Lowell Police Department

  • Agency: Lowell Police Department
  • Address: 111 N Monroe St, Lowell, 49331 MI
  • Chief: Barry Getzen (Chief of Police)

Lowell Police Department is located at 111 N Monroe St, Lowell, 49331 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Barry Getzen. The Lowell Police Department phone number is 616-897-7123.

Lowell Police Department News

WOOD TV takes on the crosswalk.

A very informative article regarding the crosswalk at E Main near the Showboat. Contact information of state legislators too.

Officer Lauren hanging out on the boardwalk with this Hollywood, Florida police officer.

This problem now has a new tool to combat teen sexting. Great job to the Kent County Prosecutor's office for taking some action to let kids know how serious their actions are regarding sending sexually explicit photos.

The traffic squad assists the Lowell Police during the Riverwalk Festival and the 4H Youth Fair. We are glad to have access to this great group of volunteers. Keep up the great work!

There is still love and compassion in this world!!!

Cops are cool!!!!

Did you know that if you text 741741 when you are feeling depressed or suicidal, a crisis worker will text you back immediately and continue to text with you? Many people do not like talking on the phone and would be more comfortable texting. It's a free service to anyone-- teens, adults, etc.-- who lives in the USA. Depression is real, you're not alone. It happens at every age. Feel free to copy & paste the above.

More scam phone numbers to report. (504)298-2608 out of New Orleans, LA and (267)702-1813 our of Philadelphia, PA claiming to be the IRS and calling regarding the warrant for your arrest. The IRS doesn’t call your phone, they will show up if they’re the real IRS.

Sending prayers to our neighbors to the east.

REGARDING THE CROSSWALK ON E MAIN STREET NEAR THE LOWELL SHOWBOAT. It is only the law to stop at a crosswalk that is posted stop for pedestrians if it is a mid block crossing. It is the law to stop at a crosswalk at an intersection. As for M-21 (W Main Street), that is a state highway and we cannot make traffic stop for pedestrians. If a vehicle stops on a highway and is rear ended, that driver will be at fault.

Ok people, we have a new scam going on now. Consumers Power is now calling people and threatening them with a shut off immediately unless you pay your balance by credit card. Only problem is they're not consumers power. So if you get a call from 1-800-754-2210, or 1-844-361-3873 they are NOT CONSUMERS POWER.

Well done!!! Reminds me of the time Officer Lauren and Detective VanSolkema wrestled a young fawn in a back yard that kept running into the fence. The fawn was safely moved out of the fenced in area and lived to tell his friends about the Lowell Police Department. Police sometimes protect and serve wildlife and other animals as well.....

INFORMATION REGARDING THE CROSSWALK AT AMITY AND ELM: The four way stop at Amity and Elm has been changed to a traditional stop sign. After studying the traffic at this intersection, the traffic volume does not constitute a four way stop at this intersection anymore. Concerns about the children crossing is always concerning. The proper intersection for school crossing is at Amity and Howard street at the cross walk and the stop sign.

ATTENTION INTERNET CRIME FIGHTERS!! This person is wanted in connection with a larceny in a building! It appears to be a make in his late teens or 20's with a probable goatee and mustache. As you can see in the photo he is wearing a black hoodie with a skull and cross bones logo on the chest. If you have any information please contact the Lowell Police. This larceny took place on Sunday October 29 around 820 am. Thank you for your help!

Trick or treating is 5:30 pm until 8 pm on Halloween night. See you then! There may also be trunk or treats at various churches too as has been the custom in years past.

Sending prayers!!!

Please folks, move over when you see police, fire, EMS or tow trucks on the side of the road. Not only does it make our job safer it's the law!

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