Berrien Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Berrien Springs Police Department
  • Address: 4411 E Snow Rd, Berrien Springs, 49103 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 269-471-2813
Fax: (269) 471-4367

Berrien Springs Police Department is located at 4411 E Snow Rd, Berrien Springs, 49103 MI. The Berrien Springs Police Department phone number is 269-471-2813.

Berrien Springs Police Department News

October is Crime Prevention Month! Help us to help you by getting a home security check (no cost) and by having youneighborhood part of our Neighborhhod Watch network. Call us at 471-2813 to find out how.

From the 5th through this morning we have responded to 100 incidents. The breakdown is as follows: 3 assists to our FD, a domestic violence investigation; an arrest for criminal sexual conduct; 4 traffic crashes; 2 false alarms; 9 suspicious situations; an injury traffic crash; 3 disturbances; 2 traffic law related arrests; a fraud inverstigation; an embezzlement investigation; a counterfeit money investigation; a theft; 2 drug arrests; 2 MIPI arrests; a hit & run crash arrest and 2 warrant arrests. Our School Resource Officer participated in some lockdown drills in our schools. Have a SAFE weekend!

Over the weekend we responded to 34 incidents which included 4 suspicious situations, 2 traffic crashes, an arrest for domestic violence and a false alarm. We also participated in two homecoming parades, BSHS and AU. Congrats to the BSHS Varsity football team for a victory Friday night for homecoming! Have a very SAFE week!!

Monday through Thursday our staff handled 43 incidents. Those incidents included 2 MIPI "arrests", 5 suspicious situations, a traffic crash, 2 damage to property reports, 3 fasle alarms, a traffic law related arrest, 2 warrant arrests, 3 drug law arrests, a stolen car and a theft investigation. Today is HOMECOMING for BSHS, home ame tonight at 7pm, parade at 1pm. This is also HOMECOMING weekend for AU, a parade on campus at 5pm and other activities all weekend. Have a safe weekend!

From the 17th through the 24th our staff responded to 95 incidents. Those incidents included the following: 3 traffic law related arrests; 2 disturbances; an assist to our FD; 3 theft investigations; 3 injury traffic crashes; 2 non-injury traffic crashes; a warrant arrest; 2 assualts; 2 suspicious situations; an embezzlement investigation; a drunk driver arrest and a fasle alarm. Our school resource officer particiated in several lock down drills and withthe RESA Family Fun Festival. Have a SAFE Monday!!! This is Homecoming week for BSHS and for AU.

Sept 12-17 our staff handled 71 incidents. Among those were 5 suspicious situations, an injury crash, 2 assists to our FD, a warrant arrest, 5 traffic law related arrests, 2 drug arrests, 3 false alarms, 3 drunk driver arrests, 3 traffic crashes and a domestic violence investigation. Our School Resource Officer has been attending and assisting with lock down drills at various schools in our service area. Have a SAFE Monday!

We are in need of someone to staff one of our School Crossings. The hours are 8-8:45 and again 3:40-4:10pm and the pay is 12.50 an hour. Training is paid as well. Applications can be picked up from our lobby window during normal business houirs.

Sept. 1-Sept 10th our staff handled 119 incidents. Among those incidents were a false alarm, 7 suspicious situations, 3 fraud investigations, 2 traffic crashes, 3 injury traffic crashes, one car vs. deer crash, 2 threat matters, an assist to our FD, 3 thefts, a damage to property matter, a criminal sexual assualt investigation and 3 arrests for traffic law related violations. Our School Resource Officer has already been assisting schools with lock down drills and has finished up talking to school staffs about lock down and other safety drills. SCHOOL HAS STARTED and we had a good first week! There is traffic congestion around our schools before and after school so plan accordingly. Watch for school buses in various parts of our area where maybe they had not stopped before as routes are always being adjusted. Congrats to the BSHS Varsity football team on another bibg win this past Friday! Have a very safe Monday!!

Friday through Monday our staff handled 44 incidents which included the follwing: 3 damage to property incidents; 2 thefts; 2 traffic crashes; a false alarm; 4 traffic law arrests; a warrant arrest and a suspicious situation. Our School Resource Officer has been meeting with the staffs at various schools to review lockdown and other safety procedures. THIS THURSDAY night the BSHS Varsity football team has a HOME game...come out to cheer on the Shamrocks! Have a SAFE Tuesday!

Tuesday through Thursday we responded to 29 incidents. Included in those incidents were 3 false alarms, 3 traffic crashes, 3 suspicious situations, a drug law arrest, a drunk driver arrest, 2 warrant arrests and a disturbance. CONGRATS to the BSHS JV and Varsity football teams on thier victories over Buchanan. Have a SAFE weekend!

The Berrien County Road Commission (BCRC) has a detour on SHAWNEE in effect for the rest of this week. The detour route includes Lauer and E. Lemon Creek Road in our Township..please use care when driving in those areas.

Friday through Monday our staff 52 incidents and among those were: 3 false alarms; 4 suspicious situations; an ID theft investigation; an arrest for driving under influence of drugs; an drug law related arrest; a traffic law related arrest; an assist to our FD; an A&B investigation; 3 traffic crashes; a shoplifting investigation; 2 disturbance calls and 2 damage to property matters. Our officers had a busy week last week with the BCYF fair, we asssign one fulltime officer to the grounds and maintain two cars on duty during the hours the Fair is open. We also staffed 6 traffic points for last Sunday's Wine Country half marathon. Have a SAFE Tuesday!

Over the past two days our staff has handled 18 incidents. Among those incidents were an assist to our FD, an assault, a traffic crash, 3 suspicious situations and a false alarm. Our School Resource Officer met with staff at two schools to go over lockdown and other safety items. **OUR LOBBY is CLOSED Friday afternoon (today) and will reopen on Monday. Enjoy the BCYF safely..... be alert when driving near or at the Fair......have a SAFE weekend!!

FRom Aug. .11 through Aug 15th we handled 59 incidents. Among those incidents were the following: 5 thefts; an injury traffic crash, 2 drunk driver arrests; 2 traffic law related arrests; 2 fraud investigations; 5 suspicious situations; a damage to proeprty matter; a threat incident; 2 traffic crashes and a false alarm. The Berrien County Youth Fair is in full swing and we hope you get to stop ouit there this week! Please drive with care in or around the Fair area! There is plenty of FREE parking on the Fair grounds, there is NO need to attend the Fair and walk in...that is not safe with the heavy volume of traffic in that area. Have a SAFE Wednesday !!

TRAFFIC NOTE: MDOT and MSP have LOWERED the speed limit on M-139 from N Lemon Creek Rd to George St. from 45 to 35 mph.....this was done to help with traffic safety on M-139 near the Fair area. Special signage will be in place during Fair week.

TIPS FOR A SAFE FAIR VISIT: Our Department along with many others work very hard to ensure all those attending the Youth Fair have a safe time! There are some things that you can do to help with that effort. Please drive with care when near or on the Fair grounds. There is plenty of FREE parking ON THE FAIR grounds! There is no need to park off site and walk in...there are shuttles to get you from the parking lots to the areas of activity. Dropping off or picking up a teen?? Use the gate 3 drive instead of dropping them off in the Apple Valley plaza lot...lots of room to turn around....even those walking in have to pay the daily entry fee or use a pass..... Have a family meeting point and use it on a regular basis.Take a PHOTO of your younger children on your phone in case YOU get separated from them, thay are having fun and need your attention..but if you should become separated you will have a photo to show police officers and fair staff. Always keep your car locked (no matter where you are at) and valuable items out of sight. The Youth Fair is a great place to have family fun...staying safe can help ensure a fun time! Make sure you visit us at the Fair on MONDAY the 14th during Law Enforcement Day, noon to 7pm.

From Last Thursday to yesterday (Thursday), our staff handled 82 incidents. Those incidents included 4 false alarms, 4 traffic law related arrests, 3 drug law related arrests, 3 traffic crashes, 2 disturbances, a warrant arrest, a suspicious situation, a weapons law arrest, a theft, an assist to our FD, a fraud matter, a domestsic violence arrest and B&E investigation. Traffic will be increasing in and around the Fair grounds now through Sunday the 20th.....please watch for slowed or stopped vehicles and for pedestrians crossing M-139. Enjjoy the weeked with SAFETY in mind!

Thursday through Tuesday our staff handled 67 incidents. Among those incidents were 5 suspicious situations, 2 traffic crashes, 2 trespassing matters, 2 false alarms, an ID theft investigation, 2 traffic law related arrests, a theft, a larceny and a domestic violence investigation anda fraud matter. Last night we hosted our 8th annual National Night Out event at Grove Park. Have a very SAFE week!!

From Last Thursday through yesterday we handled 73 incidents which included the following: 6 suspicious situations, 5 traffic crashes, 3 false alarms, a juvenille shoplifter, a disturbance, 3 fraud investigations, 3 traffic law related arrests and a domiestic violence investigation. Have a SAFE weekend!!

8th annual National Night Out, held at Grove Park. Food and fun for the family. Free to all. 5:30-7:30pm. Display of public safety vehicles, bounce house and face painting for the kids.

Monday through Wednesday our staff handled 28 incidents. Among those 28 incidents were 5 suspicious situations, 3 assists to our FD, 2 traffic law related arrests and 2 warrant arrests. Our Community/School Resource Officer spoke to a drivers ed class and to a group at the Central County Senior Center. Our officers received three hours of firearms training on Wednesday as part of our in service training program. We receive 12 hours of firearms training a year. ***SAVE THE DATE*** Tuesday, 8-1-17 is ouir 8th annual National Night Out event...held at Grove Park, 5:30-7:30pm. Food and fun for is free... we look forward to seeing you there! Have a SAFE Thursday!

Friday through Monday our staff handled 32 incidents. Among those incidents were 4 assists to our FD, 2 suspicious situations, a trespass matter, a traffic crash and a flee & elude investigation. Enjoy your summer safely on the water by wearing a PFD when in a boat, using your seat belts and not texting when in a car! Have a SAFE Tuesday!

Monday through Thursday our staff handled 5 incidents....those incidents included the following: 4 false alarms; a drug law violation arrest; 2 traffic violation law arrests; 2 assists to our FD; 2 civil mattters; a damage to property matter; a theft; a warrant arrest; a traffic crash; an assualt; a suspicious situation, a "B&E" and a car theft investigation. Have a SAFE weekend!

Our staff responded to 50 incidents Thursday through Sunday. Those included 8 warrant arrests, 3 traffic law related arrests, a drug violation arrest, a shoplifting arrest, a trespass matter, 2 assists to our FD, a car vs deer crash, a theft investigation and a traffic crash. Please use your headlights when you use your windshield wipers. Turn them on manually and don't rely on the automatic feature. Be safe by by being seen.

July 3-5th our officers handled 23 incidents which included the following: 3 traffic law related arrests; an assist to our FD; 2 suspicious situations; a disturbance; a traffic crash; and a threats matter. Going away for a summer vacation?? Call us during normal businesshoiurs to arrange for yoru home to be checked by bouir officers while you are away. Have a SAFE summer weekend!