Georgetown Police Department

  • Agency: Georgetown Police Department
  • Address: 550 Bourbon Street, Georgetown, 40324 KY
  • Chief: Greg Reeves (Chief of Police)
Phone: (502) 863-7826
Fax: 502-867-6991

Georgetown Police Department is located at 550 Bourbon Street, Georgetown, 40324 KY. The Chief of Police of the department is Greg Reeves. The Georgetown Police Department phone number is (502) 863-7826.

Georgetown Police Department News

Since we initially posted about a mounted patrol at the Georgetown Police Department, Sergeant Allgood and Officer Johnson have been seeking donations from various businesses in town. They have been able to raise money that will go towards the mounted patrol, but they want to make things a little easier just in case someone wanted to donate. We have set up a Go Fund Me page with a goal of $10,000. We have included our page and link if you would like to donate:

Earlier we published a link to a story the News-Graphic had posted about the Fast Path Program that we implemented in our local schools. We were not aware the link required a subscription to read the entire article and apologize for any confusion this caused. The Fast Path Program is a sign system that allows first responders to quickly locate rooms inside our school buildings. The program has been installed in every school in the district.

GPD would like to congratulate LT. Jason Whitaker for all his hard work and dedication to our police explorers program. LT. Whitaker was chosen as explorer post adviser of the year. Great job!

GPD needs your help identifying the female in the pictures below. Please contact SGT Nash by calling 502-863-7820. Thank you.

GPD had a great time handing out valentines to the communities elderly. Each person was given a carnation and cookies. We have so many wonderful people in Georgetown. Thank you, to all the hard workers that helped get this together.

Update!...... this person has been identified. Thank you for help. GPD needs your help in Identifying the man in the picture below. This was taken on 2/10 at 6:40pm in the Shell on S Broadway. If you have any information please contact OFC Adams at 502-863-7820.

Update! ...... vehicle has been identified. Thank you. GPD needs your help in identifying or locating the vehicle below. The vehicle was involved in a hit and run on Georgetown college campus. Damage to this vehicle should be to the front right (probably bumper) of the truck. It struck a vehicle with black paint and black plastic. If you have any information, please contact Sgt Payton

More photos from Sgt Duke’s promotion ceremony.

GPD would like to introduce its newest Sergeant, Sgt Sarah Duke. Sgt Duke is the first female Police Sergeant of the GPD. Sgt Duke has served the Georgetown community for 5 years. You have done great work and we know you will be a great leader.

Update! ........ person has been identified! Thank you all. GPD needs your help in identifying the person below. Please contact the Georgetown Police Department at 502-863-7820 - Officer Wallen.

PSA- Please be careful this morning going out, roads are slick. There have been multiple reports of collisions due to road conditions. Please use caution. Although roads may look clear there is a layer of ice that is hard to see.

PSA Roads update. Roads around town may be slick, please use caution when driving. Most roads appear to be wet with the rain at this time. As temps fluctuate, roads may become more hazardous, please use caution while driving today.

GPD would like to thank Grace Early Learning Center for having us out. We had a great time speaking about safety. What a great group of kids.

GPD had a great time speaking at the Georgetown Child Development Center today for community helpers week. Thank you for having us out.

GPD would like your help in identifying the person in the photos below. These photos were taken at approximately 0200 hrs this morning. If you have any information please contact Officer Ottis at ‭(502) 863-7820‬. Thank you.

GPD would like to thank Western Elementary for having us out yesterday. SGT Bruner had a great time interacting and speaking with a great group of kindergarteners.

GPD had a great time speaking about safety and situational awareness with Girl Scout Troop 1027.

GPD needs your help identifying the person in these photos. He attempted to pass a fake $100 bill at one of the local gas station. Fortunatly, the teller was able to determine the note was fake, and the suspect left. If anyone recognizes the suspect, please contact Detective Rodney Johnson 502-863-7826 ext. 820

GPD needs your help identifying the male seen below, he was at Walmart on 01/20/2018 at approximately 5:00pm. Please contact OFC Hill at 502-863-7820

GPD would like to recognize Officer Justin Johnson for his 6 years of service to the Georgetown community. Let’s congratulate Officer Johnson on receiving his senior officer pins today.