Snow Hill Police Department

  • Agency: Snow Hill Police Department
  • Address: 216 W Green St, Snow Hill, 21863 MD
  • Chief: M Kirk Daugherty (Chief of Police)
Phone: 410-632-2447

Snow Hill Police Department is located at 216 W Green St, Snow Hill, 21863 MD. The Chief of Police of the department is M Kirk Daugherty. The Snow Hill Police Department phone number is 410-632-2447.

Snow Hill Police Department News

Police often get asked why we often retire at a relatively young age. Read this article for some insight on the matter. After you read it, what are your thoughts?

The Snow Hill Police Department extends its condolences to the family of LT. Stanley Cylc (Retired), who past away last Sunday. LT. Cylc first served in the Army during Vietnam. He then served the residents of Snow Hill for many years before retiring and joining the Worcester County Sheriff's Office. LT. Cylc will be laid to rest on Thursday, 12/22/2016 at Spence Baptist Church.

The following list of Officers and Civilian Employees have Retired under Honorable conditions. They are listed with their Rank/Assignment(s) at Retirement: Orlando Blake, Chief of Police Stanley Cylc, 1st. Lieutenant/Patrol Supervisor-DOD 12/18/2016. Alan "Smitty" Smith, 2nd. Lieutenant/Patrol Supervisor George S. Fowler, Sergeant/Shift Supervisor/WCBI Detective M. Kirk Daugherty, Chief of Police Trudy Cannon-Bratten, Secretary

During October, 2016, Chief James Pilchard resigned and was replaced by Chief Tom Davis. Secretary Trudy Cannon-Bratten announced her retirement.


The Snow Hill Police Department is located at 216 West Green Street, Snow Hill, MD. 21863. It can be reached by telephone 24/7 at 410-632-2444. Administrative M-F is 410-632-2447. Fax number is 410-632-9943.

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