Eastpointe Police Department

  • Agency: Eastpointe Police Department
  • Address: 16083 E 9 Mile Rd, Eastpointe, 48021 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Eastpointe Police Department is located at 16083 E 9 Mile Rd, Eastpointe, 48021 MI. The Eastpointe Police Department phone number is 586-445-5100.

Eastpointe Police Department News

This is Scruffy McGee. He was found today running around town like he owned the place. But he is ready to go home. If you know where he lives, give us a call.

“During the month of April, the Eastpointe Police Department will be stepping up patrols for motorists who text while driving. ***Michigan Law prohibits a driver from reading, manually typing, or sending a text message while driving. First offense is a $100 fine and subsequent offenses are a $200 fine***. There are 3 main types of distractions: 1) Visual, 2) Manual and 3) Cognitive. In 2016, there were 12,788 traffic crashes in Michigan which involved Distracted Drivers. In 2016, 3,450 people were killed Nationwide in traffic crashes involving Distracted Drivers. Remember, one “LOL” or “SMH” could change your life forever. You could end up fined, in jail, injured or dead.”

This Japanese Chin, we are calling Kitana (for all you Mortal Kombat fans) was found at 10/Gratiot. If you know her Sensei or Dojo, please contact the department at 586-445-5100.

Let's find "Oscar" his family. He was found near 10/Kelly. He is not neutered. He's wet from the rain, so he's been running around a bit. Call 586-445-5100 if you know him.

Please share and help us find this dog's owner(s). We have named her "Molly" and she needs your help. Molly was found in the area of Elmwood and Nehls. Molly has no tag(s) or collar. If you have any information, please contact the station at 586-445-5100.

Press Release: There was a fatal house fire in the 24900 block of Marine this morning. Our dispatch center received a 9-1-1 call at approximately 12:00am from one of the residents of the home. Police and Fire arrived on scene and found part of the home engulfed by flames. It was reported that one of the residents, a 44 year old male, was still in the home. Fire fighters entered the home and rescued the male resident. Paramedics administered life saving measures and transported him to an area hospital. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. The preliminary investigation revealed that the fire was accidental. Fire investigators will be on the scene today for follow up investigation. The residents of the home were alerted of the fire by a smoke detector. Saint Clair Shores and Roseville fire fighters assisted Eastpointe with this fire.

Good day faithful followers! We were recently alerted about a scam in our area and we wanted to share it. A resident received a check in the mail for $2,800 made out in her name. The instructions with the check told her to cash the check, keep $300 for herself, and wire transfer the rest to a third party. Our potential victim immediately realized this was a scam in which she would be sending $2,500 of her money to the scam artist because the check was fraudulent. She received a text message the same day asking if she had cashed the check. Do not try to cash the check. Do not respond to the text message. Always remember; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Please dont DRINK AND DRIVE this St. Patrick's Day. Please make sure you plan ahead, have a Designated Driver, use public transit, call a taxi or stay the night. The Eastpointe Police Department will have additional patrols out in force for those who choose to drink and drive. We want everyone to have a safe and great St. Patrick's Day!

UPDATE **Forever Home Found for this Girl** Thanks everyone !! Look at this little sasafrass !! This 1 year old Chihuahua we call "Lilly" hails from the Hayes/Stephens area. She likes a warm blanky, bacon snacks, and playing dress up. On weekends you can find her surfing the web for deals on Tiger's swag. She is healthy and happy so let's find her human!!!

UPDATE * Mr. Pete was treated by the East Detroit Animal Hospital and is now resting at the Eastpointe Police Department. He will be here until tomorrow, and then he will be taken to the animal shelter. This guy was roaming the 9/Kelly area. He has an injured leg, possibly from a car. We really need to find his owner. Call us at 586-445-5100, x 1. If you would like to rescue him immediately, we would be willing to discuss it.

Car thieves have hit the city hard lately. Lock your car doors and be careful when warming them up !!!

UPDATE: **WE FOUND HIS FAMILY** :-) Guess who is back? He was found on Almond this time. Big ol' friendly fella. Spread the word please !!

Hey Folks ! We are having "warm up" thefts of cars (this morning at 6:45am). If you warm your car and don't have automatic start with a shut-off switch, you are rolling the dice. Keep an eye on your car if you do !!

If you have seen Snickers....please let the owner know.


For those that missed yesterday's posts and snow advisories, here's a recap: Call dispatch to report parking issues @ 777-6700. The DPW is working on it. IT TAKES TIME The police department is working on it. There are 130+ streets in the city. It takes 30 minutes minimum to tow a car and another 20 to write the report. The officers are answering priority calls first. Here are some interesting complaints we've received: Even though 4 plow trucks had been by, 1 had a blade too high. Corners are not being done well. Plows throw snow back at the driveway. We are a no show. We suck. We talk a big game, but actually do nothing. It's all going to be ok folks. The snow will melt. The sun will shine. Then we can transition into complaining about how hot it is. 😁😂😁😂😁

Hello friends and neighbors...as a reminder, this page is not monitored 24/7. Please call dispatch if you need the police or fire (777-6700). Please be patient with our DPW as they work continuously to clear the streets. Primary and emergency streets are cleared first. As the snowfall dissipates, the side streets will start being cleared. The 24 hour grace period is to give you a chance to move your vehicles. Also remember, the plow drivers are humans and need down-time to eat, get a coffee, take bathroom breaks, wash-up, refresh, contact their families, and start again. They are no different than you and we want them to be safe as well. Be safe and help us help you.

We always hear "it's not fair, we didn't know". So, here are ways to know there is or might be a snow emergency: A week of weather forecasts and flash bulletins predicting heavy snowfall, your eyes seeing the current weather, this page, Facebook friends SHARE or like this page, the city website, the city Facebook page, Mayor Pixley's post, TV, radio, local access channel, or...or....and I'm just throwing this out there.. call the police department, call the fire department, call a friend, tell a friend, ask a neighbor, see the large sign in front of the fire department and finally common sense. Let's work together folks to help us help YOU have safe and clear streets !!!


UPDATE: REUNITED WITH FAMILY !! Look at this very handsome young Husky. He was found near city hall. I'm sure someone is really missing him! Spread the word so he can go home. 586-445-5100, x 1.

Look at this little dolly ! She is a real sass mouth. She was found at 9/Boulder today. Help us find her home

UPDATE: REUNITED WITH HER FAMILY !!! This 5 year old female was found near 9/Gratiot today. If you know her family, contact our department at 586-445-5100, x 1.

This evening, this Newfoundland was found in the area of Teppert and Semrau. The dog has a red collar and no tags. We need your help in locating and returning the dog to its owner(s). If you know the owner(s), please have them contact the station at 445-5100.

This afternoon, this brown bully mixed breed dog was found in the area of David and Norton. There is a torn red in color collar/ leash on the dog. The dog has no tags. We need your help in locating and returning the dog to its owner(s). If you know the owner(s), please have them contact the station at 445-5100.

This morning, this brown medium size dog was found at 16024 Hauss. There is no collar or tags on the dog. We need your help in locating and returning the dog to its owner(s). If you know the owner(s), please have them contact the station at 445-5100.