Berrien Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Berrien Springs Police Department
  • Address: 4411 E Snow Rd, Berrien Springs, 49103 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 269-471-2813
Fax: (269) 471-4367

Berrien Springs Police Department is located at 4411 E Snow Rd, Berrien Springs, 49103 MI. The Berrien Springs Police Department phone number is 269-471-2813.

Berrien Springs Police Department News

From Friday through Tuesday we handled 57 incidents. Among those incidents were 4 false alarms, 2 suspicious situations, 4 traffic law related arrests, a drunk driver arrest, a drug arrest, a car vs deer crash, 3 traffic crashes, a fraud investigation, a theft and an assist to our FD Our Community/School Resource Officer gave a safety & security talk to the Honor CU branch employees, has been reviewing crisis magnangement plans from various schools and will be working witih second graders at Mars Elementary on calling 9-1-1. He will be using practice phones recently obtained with a funds provided by Friends for Berrien Springs. Have a SAFE Wednesday!

Our office has ben closed all week, lobby services will resume on Monday, April 9th at 9am. Our non-emergency number 471-2813 is still there, just press 8 for dispatch if you need an officer. Have a safe weekend!!

We are hiring for the position of adult school crossing guard. We are looking for those who are 18 and over with dependable transportation. The pay is 12.50 an hour and you work 1.25 hrs a day. Training is paid for as well. Applications can be picked up at our office during normal business hours. Have a great weekend!

Due to technical issues we were "off the air" and now we are back and will continue to post our activities on a regualr basis and items that may be of important to our followers.

From Jan 12-21 our staff handled 102 incidents. Those included 4 false alarms, 2 fraud matters, 2 assists to our FD, 12 traffic crashes, 2 car vs deer crashes, a warrant arrest, a traffic law related arrest, a theft, 3 suspicious situations, a drug law arrest, a MIPI arrest, a drunk driver arrest and our School Resource Officer assisted with a lockdown drill, made a lunch visit at Sylvester Elementary and made Kindergarten visits at Mars Elementary. We are looking for substitute crossing guards. For more information call Sarah at 471-2813.

From Dec 28th through Jan 3rd we responded to 80 incidents. Among those were the following: 19 traffic crashes and “slide offs”; 7 suspicious situations; 5 disturbances; 4 false alarms; 3 assists to our FD; a drug arrest; a traffic related arrest and an assault/damage to property investigation. In 2017 we handled 3,790 incidents. We collected 31 lbs of unwanted/expired RX from our drop off box in our lobby, for the last half of 2017. Bring your expired or unwanted RX for disposal in our collection box in our lobby. No liquids, creams or sharps. Our SRO made a lunch visit on Wednesday at Village SDA School. Please clear off your lights and windows before driving. Drive slow in the ice and snow. Use your lights when snowing or blowing. Travel safe.

Dec 22nd through noon on Dec 28th our staff handled 63 incidents which included: 5 suspicious situations, 5 false alarms, 5 traffic crashes, 3 car vs deer crashes, a disturbance, a domestic violence investigation and a damage to property matter. Please use turn on your headlights/tail lights when driving in the snow. Do not rely on the automatic feature for your vehicle light activation. See and be seen! Have a safe holiday weekend!!

From all of here at the Police you and your families we wish you a Merry Christmas!!! Have a very safe Holiday!! Due to the Holidays our office will ONLY be open on Dec 27th for limited hours. Please call on the 27th to make sure the lobby is open. A reminder that our non-emergency number is 471-2813. If you get our recording you can press 8 for dispatch.

From Dec 15-22(at 3pm) our staff handled 69 incidents. Among those incidents were the following: 6 false alarms; 3 suspicious situations; 2 car vs deer crashes; 3 fraud investigations; 5 traffic crashes; a sexual assault investigation; 2 assists to our FD; 2 trespassing investigations; 3 traffic law related arrests; 2 drug investigations and a theft. As seen in The Journal Era, our newest officer has just started. We welcome Don Divis Jr.

From Dec 1 through the 8th our Department handled 73 incidents. We worked 15 accidents, 7 on Dec 7th. Other incidents were 6 suspicious situations, 2 car vs deer crashes, 2 thefts, 2 identity theft investigations, a traffic law related arrest, a personal protection order arrest, an arrest for domestic violence, a drug related arrest, 2 disturbances and an assist to our FD. Our roads will remain mostly snow covered and slippery this weekend. Plan accordingly if you are out driving. Use your headlights when it is snowing or blowing and clean off all windows and vehicle lights.... See and be seen!

From the 22nd to the 28th our staff handled 58 incidents. Those included the following: 7 suspicious situations, 3 traffic law related arrests, 2 warrant arrests, 2 false alarms, an assist to our FD, a domestic violence investigation, an assault investigation, 2 traffic crashes and 3 car vs deer crashes. Have a very safe week!

Our Department hopes that all of you are enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday weekend safely. Enjoy time with friends and family!!!

Wednesday through Sunday our staff responded to 49 incidents which included 3 false alarms, 3 suspicious situations, 3 assists to our FD, an assault, a theft, a disturbance, a fraud matter, a drunk driver arrest and threats investigation. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday safely!

Thursdsy through Monday our staff handled 48 incidents. Those included: 2 suspicious situations; a traffic law related arrest; an assist to our FD; a false alarm; a fraud investigation; a drug arrest; a warrant arrest and a car vs deer crash. We also participated in a lock down drill at the Middle School. A reminder that firearms deer hunting season opens tomorrow, the 15 th at sunrise. Be alert for deer darting across the roadways.

Our Department want to thank all of the veterans who served our Nation. Because of you we enjoy the freedoms that we have!! THANK YOU!!!

From Nov 3 through the 8th our staff has handled 71 incidents which included the following: 6 false alarms; 3 car vs deer crashes; 7 suspicious situations; 2 traffic law related arrests; a stolen car; 2 assists to our FD; a disturbance; a drug investigation; a threats matter; a theft; an assault and a traffic crash. We also participated in a lock down drill at Mars Elementary School and escorted the BSHS Cross Country team to the State Finals. Have a SAFE weekend.

Over the past several days, Oct 27-Nov 1, our staff has handled 67 incidents. Among those incidents were: 8 traffic crashes; an injury traffic crash; 4 car vs deer crashes; 9 suspicious situations; an assault; 2 disturbances, 1 with an arrest; 2 false alarms; an arrest for a bond violation and 3 assists to our FD; We also assisted the AU pre-pharmacy students with a RX turn in event; participated in the Harvest Festival at Trinity Lutheran School and assisted with the annual downtown trick or treat event. Have a very SAFE weekend!!

A reminder that the trick or treat hours for the Village of Berrien Springs and Oronoko Twp. are 6-7:30pm, TONIGHT. PLEASE be alert for costumed pedestrians crossing the street at any point during those hours. Traffic in our downtown area will be slow due to the trick or treating activity in our downtown. For Halloween safety tips see the latest issue of The Journal Era. Have a SAFE Halloween!

Over the past two days our staff has handled 15 incidents which included the following: a domestic violence investigation; 3 traffic crashes; car vs deer crash; a suspicious situation; and a false alarm. Our School Resource Officer assisted with a lock down drill at BSHS. Good luck to the BSHS Varsity football game in the opening round of the State playoffs. They play tonight in Grand Rapids. Have a safe weekend!

Oct. 13th through the 24th our Dept staff handled 130 incidents. Among those were the following: 2 domestic violence investigations with one arrest; 2 drug related arrests; 7 false alarms; 3 disturbances; a B&E investigation; 6 traffic law related arrests; 4 suspicious situations; a warrant arrest; a threats investigation; 2 fraud investigations; 3 thefts; 2 assists to our FD; 5 car vs deer crashes; 5 traffic crashes; an injury traffic crash; an arrest for a B&E; and a drunk driver arrest. Our School Resource Officer attend the annual Crime Prevention Association of Michigan Fall Traning Confernece last week. Please extra care and caution in the mornings before school as students are now waiting for buses or walking to school in the dark. Trick or Treat for the Village of Berrien Springs and Oronoko Twp is TUESDAY, Oct. 31, 6-7:30pm. Have a SAFE Wednesday!

October is Crime Prevention Month! Help us to help you by getting a home security check (no cost) and by having youneighborhood part of our Neighborhhod Watch network. Call us at 471-2813 to find out how.

From the 5th through this morning we have responded to 100 incidents. The breakdown is as follows: 3 assists to our FD, a domestic violence investigation; an arrest for criminal sexual conduct; 4 traffic crashes; 2 false alarms; 9 suspicious situations; an injury traffic crash; 3 disturbances; 2 traffic law related arrests; a fraud inverstigation; an embezzlement investigation; a counterfeit money investigation; a theft; 2 drug arrests; 2 MIPI arrests; a hit & run crash arrest and 2 warrant arrests. Our School Resource Officer participated in some lockdown drills in our schools. Have a SAFE weekend!

Over the weekend we responded to 34 incidents which included 4 suspicious situations, 2 traffic crashes, an arrest for domestic violence and a false alarm. We also participated in two homecoming parades, BSHS and AU. Congrats to the BSHS Varsity football team for a victory Friday night for homecoming! Have a very SAFE week!!

Monday through Thursday our staff handled 43 incidents. Those incidents included 2 MIPI "arrests", 5 suspicious situations, a traffic crash, 2 damage to property reports, 3 fasle alarms, a traffic law related arrest, 2 warrant arrests, 3 drug law arrests, a stolen car and a theft investigation. Today is HOMECOMING for BSHS, home ame tonight at 7pm, parade at 1pm. This is also HOMECOMING weekend for AU, a parade on campus at 5pm and other activities all weekend. Have a safe weekend!

From the 17th through the 24th our staff responded to 95 incidents. Those incidents included the following: 3 traffic law related arrests; 2 disturbances; an assist to our FD; 3 theft investigations; 3 injury traffic crashes; 2 non-injury traffic crashes; a warrant arrest; 2 assualts; 2 suspicious situations; an embezzlement investigation; a drunk driver arrest and a fasle alarm. Our school resource officer particiated in several lock down drills and withthe RESA Family Fun Festival. Have a SAFE Monday!!! This is Homecoming week for BSHS and for AU.