Walker Police Department

  • Agency: Walker Police Department
  • Address: 4243 Remembrance Rd., Walker, 49544 MI
  • Chief: Catherine M Garcia-Lindstrom (Chief of Police)

Walker Police Department is located at 4243 Remembrance Rd., Walker, 49544 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Catherine M Garcia-Lindstrom. The Walker Police Department phone number is (616) 453-5441.

Walker Police Department News

We've experienced some debate lately regarding the Yield signs in the roundabout. The complaints are that people are not coming to a complete stop at the Yield signs before entering the roundabout. A Yield sign is not the same as a Stop sign. With a Stop sign, you must come to a complete stop before proceeding, even if traffic is clear. A Yield sign indicates that a driver must prepare to stop only if necessary. In the case of the roundabout, if you approach and there is no traffic already in the roundabout, you may proceed through without stopping. Below is a diagram illustrating proper roundabout use.

Officer Kooistra was caught on camera tonight, assisting a motorist that had run out of gas.

The woman in our previous post regarding an illegal entry into a building has been IDENTIFIED. The case is still active, so further details will follow at a later date. Thank you for your tips and post shares. And for all the people debating about what kind of vehicle was pictured, its was a HONDA ACCORD.

Flood waters have receded and all roads surrounding the Johnson/Millennium Park areas are again open.

This is an excellent idea. In an emergency, it gives first responders at least some information to go on if the parents are injured or otherwise unable to assist. You can make your own, or we have bright yellow emergency stickers that we can give you. If you would like one for your child's car seat, stop by our department's Community Resource Office during business hours to request one.

The Eastbound ramp to I-96 from 8th Avenue is closed due to a semi rollover. This is just outside our city limits, but Walker Police and Fire are on scene assisting first responders from Ottawa County. The driver did not appeared injured but the clean up may take a while. Alternate routes are suggested.

Join us tonight, have a slice of Papa John's pizza, and learn how to change your mindset to be better prepared in civilian response to critical incidents. We will be starting around 6 PM in the community room of The Orchards Apartments. Details below.

Next Tuesday!

Another twist for everyone to be aware of pertaining to the opiate crisis.

If you live in the Standale neighborhoods just North of Lake MI Drive, you likely saw a large police presence last night. Contrary to speculation, this had NOTHING to do with the apprehension of the CMU shooter. One of our officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle. The driver refused to stop, drove into a police cruiser and finally bailed after nearly crashing in a yard. The officer who’s cruiser was hit was not injured. Several occupants of the vehicle fled on foot and all but one were eventually found. A K9 Deputy from KCSO was called in and a track lead us from the scene to a nearby trailer park before the scent was lost. Arrests were made for outstanding warrants and supplying false information to police. Cash, drugs, spilled alcohol containers, and other items suggesting possible drug dealing were also located. Once the identity of the outstanding suspect is verified, this story will be updated.

Several officers spent some time tonight connecting with area youth at The 3 Mile Project. Here you see Officer Biel getting ready to skateboard. Let’s just say he shouldn’t quit his day job.

****** UPDATE: THE SUSPECT HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED. ****** Attempt to Identify: Walker PD is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying this woman. She was caught on video trying to enter a home on Leonard Street. She was able to make entry into the garage and also rummaged thru a storage trailer on the property. The suspect is a white female, possibly 40-50 years old, with shoulder length brown hair. She arrived in a silver 4 door sedan, left, and then came back for one last try to enter the home. Any information, contact the Walker PD Tip Line at 616-791-6788.

There has been a lot of speculation on social media about an incident at Meijer in Standale today. ****THIS WAS NOT A HUMAN TRAFFICKING INCIDENT**** This was an incident of prescription fraud that covered multiple jurisdictions and took cooperative work from Walker Police and other agencies.

Do you know an area high school junior or senior who may be interested in attending a week long high school police "academy?" This year's academy runs June 18-22. It is free to students who are interested in a career in law enforcement. For more information, check out the Facebook page below or contact our Community Resource Officer at mharkema@walker.city. There is an application process. A link to the application page is on the Facebook page, or a paper copy can be obtained through your local law enforcement agency.

Attention Business Owners: You likely are already aware that a robbery can occur at any time. Please share this information with your staff to keep them safer, and assist our department in the event of a robbery. If a robbery occurs, please follow these steps to give us the best chance to preserve your safety and catch the suspect… 1. CALL 911 FIRST: Give the best & most accurate description of the suspect you can. If you need medical attention, let the dispatcher know what your injury is so we best know how to treat it on scene. There will be time to alert store owners later. Example: White male, 6’ tall, about 200 lbs., wearing a black jacket, blue facemask, and jeans. He left east on ___________ Street in a green Chevy truck. The license plate was ABC123. A black hand gun was brandished during the robbery. 2. AFTER THE SUSPECT FLEES: Lock all doors and windows. Shut off lights. Your business should present as being CLOSED. Change signs from Open to Closed. Pull up any security video footage of incident. DO NOT TOUCH anything that the suspect had contact with or damaged during the incident. 3. WHEN POLICE ARRIVE: If still on phone with dispatch, disconnect and speak directly with the officer. The first officer on scene will provide the information over the radio for additional incoming units. Be prepared to write down a witness statement, review security footage, and discuss the incident further with the investigating officer. - After police arrive and conduct their initial investigation, then feel free to call management, other employees, or anyone else to alert them of the incident. - If you cannot access the security footage, please help us get in contact with someone that can ASAP. Have management contact information readily available. - Reporting the incident to 911 immediately after it happens is crucial. Any delay costs us valuable time that we could use to get further information, set up a perimeter, and pursue/catch the suspect. - If you are not sure of compass directions, use a landmark. Example: “The suspect left on foot towards the Burger King.” - Understandably, this can be a traumatic incident. Do your best to stay calm and always remember to call 911 right away. Provide only accurate information, to the best of your ability. Here are some tips to prevent crime from effecting your business: 1. Keep windows clear for a better line of sight. Avoid covering windows with advertisements. This allows for "natural surveillance." Your staff can see further outside, and our patrol can see inside from their cruisers. 2. Make sure security cameras are in good working order and positioned to cover all areas of the business. 3. Keep your business and parking areas well-lit and clean. 4. Report suspicious activity around your business to the police. Report it in real time, not hours later. For non-emergencies in Walker, call 616-453-5441. 5. Stay updated on trends in the community. Are several other area businesses being robbed? Watch the news and check our department social media page for alerts. Our page can be found at “City of Walker Police Department” on Facebook. 6. Stay aware of your surroundings, especially during solo shifts and near closing time. If possible, always have at least two staff members working at a time. Never hesitate to call 911 if something seems abnormal. 7. Be sure staff members know the address of your business and are properly trained on how to call for emergency assistance. If you would like to have your business surveyed for security purposes, or have any other questions regarding robbery prevention, you can contact our Community Resource Officer at mharkema@walker.city.

Attention Parents: If your child attends West Michigan Academy of Environmental Sciences, you have likely seen an officer sitting in the lot at dismissal times lately. This is because some parents are not abiding by the clearly marked entrance and exit drives. The entrance drive is NOT to be used as an exit, as this increases the risk of a crash. Set a good example for your kids and abide by the dismissal procedures and do not disregard the posted signs. These are YOUR children. Driving recklessly through the lots puts them, as well as school staff, at risk.

This event came together rather quickly, but we look forward to again partnering with The Orchards Apartments to host a Community Education Seminar. This event is free and open to all Walker residents. Details/Location are in the event post below. This is a great chance to connect with our Community Resource Officer about how the average citizen can be prepared for, and survive a "critical incident." The material is family friendly, so parents are encouraged to bring school age children.

This FREE event is an opportunity for citizens to learn how to be prepared for, and survive, a critical incident. It will highlight: Avoid/Deny/Defend Reactions Situational Awareness Explain Police Response to a Critical Event And More There will be a time for questions following the presentation. It will be hosted jointly by Walker PD and The Orchards Apartments. The event will take place in the complex community room at the above address.

Walker PD is on scene of a car vs semi crash on Alpine Ave, just south of 4 Mile. One southbound lane is blocked, use caution when driving thru the area.

We look forward to connecting with the Alpine area community during this event. We hope you can make it out!

Grandville PD is hosting an informational seminar regarding the current heroin crisis. It is free to attend. Info below.

Hey folks...we put up road blocks for a reason. The areas around Johnson/Millennium Park are extremely flooded and impassable, hence the several signs indicating “Water Over Road” and “Road Closed.” To ensure your safety and avoid vehicle damage, please follow the posted detour routes. If you don’t, you’ll end up stuck, just like this truck. If this is your truck, you’ll find it in the lot of Walker City Towing.

Rising flood waters have forced Riverbend at Butterworth and Maynard at Butterworth to be shut down. Veteran's Memorial is also still shut down at Butterworth. Seek alternate routes.

A few reminders for residents who frequent the Johnson/Millennium Park areas: Veterans Memorial Drive is closed at Butterworth due to flooding. Also, the frisbee golf area near this intersection is still closed for the season. There should be no parking on the shoulder of Butterworth as it creates a traffic hazard.

Don’t forget this event! It’s a perfect time to speak with our Chief and Community Resource Officer about all things Walker PD related!