Romeo Police Department

  • Agency: Romeo Police Department
  • Address: 121 W St Clair St, Behind the Romeo Village Hall, Romeo, 48065 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Romeo Police Department is located at 121 W St Clair St, Behind the Romeo Village Hall, Romeo, 48065 MI. The Romeo Police Department phone number is 586-752-3587.

Romeo Police Department News

**** TRAFFIC ALERT **** The President is visiting Washington Township this afternoon / evening, heavy traffic is expected in the area. Stay alert and drive safe !

Congratulations to Officer Sandra Sokolnicki on her retirement after 25 years of service with the Romeo Police Department. She was a valued member of the department and she will be greatly missed, we all wish her well and hope she visits us in the future.

Congratulations Chief Daniel Sokolnicki on your appointment ! Officer Sokolnicki began his career with the Detroit Police Department before becoming a Romeo Officer, where he has served the village residents for 27 years. All of the Officers have looked to Officer Sokolnicki for guidance and knowledge upon joining the force. He is well respected within the Department and the community and we welcome him as the new Chief of Police.

Welcome our newest members to the Romeo family, Officer M. Hoffman & Officer R. Soulliere. We all wish them luck as they begin their careers with our department.

BRING YOUR EXPIRED OR UNUSED MEDICINE FOR SAFE DISPOSAL, April 28th, 2018. 10:00a.m. - 2:00 p.m. ( Please no liquids or syringes ).

On March 19th, event organizer and Romeo Village Council member, Christine Malzahn presented our department with this plaque acknowledging our participation in this charity event.

During November, The Romeo Police Department participated in "No Shave November". All participating officers made a donation to WIGS FOR KIDS. As of December 1st, the officers are once again clean shaven and recognizable.

On Thursday, November 30th 2017, Romeo will be having its annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Event. The Parade will enter Main St at Washington St. and continue north to Newberry St. Main St will be closed between Benjamin St and Church Street. The roads will be closed beginning at 6:45pm and will reopen as soon as the parade is over. The Parade begins at 7:00pm. The Tree lighting event will take place at the Village Park located at Rawles and Newberry. The event will take place directly following the parade. We hope you all will join us as we begin the Romeo Christmas Season.

Being a Police Officer it is known that one day you might make the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect and serve. On Thursday November 23rd, Deputy Eric Overall from the Oakland County Sheriff's Department made that sacrifice. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the Oakland County Sheriff's Department.

As of November 1st you may notice several Romeo PD Officers looking more "scruffy" than normal. Members of Romeo PD will be allowed to have beards/facial hair as part of No Shave November. The Officers participating will be making a donation to a local charity. Upon December 1st Romeo PD will reinstate its facial hair policy and require all Officers to be clean shaven with a professional look.

Romeo Police doing its part at local blood drive. Officers donating blood at 231 N. Main (Romeo Masonic Lodge). We thank the American Red Cross for all the help they do in the community and for being so professional & kind with our Officers. If anyone has a chance today, please find time to donate.

(Sunday 09-03-17) Car Cruise & Night Parade will begin at 7:00PM with road closure beginning at 6:30PM. Main St will be closed from Durham to Minot St. St. Clair(32 Mile) will be closed from Bailey St to Rawles St. (Monday 09-04-17) Chilrden's Parade will begin at 10:00AM with road closure beginning at 9:45AM. Main St will be closed from Washington to Hollister. St. Clair(32 Mile) will be closed from Bailey St to Rawles St. (Monday 09-04-17)Floral Parade route is detailed in provided map. Floral Parade will begin at 1:30PM with road closure beginning at 1:00PM.

Possible STRANGER DANGER occurred in Apple Valley Complex the evening of June 22. A white van with a ladder on top driven by a white male with gray hair, facial hair, and a neon green shirt made a comment to children who were playing. Unfortunately there is no other information to provide. Please make sure that your children are constantly supervised and monitored when playing outside.

The first Tuesday of every month FAN(Families Against Narcotics) will be meeting at Romeo Masonic Temple(231 N Main St). The meetings will begin at 7:00PM. For additional information, visit

Let us never forget the Officers who made the greatest sacrifice and let us appreciate the ones who are still protecting and serving today. It is always nice to receive a friendly smile or polite thank you from citizens.

The department collected 47 pounds of unused pills during our collection on April 29th during the DEA National Take Back Initiative. The next NTBI date will be sometime in October and will be posted here. The department will collect pills 24/7 until then. Please, no needles or liquids though. Those items may be disposed of at the County Health Department.

Currently the department is experiencing difficulties with our Main 752-3587 line. Please call 752-0165 in the meantime until the problem can be resolved. The 911 line if fully operational.

Romeo Village Clerk Mike Lee and Romeo Officers take time to show Cub/Brownie Scouts a tour of Romeo Police Department.

CHILDREN'S FREE FINGERPRINTING DAY On Saturday, April 8th from 2pm to 4pm at the Romeo Library, Chief Paduch will be working alongside members of LEEP, the Law Enforcement Education Program. Parents may bring in their children during that time to receive a free CD Rom which will store the childs fingerprints, photo, height and weight. This excellent program will be conducted during the Kiwanis One Day event which will also include craft making and other fun activities for the kids. The Romeo District Library is located at 65821 Van Dyke, Washington Township, 48095.

FYI - Beginning Friday, March 10th at 2pm and until Midnight of March 11th, S.Main St. will be shut down from Lafayette St. to St. Clair (32 Mile) for the St. Baldrick's Shaving for Children's Cancer. The event begins with a parade of shavees at Noon on March 11th. Please use North and South Bailey as a detour on the east side of Main, and Sisson St. as a detour on the west side of Main.

FYI - Macomb County Public Works has updated their website/created a page for the sewer collapse and the latest and greatest information relative to the project.. The site is listed below. Please feel free to share. When people you know have questions about the latest, re: the 15 Mile Road interceptor, feel free to direct them here: - MacombInterceptor

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) today announced it has released a community survey to help gauge public trust as it works to complete a study for Gov. Rick Snyder. On Oct. 4, 2016, Gov. Snyder issued Executive Directive 2016-2, telling MCOLES to “undertake a study andproduce by May 1, 2017, a public report addressing the topic of fostering public trust in law enforcement.” We encourage everyone to partake in the survey. Please forward the link to family and friends throughout the state.

Romeo Chief of Police, Gregory Paduch, participating in Shop With A Hero at a local Meijer store. Over 30 kids along with local Police and Fire Department members were able to come together for this successful event.