Schoolcraft Police Department

  • Agency: Schoolcraft Police Department
  • Address: 442 N Grand St, Schoolcraft, 49087 MI
  • Chief: Bryan Campbell (Chief of Police)

Schoolcraft Police Department is located at 442 N Grand St, Schoolcraft, 49087 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Bryan Campbell. The Schoolcraft Police Department phone number is 269-679-5600.

Schoolcraft Police Department News

Following a tip from the Portage Department of Public Safety a suspect was identified in this case. A portage resident who is a parolee has been charged and pled guilty to the theft.

We have taken several reports of vandalism that occurred Thursday night 3-8-18. The persons responsible were on foot on the west side of the village. Damage occurred to mailboxes and satellite dishes. Based on some reports the incidents are believed to have occurred before midnight. Please contact the Department at 679-5600 if you have any information on these incidents. Please call any time something suspicious is occurring at any time as we have an officer on duty throughout the night.


Congrats from SPD

We have had several complaints of this in the Village.