Lowell Police Department

  • Agency: Lowell Police Department
  • Address: 111 N Monroe St, Lowell, 49331 MI
  • Chief: Barry Getzen (Chief of Police)

Lowell Police Department is located at 111 N Monroe St, Lowell, 49331 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Barry Getzen. The Lowell Police Department phone number is 616-897-7123.

Lowell Police Department News

Remember the reason for the season! Memorial Day is to remember the men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for this wonderful country. If it wasn't for these heroes we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today. Please come join us Monday morning in downtown Lowell for our annual parade. The parade starts at 10:00 a.m. and will travel along Main St. starting on Riverside Dr. to N. Monroe St. and will continue to the cemetery. There will be a brief dedication at the memorial on Main St. as well. Have a safe weekend!!

LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON A MOTORCYCLE IN THE LOWELL AREA. White male rider approximately 30-40 years of age. Tan with a medium build. Last seen wearing cut off shorts and no shirt. The motorcycle is a “cruiser” style motorcycle with a dark gas tank. The riders helmet is described as a army helmet with a camo cover. He was last seen near Alden Nash & 52nd St. If you have any info on this person please call the Lowell Police at 616-897-7123.

Nice to hear!

FOUND AND RETURNED HOME!!! Missing near the Middle School on Foreman Rd.

Please! Please! Please! DO NOT PUT MEDICINE IN THE BILL DROP BOX LOCATED OUTSIDE THE POLICE DEPARTMENT ENTRANCE!!!!! We have a medicine drop off box inside the police department for medication. This happened again this morning!!!

Happy Birthday to Chief Bukala!!! Can anyone guess his age???

Truck enforcement in progress...... The Lowell Police Department is actively enforcing truck violations on the city streets. We receive complaints regarding trucks not following the truck routes and driving down neighborhood roads. We are hoping this will decrease the damage to our roads and gain compliance from the truck drivers....

Please note that our box located outside City Hall is for bill payments only. This is not designed for medication to be put in. We do have a box in the Police Department for medication that can be dropped off Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

We have awesome people in this community!!! Thank you very much to the young lady that gave me this gift card! Your kindness is appreciated very much!!!! Officer Lauren

Greetings. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. On Tuesday, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) installed our mid block crossing signs. We were able to by pass the ruling under the Uniform Traffic Code that the city adopted way back when. Now this being said, the pedestrian still has to watch for traffic. If the cars stop, then you are safe to cross. Please do not have the expectation that the cars will stop for you. Now that this is properly marked the motorist that does stop for you will be covered as well. Safe travels everyone!

Update: She has been located. Thank you for all of your tips! REPORTED MISSING Leah Lilly (19 years old) last seen in downtown Lowell last night by the dam wearing black jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. If you know her whereabouts please contact the Lowell Police Department at 616-897-7123.

*********************************************** ATTENTION INTERNET CRIME FIGHTERS!!! The Lowell Police Department would like information on a possible hit & run accident that occurred yesterday in the City of Lowell. The vehicle involved is a dark colored Chevrolet Trailblazer which has fresh rear passenger side damage including the taillight assembly that is missing. Please contact the LPD if you have any information.... 616-897-7123

Greetings. We had some SD cards turned in that were found on the North Country Trail by the Scout Cabin. If you lost these and can describe the pictures on these, please come and pick them up. We don’t recognize your face or your dog’s face or we would track you down.

We have a lost dog. We’re looking for a black lab named Bones. He’s full grown with a green collar. Per the owner he’s very friendly. He’s been gone for over an hour and appears to have jumped the fence. If you locate him please call 616-897-7123 so we can reunite him with his owner

Fallen but not forgotten......

Please take a look at this post. If you know who this is or have any information please call the Kent County Sheriff’s Department. You can reach them at 616-897-7123. Please share this post!!!