on 197